The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

The majority of second-generation children drifted away

Hak Ja Han
December 2, 2013
To the wives of the graduates of Korea's Top Gun workshop

After the Israelites settled in Canaan, what direction did they take? They had to compromise with the world and could not live up to their pride and responsibility as the chosen people. And we clearly know through history how much trouble Heaven had to go through whenever such a thing happened. Well, how many second-generation children in Korea and members blessed by True Parents within the second-generation realm are there? Japan has over forty thousand. There would be more in Korea. They have to play a pivotal role for Cheon Il Guk; they have to lead this fallen world. However, haven't the majority drifted away? After Father's ascension, this was the first thing I wanted to resolve. We must be different.

The same thing happened with the two-thousand-year history of Christianity. The people of Israel failed to fulfill their responsibility and thus brought about the formation of Christianity, which for the past two thousand years has been waiting for the Returning Lord. However, Christianity did not know how the Messiah would return in reality and what kind of mission he would carry. As a result, there were many trials and errors. In short, Jesus' teachings just explained our father -- son relationship to God and to love our neighbors. This is a universal teaching taught by all religions that have appeared in the fallen world in pursuit of goodness. Jesus could not explain his mission and the purpose of his coming. What about his disciples? Were they decent disciples? As time passed, people started guessing that it would have been this way or that way and we know that Jesus' birth was actually not on Christmas Day. With the understanding that Jesus was born in the winter, they fit it in the season. We know that Jesus's birthday is on January 3, right?

Yet, this is the True Parent whom Heaven and humanity hoped and longed for. As a result of the Fall, fallen people received the lineage of Satan, the false parent and even if they had a conscience, it could not properly work. Conditions had to be set and indemnity had to be paid. Yet, they still don't know how to go about it. Thanks to True Parents, we now understand the providence and know the purpose for which we must advance. True Parents showed us everything by practicing it themselves. Please think about it. The children in the true family speak in this manner. We did not receive our parents' love. First-generation members were always in front of their parents. The older men were always the priority. This is how they speak. These older men, the first-generation members, had to create a good environment for the children. They did try but were inadequate in many respects. They were also inadequate when it came to having desperate hearts in front of the foundation by which Heaven would come down to us.

It took Heaven more than six thousand years to find True Parents. At a time when humanity's hope is about to come true, we are living with True Parents but have been only receiving love. The same thing happened with all foundations. We hoped that True Parents would do everything for us. We did not fulfill our responsibility as their children and as blessed families. As a result, second-generation members thought that there was no end to the suffering of their parents and came to the conclusion that suffering was nothing to boast about. They ended up drifting away as they tried to first be comfortable. That is because we did not fulfill our responsibility, starting with the thirty-six couples. If the providence is to be conducted in order, the children of the thirty-six couples must be the first to stand on the front line. We say we know the Divine Principle and respect the faith that True Parents have lived, but in reality we have been making compromises. However, it must be different now. True Parents perfected, concluded and completed the providence of restoration through indemnity and they proclaimed Foundation Day in front of us. They accomplished the purpose that God had when he created the entire creation and man.

If Adam and Eve had become one with God six thousand years ago, a new providence would have been achieved then. Even though Father suddenly ascended, he did so out of love to set up those first- and second-generation members that worked with him in positions of responsibility in order to save its once more. You must understand this. You must have only absolute faith and obedience. You must take the initiative on the front line in embracing all humanity in true love as your brothers and sisters. Women and the wives of those in positions of responsibility must take the lead. Do you understand? While I was preparing for the Holy Wedding with True Father, I made the determination to end this tiresome providence of restoration through indemnity. People think that Father alone is the Returning Messiah and that the Messiah is a man. However, it doesn't work with only a man. I had to go with him all the way to the end. I had to fulfill my responsibility.

You clearly understand the second part of the Divine Principle, right? I had to set them up indemnity conditions all by myself. That is the difference between you and me. I also had many critical moments. However, I was single-hearted in my devotion to liberate God. That is why I am confident in front of humanity as the True Parents. With the top gun workshop conducted, you must become one with me. We must become one. In a world of goodness without any trace of the Fall, everyone would know what God was thinking of. Even if I don't say anything, you should be able to think, What is True Mother thinking of? I'll do it for her in that way.

True Parents on Seorak Mountain, in northeast South Korea, in 1986

Wouldn't it be better for you to do something out of your own initiative than doing so under orders? Should this be the way it should be done? In this light, you should be able to bring together all blessed families who are your brothers and sisters. Physical life is short. No matter how long we may live, we cannot guarantee living a hundred years in good health. Don't you have to at least ensure that when blessed second-generation members and your sleeping brothers and sisters go to the spiritual world, they are able to confidently raise their heads and live in gratitude to you saying, Thanks to you, I could grow this much.

If you think of them as your brothers and sisters, can you leave them alone? It is my hope that you put everything in order. That is why when I called you, I thought of giving you all something I had worn before. While I attended Father, I lived the life of a gypsy. I could not settle down. I was always on the move, living a wandering life. Some of the places had four seasons. For those who have travelled before, it is quite uncomfortable to go around with silk clothes like this which need to be ironed. So when packing, I had to find clothes that would not crease but still look beautiful when worn. People around the world think I am beautiful. What about you?

In the 1980s, the period before and after True Father went to Danbury, many world-level senior scholars would meet for science conferences. Many of these meetings were held during the Thanksgiving period. Whenever such a meeting was called for, world famous scholars and top leaders would meet and True Parents welcomed them in a receiving line. All these participants held high positions in society and when they raised their heads in front of Father and shook hands, Father would then introduce me as his wife. Do you know how they responded? They would look at True Father and say, "You are a lucky man." This is how popular I was. 

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