The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

The mission that Korea has as a Father Nation

Hak Ja Han
October 27, 2013
World Peace Center

It is almost at the end of the year, and I'm happy to see the nature turning into beautiful colors in the season of harvest. But it is also the cold season that makes you adjust your clothes in the morning and night.

Beloved blessed families all around the world, peace ambassadors and VIPs, I appreciate you, our hopes, the blessed children second, third, and fourth generations, and I wish you all good health. It is nice to see you.

Heaven's providence keeps developing. The mission that Japan has as a mother nation is important, but today I want to talk about the mission that Korea has as a father nation. In the beginning of the universe, God created all things including Adam and Eve, and He had hope.

God gave the first human beings the responsibility [to obey the commandment not to eat of the fruit] which meant they should wait until God would say, 'It is the right time.' But what was the result? Adam and Eve disobeyed God and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Then, humankind connected to a false parent's blood linage, that of Satan, and built a fallen world.

In the fallen world, the chief hope of humankind has been to return to the Heavenly Parent.' But there was no one who knew the providence. Heaven couldn't wait for the unenlightened people. So, Heaven raised the chosen nation, Israel, and put forth the idea of the Messiah. Heaven raised the world 4,000 years. Then Heaven fulfilled its promise to humankind. Even though people are enlightened, if they know the Divine Principle they will understand the providence.

Zachariah's family, Joseph's family and Mary couldn't fulfill their responsibility. Jesus was supposed to be the True Parent. He had responsibility to give re-birth and to reverse the Satanic world to the Heavenly world. And the people who should have made that proper environment were the Jews, Zachariah, Joseph and Mary. How could they let Jesus be born in a manger? Why did Jesus need to live such a short life when the Israelites waited for 4,000 years? You probably know what kind of indemnity they paid on this big mistake through history. The foundation of Christianity was built upon Jesus' resurrection and the grace of the sprits. This foundation moved through Europe to Britain. That was the time that Britain extended its territory globally, so that [in time] people said 'the Sun never set on the British Empire.'

But for fallen humankind, it is so hard to identify Satan. Despite their laws, people fell into corruption. In the 17th century, King James of Britain translated the Bible into English and spread the Word. And Protestants headed to America to find their religious freedom. America was born from Britain that had the [providential] role as the mother nation, and America took on the elder son's position. Heaven blessed the United States, but the nation did not live up to Heaven's expectation. God raised the United States in only 200 years to become a powerful nation that could guide the world. The institution of the family in the United States has fallen, and on every level, ideologically and politically, the culture has become decadent. True Parents asked the United States to live up to the vision of the Puritan founders [who followed God's calling] 'True Parents came as a firefighter because United States had fallen. True Parents came as a doctor because the families in the United States were ill.' True Parents shed blood, sweat and tears in the United States for the World providence for 34 years.

Heaven's providence can't rest. The chosen nations in the Satanic world that were supposed to fulfill their responsibility as Mother Nations couldn't fulfill their responsibility. First, Israel couldn't fulfill its responsibility and second, Britain, as a Christian nation, couldn't fulfill its responsibility. Where is the third Israel, then? Korea was blessed by True Parents.

The thing I want to tell you today is that I wish the politicians or the people in this nation can become leaders that can fulfill their responsibilities to Heaven's providence. All people and all the politicians can stand on the position that can take responsibility only when they serve True Parents. So, I gave Japan the blessing to be rich. Korea is not an exception. I wish you all to be rich. When you save people through True Parents, you will be rich on earth and in the eternal world [spirit world]. That is the way you become rich. I am certain of this. So, I appointed the second-generation Unificationist, Mr. Lu, as the president. Did I go a good job?

So, what do you think we should do? Humans can live maybe 100 years. But please keep in mind, when we inherit True Parents' will and act up to Principle, then we will stand on the position that we could be leaders, blessed and loved in the eternal world.

Even though you are first generation, are you going to give the responsibilities that you can fulfill to the second and third generation? You need to fulfill your responsibilities as well. That's why we are full of hope and happy people.

It depends on how you act and practice. There will be lots of people who will be saved by you. In a world that can embrace Asia and the world centered on God, this world will be united and have freedom, peace and full happiness. Laws will be of no use. There will be no need of lawyers and judges. We need to bring all seven billion people to participate in a happy world – a world of peace, freedom, unity, and happiness – through introducing and educating people about True Parents. Only that path will lead you to become proud leaders of Unification Blessed Families. Will all of you do that? Please be determined to bring the victorious vision 2020 earlier than predicted for the year of 2020. I ask you to do that. 

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