The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Are you aware of the indescribable glory and blessings you have received?

Hak Ja Han
November 30, 2013
Dinner for the Champumo Gyeong Compilation Committee

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your hard work and dedication. The very first determination I made after True Father's ascension was to dedicate this scripture. A few days ago, I spoke at the Korean pastors' assembly about a dream I had.

I was busy with a lot of work and could not accompany True Father. Then, I thought I had to find Father. No one, however, knew where Father was. It then came to my mind that the spiritual world had a modern system installed and asked that a remote control be brought in. Once I turned a screen on, Father's location came up directly. When I found Father, he was sitting outside in a sunny place. Father was sitting there and members were sitting by his side. The atmosphere between Father and the members was one in which they were asking questions and Father was giving answers. However,

Father seemed to be waiting for more members to come. When I looked closely at Father, I realized he looked quite exhausted.

So I told Father, "Please come here." In reality, however, when Father did Hoon Dok Hae for a long time and was quite exhausted, I tried hard, using different methods to conclude Hoon Dok Hae early, but it usually didn't work out. In the dream, however, Father came shortly afterward. I noticed how his lips were black and not even blue. That is how exhausted he was. My heart pained a lot seeing Father waiting for one more life under such difficult circumstance. There are probably those among you who have had a lot of experiences with Father conducting long Hoon Dok Hae sessions and then receiving taffies and candies whenever one of our grandchildren will come into the room. Within the dream, I also prepared pumpkin taffies as I went to look for Father. I told Father, "I will go to the members there, distribute these pumpkin taffies among them and explain to them the situation. Hence, please have lunch and rest a bit." Father compliantly listened to what I said. He took an envelope out of his pocket that had two million won in it and gave it to me, telling me to distribute it among the members who were there.

True Parents in early 1988

So I attended Father on that side and when I went to the other side, I noticed another house next to it and saw a room. Within that room, I saw men in suits talking about themselves. That scene seemed to be depicting your life of faith today; you say you are conducting a life of faith and are attending True Parents; yet, you have fallen short of the foundation expected by True Parents and have been humanistic and self-centered, thinking and worrying about yourselves. Father's last words... Their attitudes weren't centered on single-minded practice through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

I remember their attitude. Weren't you chosen as blessed families from among fallen humanity by True Parents? Are you all blessed members?

Even though you are still very inadequate compared to the foundation True Father hopes for, you have been blessed indeed through partaking in this work of arranging Father's teachings. Are you aware of the indescribable glory and blessings you have received through it?

Please ensure that this work is well done so that Father no longer has to worry and be concerned. This scripture, through which our descendants will always be educated in accordance with the standard desired by True Parents, will be the only textbook, the very first and last eternal textbook. With such determination, I ask you to do your very best. Will you do that? Thank you. Please do your best to ensure that there is no cause for accusations and that True Parents' status is elevated by it. Become one with a heart that you will accomplish this very first, supreme and historic task of compiling Father's teachings. I hope you can do this task well with a heart of gratitude from that standpoint. 

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