The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Present-day Japan exists because of True Parents' forgiveness, love and the grace of the Blessing

Hak Ja Han
October 13 -- 18, 2013
Rallies for the 55th Anniversary of the Unification Church's Mission to Japan

Saitama, October 16, 2013

Distinguished guests, peace ambassadors and loving blessed families and members, would you all give a big hand to our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind to congratulate and thank them for enabling this rally to be convened today?

Saitama, October 16, 2013

I am completely overwhelmed with emotions through this rally commemorating the fifty-fifth anniversary of mission work in Japan. That was a time when diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan had not been normalized yet. However, Father, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind had thought of this day. You must not forget that present-day Japan exists because of True Parents' forgiveness, love and the grace of the Blessing.

Saitama, October 16, 2013

I would like to recognize the distinguished services of our former and present presidents of FFWPU-Japan, elder members, and blessed central families whose committed efforts and dedication has enabled our second-and third-generation members of blessed families to become the hope and light of this country.

Hokkaido, October 14, 2013

The providence, Heaven conducted, prepared and waited over a long period of time for the day True Parents could be sent. If we go back two thousand years ago as of today, Heaven raised the people of Israel through the doctrine of the chosen people. The whole world had to pass through the Roman Empire centered on the Italian peninsula. It was a powerful empire. That was a time when the Israelites had no country. Heaven had promised to send the Messiah to Israel. Heaven kept its promise. Unfortunately, people did not know God's providence and the history of indemnity and failed to see Jesus properly. Heaven had hoped that it becomes an opportunity for the people of Israel, who were then living in miserable circumstances, to overwhelm Rome overnight through the ideology of the Messiah. However, how did the Messiah come? God raised the people of Israel for four thousand years, promising them to send his son which he finally did; however, this very son is welcomed in a manger of all places.

Three sages, three people celebrated Jesus' coming while the people Heaven raised made Jesus die on the cross. How should we regard this? After waiting for four thousand years, can you imagine what God's heart was like? It would be greater than the heart of parents who have lost their child during their earthly life. God is omniscient and omnipotent. His beginning and end are the same. He started the providential history and must see its results. Hence, Christianity was formed through the environment of the Roman Empire. Christianity was actively spread across the European continent. This is how it crossed over to the island country of England. There was a saying in those days that the sun never sets on the British Empire.

Tokyo, October 15, 2013

This is how profound and mysterious God's providence is. However, mankind did not know that they had responsibilities and that indemnity followed them. Heaven then conducted the providence to enter the era in which the Roman Empire could embrace the whole world as one; however, when he lost the era which he had worked so hard to set up, he once more started the providence centered on the maritime realm of the British Empire to embrace the world as one. Unfortunately, what they did made it very difficult for the people involved to raise their heads in front of Heaven. What had happened to Christianity? It became tied up with the privileged class and its system and the people living in this era were blocked from living a true life of faith; however, when the Bible became translated into English, people could finally learn about God's teachings in-depth. A new group, known as Puritans that desired to freely attend God, started rising. With this aspiration, they headed towards the new continent in search of religious freedom. When the Puritans moved to and started settling in the new continent of America around the 1920s, they first built a church where they could attend God. Next, they established a school for their descendants. They then built houses for themselves. This is how much they revered Heaven. Heaven blessed them. Within the short period of 200 years, the United States became a democratic country that can lead the world; it has become a powerful nation. This is how difficult each step God took in his providence to find humanity in a profound and mysterious manner was. That was around the end of World War II. The victorious countries centered on the United States, which was part of the Allied Forces, helped Japan, the defeated country. Why did it help Japan? That was because the Returning Lord, the True Parents had appeared. All countries became one family. Heaven showed it to us by setting up the United States. Unfortunately, people were unaware of the providence or the providence of restoration through indemnity until the very end and could not advance well. The United States wasn't an exception. The United States, which was supposed to attend Heaven, was flowing in a direction of gradual collapse instead. It was then when Rev. Moon embarked for the United States. That was in 1972. As soon as he arrived in the United States, he set off on a speaking tour of the fifty states and declared, "I have come as a doctor because the United States is suffering in illness. I have come as a firefighter to put out the fire that has broken out in American homes." He awakened the United States as he toured and lectured in the fifty states. Through the Puritan spirit, Heaven hoped that the United States would serve God first, embrace the world, and fulfill its responsibilities in front of the Returning Lord. However, they were not aware of this. Despite this, the Providence continues to develop. The development of civilization, which started centered on the Italian peninsula, has finally yielded fruit in Korea, the birthplace of True Parents.

Nagoya, October 18, 2013

However, Japan could be forgiven and blessed through True Parents. Do you understand?

The mother's country, Eve's country... What kind of love is a mother's love? Let us say a child is sick or in pain; can I just say I am the mother and delight in it? Those who are in charge of Japan, those who will lead Japan in the future think that they should depend on one's country; however, that would be going against the providence. A mother should embrace all her children around the world. She should embrace and educate the children, introducing True Father and guiding them into the bosom of Parents. Such a responsibility is a blessing bestowed to Japan by Heaven. As I mentioned before, there is always responsibility in front of blessings. However, if one fails to fulfill one's responsibilities, indemnity would follow. When a chosen people, leaders, and countries failed to fulfill their responsibilities in history, we have observed the kind of indemnity they had to pay. Even if I do not talk about every single example here on stage, I am sure that you all know about it.

Nagano, October 20, 2013

Nagano, October 20, 2013

A place showered with big blessings is not for an individual but one in which the world can become one. In order to do so, we must fulfill all of our responsibilities. The time has come for Japan and Korea to also become one geographically. These are current members of parliament from Malaysia who recently paid a visit to Cheon Jeong Gung. I met thirty members of parliament and told them that the wealth and prosperity enjoyed in Malaysia alone as a country would not last for eternity if the twenty countries in Asia do not all unite. Unity is the only way to survive and to find a method by which aggravating problems such as environmental pollution on earth can be resolved. Japan also faces a lot of problems, right? Once we become one and serve our True Parents whom we must attend, then all problems can be resolved one after the other.

Blessed families and all citizens of Japan, would you become one with True Parents and take the lead in saving Asia and the world?

Kobe, October 22, 2013

You must convey True Parents' teachings in order to achieve it. You must resurrect lives. You must help people get away from the fallen realm. I explained that Foundation Day in 2013 marked the conclusion and completion of the providence of restoration through indemnity and that we have entered the Cheon Il Guk era through which a new history and a new age are being opened centered on our Heavenly Parents. That is right. Heaven will certainly be able to achieve it and succeed.

Please accelerate your efforts and become pioneers and ancestors who reveal Heavenly Parent's glory to all seven billion people not only until 2020 but also until your very last breath. With this, I conclude my message. Thank you. 

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