The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

If you receive the blessing, you must take responsibility for it

Hak Ja Han
February 8, 2014
Cheon Il Guk Matching
Cheon Jeong Gung (HC 01.09)

Why did you all come here today? Yes? Why are you here? Did you come to receive the blessing? [Yes] If you receive the blessing, you must take responsibility for it. What do you think? Responsibility.... Are you confident you can do it? [Yes!] Those who are not confident might give up.

I heard that all of you here came for the absolute matching. Experiences until now and history show that these matchings have not been all loo percent put into practice. Surveys backing this up have also come out. At this point of the Cheon Il Guk era, when the new us must weave history, I particularly do not want to match those who lightly think of the blessing issue. Since Adam and Eve fell, how is the world still today? What is happening to the world? When each one of you here receives the blessing, you should be able to show the world what the blessing is like. You should be able to boast about it. We have been bestowed with the grace of the blessing thanks to True Parents because it is a term that cannot come from fallen people. Simply put, all families that have partaken in this blessing are indebted to Heaven and to True Parents.

Unfortunately, blessed families have not been able to fulfill their responsibility and duty and have been self-centered. Originally, we were to expand the way to the kingdom of God on earth, the ideal world that Heaven wants and humanity hopes for, but we are becoming obstacles instead.

After True Father ascended, regarding the blessing issue.... True Father allowed parents to conduct matchings. He allowed parents to match their children in accordance with the conditions set by the church or headquarters. That is why I allowed it too. Parents must take responsibility over this and ensure that blessed families can be established in front of Heaven for eternity.

I can no longer report to Heaven about those receiving the blessing in the name True Parents that later break up. Do you understand what I am saying?

You all came here, desiring to receive the absolute matching. I will not force anything on you. Now, you... The couples that will be matched today are to go together for eternity. You should take responsibility and develop, grow. I am saying that you should be able to create a better environment centered on your family. Do you understand?

Please think of the flood during Noah's time. Is the ocean larger or is a mountain larger? [The ocean is larger.]

You will all probably want a partner who has a heart as wide as the ocean, right?" [Yes.] It is the same for your partner. This is the most important teaching among True Father's teachings -- true love. In light of that, how did True Father say we should act for it to be true love? It is love for others, continuously giving and forgetting, a love that lives for the sake of others, a true love that exists for the sake of others. You must live this way and show the world. Last year and the year before that, news about second-generation children in England was reported across the nation. Several nations in Europe gave reports on our Blessing Ceremony. This year, the United States will pay attention to our Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony. Chairman Kim, did you say ABC? [Yes]

I heard that ABC, a famous broadcasting company in the United States, is scheduled to come to cover our Blessing Ceremony.

Until now, you grew up under the protection of your parents, church and surroundings; however, once you are in the position of having received the blessing, the two of you have the responsibility to become one and advance together. Do you understand?

All of you participating in this blessing must not lightly think of it; the decision you make now is to last for eternity -- eternity. Do you understand? [Yes!]

Did twenty-year-olds also come? [Candidates are from twenty-one or twenty-two years old.]

Who is the oldest among the male candidates? [He is thirty years old.]

Thirty years old? Please come forward. 

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