The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

We must speak out: "The Messiah is here! True Parents are here!"

Hak Ja Han
January 18, 2014
Words on arrival in Kona, Hawaii
Translator: Ki Hoon Kim
Unofficial notes: Robin Tsubota

We offered a full bow and flower bouquets were offered by two second generation Japanese missionaries. Mother asked us to say "Aloha!" again and she said "Mahalo!" (Thank you). We sang "Welcome, True Parents, to Kona" two times to the tune of "Happy Birthday" while Mother blew out the candles and cut the cake. Then she was seated and began to speak.

Whenever True Parents come to Kona it's for a special providential purpose, making a foundation for an important upcoming event. Mother had planned to spend three weeks here this time, but she had to go to Las Vegas first and was delayed. Spirit World prepares for and welcomes True Parents wherever they go. When True Mother landed in Honolulu this morning at 4:30, members were there to greet her. One blessed wife reported that Hyo Jin Nim had appeared in her dream the night before, telling her that he will be accompanying True Mother to protect and serve her on this trip. Spirit World knows the True Parents' schedule and prepares the same way we are doing on earth. We don't see it with our physical eyes, but Spirit World is always making preparations and conditions to welcome True Parents and support their providential activities. Before True Parents did anything special they prepared in Kona, offering prayer and other conditions here. For example, they came to Kona before they went to meet Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung, and last summer True Mother came to make preparations for the first anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa. Now we are in the midst of a 21-day condition before the first anniversary of Foundation Day.

As you know, True Mother has been educating second generation future leaders in the Universal Peace Academy. 20 (not sure of that number or other facts in this section) of those UPA students are going on tour around the world and around America, meeting our Unificationist youth and finding out about the work of our Unification Movement. They have been traveling across the USA, starting with San Francisco and visiting all the major cities to promote the UPA and to share their testimonies, and hear our testimonies of True Parents' heart and works. They were amazed to see True Parents' worldwide foundation. They were deeply impressed by the East Garden Holy Ground. They shed tears as they heard testimonies from True Parents' security guard and a kitchen sister there. They feel True Parents' tears for America and the world. They are inheriting True Parents' spirit that they poured out in the USA over the past 40 years. Think about Kona: how many times True Parents have come here, always making conditions for the sake of God's special providential events. After East Garden, Kona is the most precious place because True Parents came here for the sake of the worldwide providence. Those UPA students would have similar tearful experiences hearing testimonies from Kona.

Why am I sharing this? You have a tremendous spiritual background and foundation. You have a worldwide mission, a critical responsibility to testify to the True Parents, to extend and multiply our church foundation, to multiply Blessed Central Families in this area. You have that position and responsibility, and you must move forward with the same heart as True Parents. You must study hard and work hard.

You have heard about the Peace Palace in Las Vegas. For four years True Parents have been working there to make Las Vegas a central city for worldwide education in True Parents' teachings. The Palace is half done, and should be completed before the end of this summer. It will be an international education center. In the lobby (not sure of these facts) there will be a museum displaying the activities of True Parents and the Unification Movement in America. True Mother said that Kona Coffee (Hawaiian Queen Coffee) should also be on display there (perhaps she said there should be a Hawaiian Queen Coffee Shop). True Mother loves Kona coffee. Il Hwa and HQC have combined their efforts and are working together. True Mother wants to extend that foundation in all directions: north, south, east and west. True Mother has a passionate conviction that Hawaiian Queen Coffee should become the most popular coffee in Korea. As you know, HQC won the Crown Cupping Competition last November during the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. (Everyone applauded)

We have capability. We can do anything centering on True Parents. We are the happiest people in all of human history! We must be alive and active, sharing the happiness we have received through our position as Blessed Central Families and through our True Parents. Share that happiness with your neighbors, tribes and communities. Let's recite this year's motto: "Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!" (I believe she said this is the motto until 2020.) You should memorize and unite with this motto.

The Divine Principle teaches God as the Creator, who created everything in preparation for the Ideal world and the ideal family. We must extend God's ideal -- this is our responsibility. True Mother held a major rally of the Northeast Asia Peace Initiative in Korea at the end of last year, giving a special message to China, Japan, Korea and America. True Mother prepared a special video for you about this event, to be shown at Sunday Service tomorrow. These days information flies from home to home and from one family member to another. This is the age of speedy information transmission, therefore True Mother was shocked that you (American members) don't seem to know about True Mother's work in Korea. We have a short physical life -- without understanding True Parents well here in the physical world, how can we testify in the spirit world about what we did with True Parents on the earth?

We must make total harmony between our spirit and body and 100% totally unite with True Parents. Today True Mother's greatest concern is for the area of witnessing. That's the first and most important point she makes everywhere she speaks. Think about the San Francisco Bay Area, the Oakland Church. Most American members joined there, after coming there on their travels. This is our American church history. Hawaii is the most attractive place. You should study the Boonville history and discover how to utilize it here in Hawaii. True Mother directed Bishop Kim to analyze that and focus on implementing it here and in Honolulu. Kona and Honolulu should be working together in the witnessing effort. Visitors to Hawaii should meet our members, be introduced to True Parents and take that experience home with them. We must share our happiness with others. Inherit True Mother's message heartistically and practice her words. There must be unity between True Parents and all Blessed Central Families.

Someone shared with true Mother about the new Pope Francis. This very popular Pope has spoken about how we must prepare for the future and he said that our hope will come from women. He said that women must become priests and clergy, and for this he has been accused by the Cardinals. The Spirit World is working everywhere today. True Father must have appeared to Pope Francis, telling him that we already have the most important woman leader, our True Mother. We must speak out: "The Messiah is here! True Parents are here!"

The Peace Palace in Las Vegas will have 50 full hotel rooms, a convention hall that seats 1,000 people, and 9 conference rooms. Recently True Mother had a meeting with the Peace Palace contractors and designers. They presented True Mother with their plans and ideas and expected True Mother to give her suggestions. Instead of offering suggestions True Mother explained that first they needed to understand the Founder and the vision. She then started teaching them the Divine Principle for over one hour. After this she gave each of them a DVD of her main speech in Korea last year. One interior designer, who had brought a selection of colors and themes for Mother to choose from, was very inspired. That designer comes from a Catholic background. She had read True Father's autobiography and was deeply impressed. Unlike others who leave materials they have received sitting around their home for a year without looking at it, she went home and watched it right away. She came back saying she would like to study Divine Principle, and Rev. Jenkins gave lectures to her. She found that her questions, such as why God could not stop the Fall, were answered. Now she and her husband are preparing to be blessed in the Foundation Day blessing. So she is True Mother's spiritual daughter. Likewise, you have no excuses, no matter how busy you are. In a business meeting True Mother taught Divine Principle, the Mission of Jesus and the mission of True Parents!

There is such beautiful nature here in Hawaii. You should have a busy schedule every day and night to witness. Who is the president of Hawaiian Queen Coffee? Ron, you are the youngest brother (member) in this room. You should lead all these brothers and sisters in witnessing. It is because we have no passion that we do not witness. Witnessing is the happiest moment. You can see resurrected life, you see hope. As much as possible we must speak about True Parents. True Parents is not a term or idea that we created. Before He began creating, God envisioned and desired to establish the True Parents as the ancestors of humankind. We now have them in substance, so we must spread the word! 

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