The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Our dedication and efforts must return glory and joy to Heaven

Hak Ja Han
October 10, 2013
To the Top Gun Workshop
Cheon Jeong Gung

What kind of day is it today? In the beginning, you used your sense of sight and then your sense of taste for the luncheon. What follows next? It is time for you to listen attentively. Did you all enjoy lunch? Do you feel invigorated? To conduct a life in which you must speak a lot is not easy. Am I right? Don't you all speak a lot? I am living every day as if it were a thousand years and as if a thousand years were a day. We made a promise in front of Heaven. Can you truly feel what I am experiencing when I say that a thousand years feel like a day?

Our dedication and efforts must return glory and joy to Heaven and actually establish the day that Heaven can be proud of. As people living on earth, this is the only way you should go. We are in a time when you should fulfill your responsibilities.

I worried a lot for several days. We now have only six years left until the day that we promised to offer to Heaven comes. Hence, we cannot afford to just ascribe our present efforts to trial and error. We must have something practical to show. We must have results. We mast yield fruit. Only by doing so can our descendants feel assured and can we open the way.

I emphasized this in the beginning. When it comes to advancing with the Holy Spirit and the truth, you must clearly be able to help others know about True Parents, which is what humanity and Heaven wish and hope for. This path alone can sort out this complicated present era. Members of Parliament from Malaysia paid a visit to Cheon Jeong Gung and I told them that two countries joining hands for world peace can play a bigger role than one country alone and that three countries can take a bigger role than two countries and so forth.

If the twenty countries in Asia come together under one heart and one will, Asia would be able to embrace the world. However, you need to know about the Divine Principle and the Unification teachings. You need to know about True Parents. There is no other way to resolve religious conflicts, political, territorial and racial problems occurring around the world except by attending True Parents. Attending Parents is the only way.

After World War II, Heaven set up the United States and established democratic sibling countries around the world. The United States was victorious at the end of World War II, together with the Allied Forces. However, it did not enslave Japan, a defeated nation, but helped it instead. It helped Japan develop economically. We can conclude that Japan could have this benefit because of True Parents, because the returning Lord had come.

I will speak about this truth during my upcoming speaking tour of Japan. Uniting under True Parents is the only way that humanity and nations, Korea in particular, can fulfill their responsibilities in front of God's will. Yet, we are the only ones that are aware of this providence. Politicians and Koreans generally are ignorant of this. Hence, we must let them know about it.

Are the forty top gun participants here? Have you all studied hard until now? Did you all read Cheon Seong Gyeong? What did you feel while studying Cheon Seong Gyeong? Did I do a good thing by compiling this scripture or not? If there is anyone who does not understand it, you must be able to explain it to the person properly. If there is anyone who raises an objection, tell the person to read it only three times and no more than that. If that same person still feels nothing even after reading it three times, tell the person to read it ten times. If the person still has objections to Cheon Seong Gyeong after that, the person can voice them. You will never be able to imagine the hidden painful content I had to go through after Father's ascension. The returning Lord, True Parents... You may not be aware of it, but your descendants after hundreds or thousands of years will consider you as their ancestor that worked with True Parents. If you receive judgment, how shameful and sorrowful would that be in front of Heaven?

I am saving you. You must understand that. However, that does not mean that you are completely qualified. What kind of history can I, as an individual that breathed and lived with True Parents in this age, pass on to my descendants? Can you be compared to Jesus's twelve Apostles of the past? What would happen if we cannot fulfill our responsibilities? Two thousand years ago, the chosen people of Israel received indelible, great indemnity when they crucified Jesus. What happened as a result?

Even now, Jews and Judaism still do not know why six million Jews became victims of attempted genocide. On the other hand, we could study a lot more about history and could listen to it and understand. However, when it comes to the problem of responsibility, your physical desires push you to find the easier way. Education for top gun second-generation leaders this time aims at restraining the body and giving it a hard time in order for it to unite with the mind. Only when the body and mind become united, can unity under one goal be achieved regardless of rank or position.

As we all advance toward the goal and 2020, let us all join hands and become one bullet that shoots through the target. We must he victorious. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you understand top gun participants? You are one. You may be different in age from one another, but you are all one. That is what I am educating you about. When you conduct your missions in the future, instead of a top-down focus, you must be able to horizontally become one and then head together toward one goal.

Only by doing so can the center be erected. It will not work if we keep saying that only Korea is God's fatherland and a providential country. We must create an environment. Am I right?

The global providence is important. Saying that this much time has passed and just assuming that things will work out under the goal we have will not work.

Originally, if we had grown up within the realm God had created absent the Fall, everything would have been easier. However, our bodies and minds have been stained within the fallen realm. For the mind to do as it wishes is practically difficult.

This also applies to second-generation members. Your first- generation parents followed the providential way, suffering much in the process. You cannot fulfill your responsibilities if you only try to use some of your ability to live and eat well within a fence. You, who are living in this era, must all run toward one goal. You must not become bystanders.

Hence it is my hope today that the Korean church, the Korean headquarters, moves with the Holy Spirit and the truth night and day.

The Korean -- Japanese relationship is presently in a very delicate state. Asia and the United States are each going through some delicate phase too. However, I any embarking on a speaking tour in Japan because I promised to do so. Please pray a lot for this tour. 

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