The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

The United States was supposed to meet the Messiah and fulfill its providential responsibility

Hak Ja Han
January 13, 2013
Universal Peace Academy graduate students
Las Vegas, Nevada
HC 12.13

Because Father loved the world and humanity, a process by which all fallen human beings are restored as citizens of Cheon Il Guk was needed to perfect and complete God's providence. Centered on the history of Christian civilization, the United States was supposed to meet the Messiah in the end and fulfill its responsibility within the providence. That is why Father left Korea, Japan and Asia in the early days and conducted the providence in the Western Hemisphere. I am not sure whether you have heard of this or not, but the providence of restoration through indemnity has continued to unfold ever since the Fall. Humanity plunged into ignorance but continued to pursue goodness through the actions of the conscience; however, the atmosphere of the fallen world did not leave the people alone. It was difficult. Heaven should not have had to experience this man-inflicted sorrowful past. Through the manifestation of True Parents, True Father could liberate Heaven, comfort Heaven and complete the providence of restoration through indemnity. True Father attended God as the Heavenly Parent. He even conducted the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. True Father could restore the position of our Heavenly Parent. Our Heavenly Parent could find his position through the True Parents alone at only one time in humanity's history. You can imagine how hard God had to work throughout this immense history, as six thousand years passed.

You are in the second-generation realm within this Cheon Il Guk era, which True Parents began. Isn't that right? You are in a position in which you must learn well and carry out your responsibilities. II

True Parents on Jeju Island in the winter of 1983

What was the motto I gave you this time? [Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!] Yes. Becoming ' true owners... Without meeting True Parents, one cannot become a true owner. You can be in the position of owners in front of humanity because of True Parents. You have been set up in a position where you can be infinitely precious, proud of yourselves and shine down through history. However, while you are still alive, you must open the way so that the seven billion people on Earth can also be in the same position as you; this is your responsibility. One world or one culture centered on the Heavenly Parent.... You are in a position through which you must save the seven billion people, which is why it is a good thing that you have traversed through America. In the early days, to be more accurate, in 1972, True Father began the providence in the United States, and in 1975, he unfolded the providence on a worldwide scale in earnest.

When he first came to the U. S. and toured the fifty states, what did True Father say? I have come as a doctor because America has become ill; I have come as a firefighter because families in America are collapsing and are on fire. In those days, upper-class society greatly welcomed Father. That was a time when family break-ups, juvenile problems, drugs and communism threatened American society; the future seemed quite hopeless to them. Those were days when America was truly waiting for the Messiah.

However, though the Christian foundation was prepared to welcome the Messiah, Christians became jealous instead.

Think about what happened two thousand years ago with Israel, as the background to this. For four thousand years, Heaven worked on separating the chosen people of Israel from Satan. Literally, it is said to have taken four thousand years, but it might have taken longer. How difficult would that have been for Heaven?

Universal Peace Academy students with True Mother in Las Vegas; To True Mother's left is Principle Dong Woo Kim; Standing at the back, right to left: Dong Woo Kim's son and Jae Hyun Kim

When you read the Old Testament, you find that God had set up people in charge and that many such figures were appointed to conduct the providence. Yet every single time a person was appointed, he could not succeed. The central figure failed to fulfill his responsibility, and the resulting prolongation of the providence reached four thousand years. After they went through the four thousand years, Heaven promised to send them the Messiah.

Israel was then under the control of the Roman Empire. It is said that Rome in those days extended to all corners of the world. They had a foundation equivalent to that of America today. This is how thoroughly Heaven had made preparations. The people of Israel were to welcome the Messiah, reform the Roman Empire and unfold God's providence through the Roman Empire. If they had done so, the world would have become one centered on Jesus in those days.

What happened instead? He died on the cross without even being able to carry out God's will fully. Jesus could not teach everything about how to welcome the returning Lord in the future during his three-year public course, which I believe might have been less than three years. A few hundred years later, Christianity was formed. However, how great was the damage inflicted on Heaven and people as a result?

Enormous sacrifice followed because an individual nation failed to fulfill its responsibility. They were unaware of indemnity. True Parents have opened a new era without indemnity; however, those in the first and second generations did not fulfill their responsibilities. The seven billion people on Earth are still waiting for True Parents. Only by restoring everyone, can we move on to an era without indemnity for real.

True Mother visited a plot of land covering 12,540 square meters in south Las Vegas, acquired in 2011, where workmen have begun construction on a palace

What must be done to achieve that? Every single one of you carries the tremendous responsibility of being able to save a nation, the world and humanity. This is necessary to ensure that our descendants live in an era without indemnity. The returning Messiah.... Jesus said that he was coming back after he died on the cross. Two thousand years have passed as Christianity waited for the returning Lord.

Meanwhile, in the sixteenth century the scripture known as the Bible became well known to many people. One thousand six hundred years had passed. You must consider this. That is why this nation came to be formed through the Puritans and Protestants. Without knowing God's will, people of this fallen world cannot see the general picture no matter how hard they try. That is why Heaven allowed religions to appear around the world to save people. Among them, Christianity is the central religion. Yet, when we look at Christianity, too, did the Catholic Church fulfill its responsibility? Protestantism appeared and the United States as a nation could be set up in a position where it can fulfill its responsibility vis-a-vis the global providence because of that. Hence, the United States must and should have attended the Messiah.

Heaven's providence works in mysterious ways; toward the end of World War II, the victorious countries helped the defeated countries. Even though Japan did wrong, the victorious countries did not ask Japan to indemnify the damages caused; instead, they helped Japan. Do you know why? It was because True Parents had appeared and all nations are sibling countries under True Parents.

True Father appointed the United States as the eldest-son nation within the providence. In orientalism, the oldest son is supposed to take all responsibility; thus, instead of the parents doing so, he must embrace all his siblings. The oldest son must guide all the siblings to the parents. Isn't that right? That is why the eldest son idea is highly regarded within orientalism in Korea. Responsibility follows. Father once gave an example about a family with many siblings. lie said that what matters is who lives for the sake of others the most; hence, if the youngest sibling lived for the sake of everyone else in the family, more so than even his oldest sibling, that youngest sibling would become the central figure of that family. Heaven is fair; Heaven gives blessings to those that try to live for others' sake.

What do you think of our present Unification family today? It is on a firm foundation. No one can have a free hand on the foundation that I have made now. You are indeed blessed in this new era of Cheon Il Guk. You should become one with True Parents and become proud, devoted children and patriots in setting up this tradition.

You have been given everything. The new scripture will also be given to you all soon -- Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong and Chanymmo Gyeong. The Bible alone was the textbook Christianity used for two thousand years. In the future, these teachings will he gems for eternity. There will be nothing higher.

Some people are thoughtless and foolish. You, however, are tremendously happy people with True Parents still alive. I usually say that happiness grows the more you share it. Only by doing so can the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth be realized. Isn't that right? After realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, your next destination would be the Kingdom of God in Heaven. Do not forget that you are in the most important central position and do not think of studying as being hard. For people to be able to be reborn through you, you need to go through this compulsory period. You must go through it because you have to teach people.

Principal Kim, you must work hard. Jae Hyun, you have worked hard. Let us all work hard! You are lucky indeed. You will be watching Michael Jackson's show, which I myself have not seen yet. 

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