The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

We have tremendous responsibilities

Hak Ja Han
December 1, 2013
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung

Are you resolved to become devoted sons, devoted daughters and central figures that will find and return God's hometown? Our mission is so immense, but we do not have much time to handle all these responsibilities. What should we do about it? I am sure that many of those among you have already heard of the dream I had of Father that I spoke of during the last pastors' assembly. Father, who is supposed to be calmly resting in heaven, is not taking care of himself. He is going through great difficulty trying to find even one lost child. Even now, this image remains vivid in my mind. He looked so miserable. If he were on earth, he would have been quite active, moving back and forth between the east and west. We, who are on earth, must therefore fulfill our responsibilities. Why does the Bible mention that the key to the kingdom of heaven was given to Peter? It is because responsibilities must he completed on earth.

We have tremendous responsibilities; yet, even though we have received the blessing and know what path to follow, we have been incapable of pushing through the self-centeredness, family problems and the surroundings that have worn us out in our lives within the fallen realm. I wonder if you have heard of Maitreya Cho Han-jun before. He is an ancestor of my maternal grandmother that displayed loyalty to the country. He invested his whole fortune to do something no one else could do, saving the dignity of the country as a result. He built a stone bridge, which was quite famous in those days. Thanks to his contribution, he saved the face of the Joseon Dynasty Lee clan. Heaven blessed him for this reason. In other words, Heaven recognized his service.

Sun Jin nim and her husband, Kwon Jin nim and his wife, Jeong Jin nim (at left with True Mother) and senior members from throughout Korea joined True Mother for a Christmas party at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace on December 25.

As a result, Heaven planned to send the son of Heaven through his family. After investing his entire fortune and completing the stone bridge, he found himself left with only three brass coins. He could neither use nor throw away the money. He noticed that his straw shoes had worn out while his mind was solely focused on the bridgework, so he bought straw shoes with the money. These three brass coins became a source of accusation in front of Heaven. Hence, Heaven ended up telling him that instead of a heavenly son, I will send you a heavenly daughter. Heaven will remember your contribution.

He woke up after having this dream and found a statue of Maitreya on a river bank that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere -- a stone image of Buddha. This is the truth. It was probably recorded in the Cho clan records. The three brass coins became a problem. This applies to our life of faith too.

Among those of us that have kept this faith, no one can confidently say he or she has invested everything, 100 percent or 120 percent in front of Heaven. We are doing less than even grandfather Cho Han-jun. Do you understand? We need to change our thoughts. The remaining life ahead of us is shorter than the life we have lived. How can you reach complete unity with True Parents of the heart, body and thought? You should always remember this and live a life of practice. Only by doing so will you and your future descendants receive blessings. Let us say you achieved 70 percent of your responsibilities and the remaining 30 percent must be indemnified. No parents, however, would want to leave such indemnity to their future descendants or beloved children. Do you understand what this means?

The world will gradually become one. Amidst this, Northeast Asia is going through difficulties. We are the only people that can educate others about this. The ambassadors of peace whom Father established.... Father talked about the peace police and peace army. Right? The peace army and peace police are to bring order within this disorganized and messy world and take charge of education. I am not saying here that they should fight with arms but with the word. I will speak about this on the fifteenth. Please offer many prayer conditions. All blessed families and all providential organizations established by Father should unite and ensure that the word given to us by Heaven and True Parents does not drop on the ground but yields fruit. This path alone is your responsibility as people living in this age. 

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