The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

It is sheer joy to have this time with one another, sharing our true hearts

Hak Ja Han
January 13, 2014
HC 12.13
Las Vegas, Nevada
To Japanese business members

True Mother met and spoke to this group of Japanese members that have been investing their effort into business-related missions.

Everyone watches a video of True Mother's December 15, 2013 speech:

I am the one who gave that speech, but seeing it again, I realize that I speak well. Didn't you understand? Did you understand everything said in the video? Are most of you here Japanese members? [Yes] Everyone on this side speaks Japanese while those on the other side speak English. Is that right? Those on the English side please be seated. Well then, what did you feel after watching the video? Do you feel grateful to have Mother sit here at this time? Please keep an unchanging heart of gratitude and be determined to make good on the sacrifices of our Heavenly Parent at all costs while True Mother is still alive. Whenever you are in charge of a field and achieve something, you are lucky that you still have Mother to whom you can report and share your joy with. Have you experienced that?

It is sheer joy to be able to have this time to share joy with one another by closely conversing and by sharing our true hearts during our lifetime on earth. I am over seventy years old now and there is no guarantee that I will live up to a hundred in good health. How old do I look to you? Do I look young?


True Parents visit a church training center on Jeju Island, on May 9, 1983

This is not only your hope but also the hope of those prepared people on earth that still don't know of God's will. Whether or not they know of God's will or God's providence, mankind must ultimately know of our Heavenly Parent and must attend him. What is the motto for 2020 that I gave you this time? I would like to hear it from you. [Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk who practice true love in resemblance to our Creator, the Heavenly Parent!]

Whether consciously done or not, the actions of the conscience within all the people in the fallen world are certainly guiding humanity toward Heaven. You, the blessed families, _ are the first among them. God's hope is to make all fallen people into citizens of Cheon II Guk; hence, as the first chosen people, how much we cooperate for this hope will decide whether we are remembered in history.

Just as you saw through the video, I spoke about Joshua and Caleb as an example to the leaders of the second-generation realm in Korea. Ten other people were sent spying with Joshua and Caleb. Upon their return, the ten people reported that it would be difficult to take the city. Those ten that said it would be difficult were excluded from history and were not remembered. Only Joshua and Caleb, who remained faithful to Heaven and Moses, were remembered in history. In other words, they became the central figures. You are such beings today.

Receiving the blessing through True Parents alone makes you into historic people. However, its importance would greatly differ depending on whether you love and live for yourselves and your family or for a greater good and for God's will. That is why I said that we must become true owners. What is a true owner?

A true owner is a person in a position where one fulfills the hope of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. It is your responsibility to obtain the authority to keep this universe, earth and world, which were created by our Heavenly Parent, steady.

This is how big our hopes are; yet, the world today, which is ignorant of God's will, is continuing to collapse, descend and go through destruction. Nature is also being destroyed as a result of fallen people. We should not become blessed families that let such things happen without taking any action.

Let us all mobilize based on what True Father showed us and taught us for the past sixty years and change the wrong direction of the world today. We have a clear purpose. We must save humanity in order to reach that purpose. Always remember that this is not only for the nation you live in but for the world. Do you understand?

And God's Will will certainly... What will happen to the world if this big, big whirlwind passes through it? There will be devastation but we will be able to see one goal and one purpose. When a whirlwind rages through, nature may be destroyed but people would be able to see one purpose. Do you understand? It appears as if you did not grasp what I just said. If you see the direction that the tornado rages through, we become one.

That is why you must learn Korean. For a child not to know the language spoken by his or her parents is embarrassing.

People are not perfect. As people that live in a time when you attend True Parents and work with them, especially when considering your descendants.... Yes? Aren't we all moving forward with the goal of one world under God? There cannot be different languages in God's world. When I speak in Korean, you must be able to understand everything; however, you can only listen through translations here and there. There is no perfect translation. That is why people place importance on the original manuscripts and the native language. Do you understand?

You are young. Don't you want to challenge yourselves to do something like that? Why are your answers lukewarm? Even out there in the world, when parents reach a certain age, like this, children should be able to mature, attend them and make the parents comfortable.... Yet, True Parents have no comfortable time until the day they go to the spiritual world. I came here to have some rest, but now, things that keep me from oversleeping continue to take place.

You are probably happy because you can see me every day. Isn't that right?

Seeing me every day is important, but you must also fulfill your responsibilities. Particularly, do everything in your power within your range of responsibility. This is a big problem. Shouldn't we be able to report about putting a lot of effort and being able to yield fruit and results? Do you understand?

I had to come to Las Vegas in order to decide and conclude the work Father had conducted here. Do you understand? 

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