The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

Segye Times 25th Anniversary

Hak Ja Han
February 11, 2014
Conrad Hotel on Yoido Island, Seoul, HC 1.12
Rev. Young Hwi Kim read True Mother's message during the celebration

I would sincerely like to congratulate the Segye Times on its twenty-fifth anniversary and welcome all the distinguished guests here today. Using an analogy on human age, one could say that the Segye Times turned into a decent, twenty-five-year-old youth before we even knew it. Having overcome hurdles -- large and small alike -- to this point, emotions till my heart to stand here today as its cofounder, to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Segye Times with you all. I would like to sincerely thank all readers, advertisers and leaders from all walks of life here today for the love and support you have given the Segye Times for the past twenty-five years.

In February 1989, Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the Segye Times and gave it the founding ideals of Love God, Love Humanity and Love the Nation. He meant love for Heaven, love for the people and for the nation. Based on this founding spirit, Rev. Moon asked the Segye Times to fulfill its mission of achieving unification and peace on the Korean peninsula as a "political newspaper striving for the reunification of the homeland -- an educational newspaper elevating the national spirit" and as a "guiding newspaper striving to realize a moral society" despite the reality of a divided Korea. He provided the Segye Times with his full support. This founding spirit will remain the unchanging goal and aim of the Segye Times. It is also the way to the realization of world peace, which Rev. Moon strived for throughout his life.

Taking the lead in realizing a world of peace and unification, the Segye Times should not limit its vision to Korea but should further expand it to the world as befits its name.' The Segye Times, in particular, is at an advantage regarding reporting and analyzing issues such as the reunification of Korean, peace in Northeast Asia, etc. compared to other domestic media outlets. Utilizing its global network to the full with sister media companies around the world, including the Washington Times and United Press International in the United States, Sekai Nippo in Japan and others, the Segye Times should be able to make greater contributions toward a better and stronger Korea or simply put, toward realizing a unified Korea.

Breaking away from the standpoint and logic by which powerful nations look at and analyze the world, the Segye Times has the mission to present and draw out a new perspective through which human beings can truly coexist in peace and prosperity. I hope the Segye Times becomes a newspaper that fully achieves this mission.

Even though realistic problems exist as a result of the fierce media market today, I hope the Segye Times raises its status to an even higher level as a quality newspaper that prioritizes impartial reporting and competitive content.

As a youth about to realize God's will and head toward the world, the Segye Times stands at a new starting point. If all members of the executive staff develop their caliber and morality with the clear vocation of a journalist and take the initiative in bringing change, the blessings of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents will always be with you.

I would like to congratulate you once again on this twenty-fifth anniversary and wish the Segye Times eternal development. Thank you. 

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