The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

You are historic figures

Hak Ja Han
November 21, 2013
Korean Pastors General Assembly
Yong Pyong Resort HC 10.19

Did you all enjoy your time here? Did you all say, I love you, to Heaven with a heart of gratitude? While enjoying nature, did you pledge in front of it saying, I will become a blessed member, pastor, and leader that you want me to become?

How did nature respond? Did nature say you are doing your best? Did it say that you can never trick nature? When a farmer plants seeds, the farmer must pour so much dedication and love into the work. How does nature repay the farmer? Nature replies to that love with a big, beautiful harvest. Nature does not lie.

As for my message to you today, I would like to first ask whether you know you are historic figures. Thanks to whom could you become such figures? You could become historic figures through True Parents. They are the hope of humanity. Are you aware that you carry responsibility? You don't? This is quite early in the day. I talked about UPA with the president of FFWPU-Korea. What I would like to ask of you all is for first- and second- generation to unite at this time of a new start. Have you made individual preparations for the future? Are you doing that?

I asked Rev. Lu, the president of FFWPU-Korea, about your average age and he told me you were in your mid-sixties on average. What do you think of this? You probably think, We are definitely not in our full youth and have become a bit older.

There is no guarantee that your body will be healthy for a hundred years. Right? Passing sixty or seventy means that you have already received the date when you will go to the eternal world. As pastors and leaders, how much of a good environment were you able to create from your surroundings? This is quite important. You cannot obtain the results or fruits just by talking.

Don't you all wonder what Mother is like? Do you already know a lot? There might be first-generation members who may think, I know True Father quite well but I do not really know True Mother.

Those who had the opportunity to visit the Won Jeon may know that my grandmother, Won Mo Cho, is also buried there. Did you know that? She is the grandmother within the mother providence. Heaven's providence made preparations for a long time to send the Returning Messiah to the Korean Peninsula. Even though the history of Christianity in Korea is short, she was unlike other: Christians within this short history who were waiting for the Messiah to return on the clouds. Her family prepared and waited for the Returning Messiah to come in the flesh.

According to Father, the mother of the universe must come from a family with only one daughter for three-generations. Grandmother Cho is my maternal grandmother and was the only daughter. Dae Mo Nim [Soon Ae Hong] was also the only daughter. So was I. What is quite profound and intriguing was that when Father first saw me, he asked, "What is your name?" After I gave him my name, he suddenly closed his eyes and said, "I offer my gratitude to Heaven for making so-and-so to be born in Korea." When I was blessed in 1960, Grandmother Cho ascended. However, she passed away knowing whom I was getting married to.

This happened in the early 1960s. First-generation members will probably know this. There was a Buddhist saint called Yoon cheong jeong shim, who was well known even in political and financial circles. This person came to me one day and talked about Grandmother Cho. I told him she was my grandmother. The Buddhist monk then accurately drew Grandmother Cho. Grandmother Cho, who knew True Father's mission, had appeared in front of this monk and told him to make fitting preparations. The monk did make those preparations in reality. He was quite famous in those days. True Father and I tried to bless him and told him we wanted to. However, he replied that he had set up a standard of conditions to offer and still had some left to do. He wanted to complete them before receiving the blessing. However, he ended up going to the spiritual world one day. I thought that was the end, but Grandmother Cho then instructed a lady in the Lee clan in the same field as the Buddhist monk to make the same preparations. This lady made the preparations after consulting with the Korean headquarters. That was when Father was in Danbury.

We all know how important an object for the condition is through the Divine Principle. True Father had to be crowned as the king of kings through the Christian foundation, upon which he came as the Messiah. However, this Christian foundation in the United States sent True Father to hell. They incarcerated him in prison. Since Father had to be crowned as the king of kings, Grandmother Cho instructed this lady to make the necessary preparations. The ceremony was then conducted with Father when he briefly came out of prison. You have never heard about this. I am the only person who knows it. This is how the providence has developed through generations in a family.

Did you conduct the Coronation of God's Kingship Ceremony or the Entrance to Cheon Jeong Gung? Did you help True Father? Who helped him? I fulfilled my responsibility as True Mother. This also applies to you. You stand today in a new historical age and at the center of the Cheon Ii Guk era. If we are to speak in terms used in the secular world, you are noble families. What is a noble family? It means you are part of the realm of the imperial family. You have entered the realm of the imperial family. However, did you prepare for your future descendants? As pastors and leaders in charge of organizations and businesses, did you make the necessary preparations to continue the family line? If you do not make those preparations, the lineage of your prestigious families will end at the first-generation. Do you want to be in such a state? Please answer with louder voices. Then, what do you have to do? You must ensure that the family line is carried on in your families and that they become loyal noble families. What happens when someone says, "so-and-so's father and mother were completely dedicated as first-generation members, but the family line has been cut off." This is serious.

Haven't I established UPA in order to help you? I have made a better environment for you in all details; hence, you must fulfill your responsibilities. What do you think of that? In order to fulfill my mission as True Mother, I have led the providence and ensured that it is carried on by future generations in this way, so that you can reach Heaven through the Unification community and all of True Parents' work. You will shed tears of gratitude for Heaven's great blessings and love. Heaven has prepared such a good environment for you, but you are now the problem.

I actually did not want to come to Yong Pyong. When True Father was still alive, you received a lot of pumpkin taffy whenever you came for Hoon Dok Hae. Right? Do you remember the pumpkin taffy? I have brought some here today. I decided to bring this taffy with me because I had a dream of Father. In that dream, I was too busy and was moving around. Father went out. I looked for Father. I somehow turned on a screen with a remote control and could find where Father had gone. I realized that the spiritual world also had a modern system installed. When I found Father, he was sitting. He seemed to be waiting for members. There were a few young members on the side. When they asked questions, Father explained the answers to them. However, when I saw Father close up, I realized he looked exhausted.

I said to Father, "Father, please come." Then Father compliantly came. When I saw him coming, I noticed how his lips were black and not even blue because of extreme exhaustion. Then I told Father, "Father, it is lunchtime. Please have lunch. I will distribute some pumpkin taffy among those members."

Father gave me something he took out of his pocket. It was two million won. He told me to give it to the members that were there. I received it and made Father rest. I then distributed the pumpkin taffy. I noticed a room in one corner and people in it, wearing suits. Those people seemed to be pastors. Father was waiting for them outside and they were talking among themselves. What did I do? I told them to get their acts together. I feel that this may be an honest image of you.

Did you empty your minds during the two days? Do you pledge to invest too percent, 120 percent and fulfill your responsibility for God's will? The image that the spiritual world showed of you is too weak. It is inadequate. This is what I saw. You say that you love True Parents, but I feel that you have loved True Parents less than you love yourselves, your children and those related to you. Now, don't you always talk about absolute obedience at all cost as you lead your life of faith? However, do your bodies listen to that completely? I heard that this assembly ends tomorrow. Please deeply reflect on this problem once again and make fresh starts as new people. I have come all this way with the hope that you can establish noble families that remain for eternity in the era of Cheon it Guk.

You are truly blessed people. The more you offer conditions for Heaven, Heaven will repay you back in multiples. It is my hope that you fully experience all of these in your lives. Do you understand? I feel a bit overwhelmed as I reminisce about the past. I will stop speaking here. Since I have come here, I would love to hear three songs from you. 

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