The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Why does human history unfold with so much difficulty?

Hak Ja Han
December 15, 2013
World Leaders' Convention for the Advancement of Korean Reunification and Peace in Northeast Asia in 2013

Luncheon guests, December 15: From left: Jeong Rho Yun, president, UPF-Korea; Dr. Min Ha Kim, chairman, Wonmo Pyeong-ae board; Geun Ryeong Park, younger sister to Korea's president; Lan Young Moon, president WFWP International; Sam H. Zakhem, former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain; and Eiji Tokuno, president, Japanese Church, gather around Mother to join her in song.

Distinguished Guests from Home and Aboard, Ambassadors for Peace and Beloved Blessed Members from Around the World, Welcome. This year, 2013, was a historic and unprecedented year, starting with Foundation Day; we have now reached a point in which we must wrap up this past year and make preparations to usher in the new age and new hope of 2014, which is about to begin. However, things that have happened around us have made us quite cold.

Why does human history unfold with so much difficulty? Even though humanity had sought goodness according to the actions of their consciences all throughout humankind's long history, today we face an indescribably complicated era afflicted with racial problems, religious problems, ideological problems, territorial problems, boundary lines, defense lines and others.

We cannot stand still. We know that God is working hard and not resting in order to conduct the providence. This problem arose because man deviated from the main track and the indemnity providence was necessary to enable human beings to return to the original track through their own efforts. However, this was a difficult problem for human beings to solve alone. Through the history of all religions, especially Christianity, the messianic idea came to us as our ultimate expectation. What kind of person is the Messiah? The Messiah is supposed to resolve everything about humanity that had gone wrong. For this reason, the Messiah must come as the True Parents. They must give birth again to humanity, which had fallen. Without such a procedure, there is no hope of resolving humanity's complicated history. We are grateful and amazed that True Parents appeared on earth.

Distinguished guests that have gathered here today and particularly ambassadors of peace, please fulfill all of your responsibility on the front line. Heaven's providence does not wait for us. There is a right time. We are at an important point of time when we should be in the position of true and devoted children that attune themselves to this time. Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been educating people under the motto, Love God, love people and love your country.

Even if a person is not aware of the deep providence, the person will naturally be loyal to one's country if he or she has a heart that reveres Heaven and loves people. I sincerely hope that politicians in charge of the country will think of ways to help the country and love the people instead of pursuing their own interests alone. The mission of the peace army and peace police, which was formed by you, ambassadors of peace, is important. Ambassadors for peace from Korea and all other nations must take the lead in guiding others onto the path heading toward a world of peace.

Please consider this. Let us say that your country is not alone in revering Heaven, loving the people and loving the country and that surrounding countries do the same thing. If all countries had such a heart, will they be greedy? We are now concerned about Northeast Asia's situation.

What about seeing it in this light? In Isaiah 2:4, it says that a peaceful world can be realized when swords are beaten into plowshares.

The yellow sand and fine dust flying from China is threatening our health these days. All living things are threatened. However, this is what I want to say to this country.

Just as is mentioned in the Bible, astronomical amounts of money are being wasted on military expenses; however, if only a third of it were invested in conducting a fertile land movement to plant trees in areas undergoing desertification, which makes up 30 percent of this land, what do you think will happen?

We must reveal the truth for this reason. The truth is that Heaven and humanity on earth have longed for and hoped for True Parents. If all nations do not attend True Parents as sibling countries... Only by achieving a culture of deep heart, in which nations live for each other's sake and love each other as siblings in front of True Parents can world peace be possible. The place we will be heading to after living such a life is the eternal world, the kingdom of heaven.

No matter how long our physical life may be, it will not pass hundred years. The reality is that we are living on earth by borrowing a possession of the creator, the original owner who is our Heavenly Parent. Do you understand what I am saying? We cannot claim any ownership.

Having borrowed it, you should use it well and return it in a state Heaven desires. Only by doing that can you enjoy eternal freedom, peace and joy in that other world. It is my hope that you can realize this point.

What should we do in order to live such a life? We must stand up. We must run out. It would be even better if you could fly.

We do not have much time left to us. How can we fulfill all that God wills on earth and be complimented -- Thank you my proud son, my proud daughter -- by our Heavenly Parent?

Let us all dash forward together with all our might until the clay we achieve the hope of Heaven and of humanity. 

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