The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Love your brothers with absolute faith and absolute love

Hak Ja Han
November 15, 2013
Hoon Dok Hae

The appearance of blessed families means that the parents, the True Parents, whom Heaven and humanity have hoped for, now exist. Only True Parents can defeat the satanic world. That is why we always memorize the phrase that we must have absolute obedience toward True Parents. Next, you must love your brothers and neighbors with absolute faith and absolute love. Loving them is letting them know about True Parents.

Even if you are inadequate in terms of education and experience, having many spiritual children will allow you to make up for those inadequacies. If a person without much good fortune witnesses hard, he or she will be able to meet a person with good fortune. Then you will be able to share the good fortune. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] You could become blessed members of the Unification Church because you received the good fortune of the True Parents.

You must understand this. The roots of the Unification Church Family Federation for World Peace and Unification are the church, the word. The center is the True Parents. Many branches have been trimmed for the restoration of the nation and the world. Those branches are our organizations and businesses. The organizations and businesses must become one with the church headquarters. Do you understand what I am saying? Yes? This also applies to the Tongil Foundation. Father established all organizations and businesses to support the church. Their purpose is to witness. This is a way in which Heaven expresses his deep love and desire that we search for his lost children. You must not become people who go against this. A leader's words and actions must be the same. The position of a leader is one in which you raise and bring out the best capabilities and talents of those working with you. Do you understand what I am saying? True Parents do that.

I have done a great deal of work since Father's ascension. However, what is happening to the work that I did? I entrusted you with that work. You must learn from your inadequacies, make greater effort and offer conditions.

We are living today in an indescribable, tremendous era within the history of humanity. We are living in a blessed era. We used to be sinners that would not even dare to go in front of God. Thanks to True Parents, we can now go forward to God. Hence, shouldn't we be faithful when entrusted with some work by the True Parents?

Even if you may not know how, learn how. Ensure that no one fails to accomplish this noble will. The only path ahead of us is success. This is the difference between us and the fallen world. Do you understand? [Yes]

Therefore, you should reflect upon your behavior and attitude and make greater effort. Our organization is within the Mission Foundation. The Mission Foundation manages all public properties and assets around the world. The Mission Foundation is meant to support God's will in bringing the world together and in achieving a world of peace and unification. If our conditions had backed up the Mission Foundation...

The FFWPU International Headquarters must work with regional presidents in garnering all materials on missions around the world and in leading, helping and educating the different missions in reaching standardization. In other words, it is not a position in which an individual can do as he or she sees fit. I am at the center.

This applies to the headquarters and all the organizations. I have told you this before. I have opened all doors for you. I do not block your means of communication. I have opened them.

As mature children who are in their fifties and sixties, shouldn't you be different from teenagers? Whether you were entrusted with a certain responsibility or not until now, you do have some experiences. Right? You do have the experience of trying to witness to even one person.

You have all raised children as blessed parents. If you tell your children, we are your father and mother and therefore, you must have absolute obedience toward us, does it work? Hence, if you are trusted and given a responsibility, you must do your best with a grateful heart. We cannot allow any failure in this era, in this new historical era, under any circumstances. That is because the background supporting us is just too immense, even if you may be inadequate as an individual.

I have spoken about creating a good environment. A good environment for our future second- and third-generation is gradually expanding. As people who understand God's will, how should you conduct your lives in a manner that takes into consideration that the life we see is not everything and that there are two three-dimensional worlds?

We have listened to many precious teachings, yet your actions seem to indicate that you let in those teachings through one ear and let them out through the other. Life on earth for us is a place where we must fulfill precious responsibilities because there are still seven billion people that do not know True Parents. People of the world live today without meaning and believe that physical life just passes by. It is my hope that you truly come to realize the many blessings that will be bestowed on you, your family and your neighbors in the eternal world.

We do not find the right timing at all times. You sometimes say that you have some destiny or your fortune is bad or good. By saying that, it shows that you understand that life has its ups and downs.

You are now living in an age when you can receive the most fortune in life. You yourselves are responsible if you fail to receive this good fortune by not making the necessary effort and by not carrying out your responsibilities. How? Don't you realize it? Yes? Organizations and businesses in this age must know how to make progress.

The church in Japan just celebrated the fifty-fifth anniversary of mission work in Japan. In light of that, how long has mission work been conducted in Korea? Do you know? You should be able to answer this. Will you always remain in an immature state?

Fallen nature causes a person to hope to be comfortable. Once one becomes comfortable, one wishes to be even more comfortable. If this cycle continues, you end up going bust. Have all blessed families around the world united as one family centered on True Parents? I heard that around 1,500 members, including peace ambassadors, live in the area hit hardest by the typhoon in the Philippines. Did you think of ways to help your brothers and sisters? With a heart that considers everyone as family living together, let us share our love. I have donated a million dollars representing Korea and Japan. If the foundation that has developed in Korea so far had been successful, what do you think would have happened if we could have donated enough to save the Philippines as a nation? Have you thought in this way? With everything I do, I want to make sure everything planned comes to a good conclusion.

I felt there might be no one that would love God's will or love you more than I do, which is why we must succeed in the Vision 2020 plan at all cost.

How many months are left until Foundation Day? Time seems to pass too fast in relation to our responsibilities. Furthermore, I no longer have the strength to always push you out, encourage you and comfort you.

You have all heard that Rev. Young Hwi Kim and his wife are on a lecture tour in the United States. Right? According to the reports I receive every day, the tour is successful and many members in the United States are making new determination.

When will this nation, as God's homeland, as the world mission headquarters, the fatherland of True Parents and our hometown, fulfill its responsibilities in front of the world? If you fail to fulfill your responsibilities, what will happen since history continues to advance?

You should be able to say thank you to Heaven for every single day. You should be able to do everything you can to fulfill your responsibilities and bring this country, your neighbors and people of talent into Heaven's embrace.

How can you become leaders who can truly experience this in daily life? It would be of no use to talk more. Isn't that correct? Will you do this? It is my hope that you all work with the desperate heart to save even one life. You must become people that make the sincere effort to achieve that even if it requires staying up all night. I educated the top guns for this reason. Top guns -- you must become historic figures. I would be sincerely grateful if you could grow into figures that will not only be remembered in the Unification Church for eternity but figures that we can boast of in front of the world.

Next year, I plan to educate younger people; I plan to conduct some special education. I hope that you can raise many people that can become good subordinates. I have proclaimed the second-generation era and this new era has opened through the appointment of the second-generation president. Please always bear in mind that this era is an opportunity for both first- and second-generation members to stand and go to a precious position that will not be forgotten for eternity. That is why the only path we can take now is one on which we do our best and there is only success awaiting us. 

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