The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

The Mission of the Father Nation

Hak Ja Han
October 27, 2013
The Welcoming Rally for the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind from the Victorious Speaking Tour in Japan

Hak Ja Han -- October 17, 2013

For the establishment of the Ideal Peace of Cheon Il Guk era the 'Welcoming Rally for the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind from the Victorious Speaking Tour in Japan' was held on 9. 23 by the heavenly calendar, 1st year of Cheon Il Guk (solar: Oct. 27) at 10:30 am at CheongShim Peace World Center with around 20,000 members attending from around the world. True Mother who was welcomed onto the stage by great round of an applause gave specific instructions on our mission for this history for the providence of restoration. (Speech provided by Korean Family Federation Homepage, partially edited by the Planning and Education Team in Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center)

It is nice to see the beautiful nature that is changing its color in beautiful autumn colors which also symbolizes the end of a year. But now the temperature is very cold in the morning and evening.

Most beloved blessed families, peace ambassadors and distinguished guests. I am deeply grateful to the blessed children of 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation who are the hope of our future and I also wish that all blessed families around the world are happy and healthy. It is truly great to see you today.

Heaven's providential history continuously developed without a rest. I would like to talk about a mission; Japan's mission as the mother nation is also very important but let's talk about Korea's mission, the mission as the father nation.

In the beginning, God created heaven, earth and all things and Adam and Eve with great hope. At that time God gave responsibility to his human beings. That responsibility was to wait until God said, 'It is time'. However, what happened? Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden by God. From then, humanity became children of Satan with a direct lineage connection. Humanity became the false children born from the false parent, Satan. Thus, creating a fallen world.

The hope for humanity living in a fallen world was how to come forth in front of Heavenly Parent. However, no one knew about the providential history. Heaven could not wait for ignorant human beings. So He cultivated the chosen nation Israel and instilled the Messiah ideology and prepared for 4000 years. Then, heaven made its promise. This is something that you would naturally understand after reading the principle.

In conclusion, Zachariah family, Joseph family and Maria couldn't fulfill their responsibility. Jesus had to become the True Parents. And fulfill his responsibility of changing the Satanic world to heaven's side. It was the Jewish people, Zachariah family, Joseph family and Maria who had to prepare such environment. Why do you think the Messiah (sent by God) was born in a stable? Why did he have to end his short life in front of the people of Israel whom God waited for 4000 years? You probably know the indemnity to compensate this great ordeal through the history. Through the resurrection of Jesus and the grace of the Holy Spirit the foundation of Christianity began to be made. This foundation went to England after going through Europe. Back then, England was known as a nation where the sun never sinks, a nation which was spreading its power throughout the world through the sea.

However, it is very difficult for human beings to separate Satan. Human beings fell due to the law and rules which was created by themselves. In the 17th Century, King James translated the bible into English and Protestant which pursuits new faith and freedom went to the American continent. In the first born son position who was born in England. England which had to fulfill its responsibility as the mother nation. Heaven blessed America. However, it could not return anything back to heaven. It was brought up to be the great nation after 200 years to lead the world; however, America's families fell, ideal, government and generally its culture morally decayed. At that time, True Parents said, "I came here as a firefighter because of the fallen families of America. The families of America are getting sick so that is why I am here to cure them!" and emphasized to all to go back to their 'original heart'. That is why True Parents shed blood sweat and tears for 34 years in America for the completion of world providence.

However, heaven's providence cannot take a rest. The nation which was selected as the mother nation could not fulfill its responsibility as the 1st Israel. England which also had to fulfill its role as the 2nd nation centering on the realm of Christianity could not fulfill its responsibility. Where is the 3rd Israel nation? Korea received the blessing. It received the blessing through True Parents.

What I want to tell you is that, I truly wish for the politicians and people who have great responsibility for this nation could fulfill their responsibility as leaders and lead this nation in heaven's providence. In conclusion, when all the people of this nation and the politicians accept True Parents they can, for the first time, stand in the position of fulfilling their true responsibility. That is why I told the Japanese members to be wealthy. Korea is not an exception. Let us all be wealthy! The path for you to be wealthy is through saving many lives through True Parents and so you shall be wealthy not just on earth but in the spirit world as well. I believe this. This time, I assigned President Yu, a 2nd generation as the president for Korea. Isn't this good? I probably think you have the same heart as mine. The time left on earth is much shorter than the time spent on earth.

So what should we do? It doesn't matter what we do we can only live for 100 years on earth. However, when we inherit the Will of True Parents and practice it in our life then please remember that you will be put in a position where you can receive blessings in the eternal world, receive love and become the central figures. Just because you are a 1st generation are you going to give all of your responsibility which you could fulfill to the 2nd and 3rd generations? You also have to fulfill your responsibility. That is why we are hopeful and happy people.

When the lives save by you becomes large after you practice and take actions, this world can be a world that can embrace Asia and the world, an unified world centering on God, a world full of freedom, peace, unification and happiness. In that world the general law does not apply. It is a world where judges and lawyers mean nothing. We have to introduce and educate the 7 billion people of the world so that they could join in that happy world. That is the path for the blessed families and leaders of the unification family to go forth. Please have a heart that you will accomplish this victorious future before the vision year 2020. I would like to ask of you to fulfill your responsibility and end my speech. 

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