The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Korea's mission as the Father Country

Hak Ja Han
October 27, 2013
Global Joint Worship Service
Cheongshim Peace World Center, 9.23 HC

On October 27, 2013 during the global joint worship service, True Mother appointed Dr. Chang Shik Yang the chairman of Universal Peace Federation International. Dr. Yang is concurrently a vice-president of FFWPU International.

I feel happy seeing nature filled with the beautiful colors of the harvest season as we conclude this year. It is also a cool season that makes us adjust the clothes we wear in the morning and evening. Beloved blessed families around the world, peace ambassadors and distinguished guests, I offer gratitude to Heaven for blessing our future hope -- the second-, third- and fourth-generation blessed children. I sincerely hope that all blessed families around the world remain in good health. I am happy to see you all.

God's providence continues to advance. Today, I would like to reflect on Korea's mission as the father country which is as important as Japan's, the mother country.

In the beginning, God was filled with hope as he created the entire universe and finally Adam and Eve. After the Creation, God gave man responsibility, which was to wait until God told them the time was ripe. However, what happened? In the end, God had to kick out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Ever since, humankind has been connected to Satan, the false parent, through lineage and the false children born from the false parents formed the fallen world. Humanity's hope and efforts within the fallen world was solely aimed at returning to our Heavenly Parent. However, there was not a single person who knew of the providence.

Heaven cannot just wait for people that live in ignorance. So, God raised the nation of Israel, the chosen people and infused into them the messianic thought. He raised them for four thousand years and with that, Heaven could make a promise to the people of Israel. However, you will naturally come to understand through the Divine Principle how ignorant were people such as Mary and those in Zachariah' family and Joseph's family that did not fulfill their responsibilities. Jesus was supposed to become the True Parent. He had to fulfill his responsibility of changing the satanic world into one on God's side. The Israelites, Zachariah's family, Joseph's family and Mary were responsible to prepare the right environment for Jesus. How can the Messiah, sent by God, he born in a manger? How could Jesus have lived a short life amidst the people of Israel, who had been prepared by God for four thousand years to receive him? History shows us how great an indemnity had to be paid for this immense mistake.

The formation of the Christian foundation started with Jesus' resurrection and the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit. This foundation moved across the European continent and onto an island country. In those days, the status of Great Britain increased by the day as it expanded its empire on to the world through its maritime forces. The saying "The sun never sets on the British Empire" depicts accurately Great Britain in those days. However, fallen men find it quite difficult to perceive Satan. When Great Britain was becoming corrupt under the very system and laws its people had made, King James of England translated and distributed the Bible in English around the seventeenth century. It was around this time that Protestants started heading toward America in search of religious freedom.

America was in the eldest son position, born from Great Britain, which was supposed to fulfill its responsibility as a mother nation. Heaven blessed the United States. However, the United States did not live up to Heaven's blessings. Even though God raised the United States to become a world power within two hundred years, families in the United States were becoming immoral and different aspects of the nation including its thoughts and politics were following a decadent culture. It was then that True Father called the United States to go back to its initial heart saying, "I have come as a firefighter because American families are breaking apart, I have come as a doctor because America is ill." Ever since, for thirty-four years, True Parents have invested blood, sweat and tears in the United States for the world providence. Heaven's providence cannot rest. The nations chosen from the satanic world to fulfill the mother nation's mission include the first Israel, which did not fulfill its responsibility as the first nation and England, which did not fulfill its role as the second mother nation centered on the Christian foundation. Where is the third Israel? Korea has been greatly blessed. It has been greatly blessed by the True Parents.

Today, I would like to express my sincere hope that politicians and those running this country become leaders that can understand Heaven's providence through history and fulfill their responsibilities accordingly.

In conclusion, all citizens and politicians in this country can fulfill their responsibility only by attending the True Parents. That is why I blessed Japanese members, that they may become rich. Korea is not an exception. Please become rich, too. The way for you to become rich not only on earth but also in the eternal world is by saving many lives through the True Parents. I am confident about this. Thus, I assigned Rev. Lu from the second-generation realm as the new president of FFWPU-Korea. Did I do well?

Compared to our lives before, the time remaining ahead of us is short. This is also the case with most of you here today. What should we do? No matter how long we live, we will not live for more than a hundred years. Please bear in mind that only when we honor True Parents' will and practice it in our lives can we stand in a blessed position, in a position tilled with love and in the central figure position as leaders within the eternal world.

However, that does not mean that because you are a first-generation member that you must divide all your responsibilities among second-and third-generation members. You must also fulfill your responsibilities. That is why we are hopeful and happy people. Your actions and the practice of your faith will decide the number of people that find salvation through you. When the people that gain life through you grow in number, True Parents, who embrace Asia and the world, will achieve everything. No worldly laws will work in this peaceful world, a world overflowing with peace, freedom, unification and happiness. It will be a world without need of lawyers, attorneys or judges. Then what should we do?

You should introduce True Parents to the seven billion people on earth and educate them so that they can all partake in this joyful world. This is the only way we can become proud blessed families and leaders of the Unification community in this era. Will you all do that? Do you also have the heart to move up the day of victory to before 2020? It is my sincere hope that you put what you are saying into practice. I will conclude my message here. Thank you. 

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