The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

We must not just speak but act

Hak Ja Han
November 1, 2013
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, HC 9.28

True Parents hiking up Hala Mountain on Jeju Island on May 22, 1986

Can we back down now because of the hills ahead of us and the difficulties and physical pain we experience at this very moment and within our environment? Yes? We must go up. We must go over it. We are now living in a time when we must not just speak but act. We could not fulfill our responsibilities. I feel acting now to be a bit overdue actually. We should have heralded True Parents when True Father was still alive. What did Christianity do for the past two thousand years? Yes? What they believed in was empty. What is God's providence? Why did God conduct this providence? Because of the Fall. How can almighty God leave a mistake alone? Particularly, a mistake that was caused by humans, the beings he had created and not by him.

As blessed members. I am sure you all know the Divine Principle since you have studied it. God's hope and our hope are one. Since we all live with this one purpose, why can't we boldly fight against Satan, defeat him and liberate God? Why did the history of humanity take six thousand years, according to the Bible.

We are living with True Parents and attending them. "True Parents" is a term that Heaven and humanity has hoped for over the past six thousand years. This was a term they longed for. Humanity has been wondering, When will the True Parents come and give us rebirth?

In this way, humanity has certainly but unconsciously been following this direction with the hope of cutting off blood ties with the satanic world and being newly born through the True Parents. Don't the four great religions point to this?

Humanity has lived asking: How can I live in goodness? and How can I receive Heaven's blessings?

You who are sitting here today, however, have the answers to these questions. From whom did we receive these answers? From the True Parents.

Don't you all have the names "blessed children" and "blessed families"? Yes? This blessing, however, is not only 'ours to have. You should take responsibility over your family, your neighbors, your society, the nations in the fallen world and the world. How long will you go around in circles, complaining that even though you dedicated your entire lives for God's will and are elders in the church, the headquarters has not helped you? I applaud your great audacity, but I am the True Parents.

Parents want to take responsibility for their children. Even secular parents do everything they can for their children. I told a chimpanzee story during my speaking tour in Japan. This story has become quite famous in Japan. There were father and son chimpanzees and mother and son chimpanzees. These two groups were separated and put in an oven. Slowly, the oven was heated. They all squirmed in the heat, trying to overcome it. On the side of the father and son chimpanzee, for the father, his surviving in that oven was the most important thing. He was present-oriented. The father lay on top of his baby chimpanzee, trying to survive from the heat. On the other hand, the mother chimpanzee thought she had to do something, otherwise she and her son would both die. She placed her baby on top of her stomach, saving his life while losing hers.

This is not a light story to laugh at. The strong true love of a mother's affection must radiate from both the men and women living in this age....

Then what should be done to make this happen? We must throw away all self-centered excuses. We have a clear goal and must be able to advance a step closer to the goal even in our sleep. Whether or not you stand in a position of eternal blessing in the eternal world will depend on how widely and greatly you transform your surroundings. Will you neglect your responsibilities because of present difficulties? Our life on earth is short. I am over seventy years old now. How long do you think I will live? You all probably refrain yourselves from treating older people rudely. That is because we know of the eternal world, the spiritual world. You must be able to fulfill your responsibilities and resolve everything on earth. No one will do it for you.

You are accountable for your own life and responsibilities. There will no longer be salvation again. True Parents have perfected, concluded and completed the providence of restoration through indemnity. He gave us the blessing to partake in that providence; you saw the video before this, which said the doors are completely open and that everything has been forgiven. The responsibility now falls on your shoulders. Can you blame Heaven when you have not fulfilled your responsibilities? If you do, you are worse than a chimpanzee; this chimpanzee mother thought of the future first. She considered her child more precious than herself. Do you understand?

I understand that the central members have gathered here today. Your voices are too soft. Do you understand?

One year quickly passed and we only have a few months left until Foundation Day. How would you report this to Heaven? Hmm? Those who seriously consider this probably will not be able to sleep.

You are standing in blessed positions at this very moment. It would have been great if we only had the blessings, but blessings are always accompanied by responsibility. If you can shorten it by a year or two, how would Heaven regard you? Hmm? Would Heaven look and treat you affectionately? Would Heaven say thank you? True Father went through hardship on the front line for his entire life before going to the spirit world. Not once did True Father take care of his own body. Why do you think he did that? True Father did that because of his foolish children. How great would it have been if he had brilliant children? How great would it have been if there were many blessed families that are quick to understand? How aghast would Heaven feel by blessed couples who go in circles, forgetting one teaching after the other every single time it is given to them? You have now lived more than half of your life. Even the second-generation president of FFWPU is over fifty years old, right?

However, what are we to do if you are still immature? You must become mature. You should no longer think centered on yourselves. Live for the sake of others and try to accomplish at least one thing that is a plus. With this in heart, please reach out for even one life, witness and teach them about True Parents for the sake of Cheon II Guk. They are children who do not even recognize their Parents who have been so close.... During the recent speaking tour in Japan, I told Japanese members to become rich. Everyone likes to hear the word "rich." Right? Please become rich too. This means that you should witness.

Now, let us assume you go to the spiritual world. Imagine the great number of Christian spirits that went to the spirit world for the past two thousand years. What about the numerous spirits that went to the spirit world throughout the six thousand years' providence mentioned in the Bible? In the spiritual world, your life would be miserable and not easy because you will be accused by all those spirits. Yes? That is why you must liberate your ancestors and guide those to whom you witness to do the same thing. When you go to the spiritual world, you cannot help carrying the pain you might receive, the indemnity you might receive. Do you truly feel it? Do you truly realize why you must partake in ancestor liberation and blessing? That is for you. Your existence is not just for you. You have sons and daughters. You should think of your future descendants.

I want to help you by building the museum on True Parents' life courses. You cannot imagine how much True Parents loved God and humanity.

The museum will show all the records, including even the incidents you did not partake in within the providence that True Parents personally conducted, investing everything in them. This will become a historical museum. Once this museum is completed, what would Christians think when they see it? How much regret will those who visit this museum feel? They would say, Why didn't I know about him even though I lived in the same era?... I can't believe I did not recognize my own parents.

How much would they regret that? Hmm? They are the parents of humanity, the True Parents. Can there be any child that does not know his or her parents?

After a few hundred years, your descendants would visit the museum and gladly say, My grandpa, my great, great grandpa was part of this. Some will say, Oh, but what about my grandfather? He is not included.

Those who want to become such people.... you decide by yourselves. Your responses are weak. What did I just say now? The museum on True Parents' life courses must he completed at all cost within your lifetime. I want to say this is the era of women, but the women are weak. The men are still strong... Will you fulfill your responsibilities? Will you accomplish your responsibilities? Your voices are too weak. This is not about numbers. The voice of a mother is strong at home. Why are they so weak here? Is it okay to do worse than a chimpanzee? Please work hard. 

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