The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Your only path is to accomplish your portion of responsibility

Hak Ja Han
October 10, 2013
HC 9.6 Cheon Jeong Gung
Unofficial translation: Katsumi Kambashi

True Mother held the luncheon inviting approximately 120 leaders such as the senior members and regional directors of FFWPU Korea, and participants of Top Gun Workshop. Prior to the gathering, all participants had paid respects to True Father at Bon Hyang Won.

During the luncheon, True Mother announced the personnel changes as follows:

Rev. Chang Shik Yang -- UPF International Chairman

Rev. Yeop Joo Hwang -- Vice president of the World Mission Center

Rev. Keong Seok Yoo -- President of FFWPU Korea

Rev. Kyu Sam Lee -- Vice president and secretary general of FFWPU Korea

Below is the summary of True Mother's message given during the meeting.

"Everyone, are you living a day as if you were living a thousand years and a living a thousand years as if you were living a day? The reason why I gathered you here today is because I had made a promise before Heaven. Do you realize that for me a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day? Our Jeong Seong and efforts must substantially offer honor, joy and pride towards Heaven. That is the only path for you who live on earth to accomplish your portion of responsibility, and it is time for you to do that.

We have only less than six years before our promised year 2020. But what we are currently doing won't be enough for that sake. We need to substantially show. We must gain results. Our activities should bear fruit. Then our descendants could feel safe and live in such an environment. As I said, in order to educate people with God's spirit and the truth, you should be able to explain who True Parents are. Each and every person of this country should know True Parents. True Parents are the hope of humankind and Heaven, only with whom everything will be in control in this age of complex.

Right after the World War II, Heaven hoped that all the countries in the world would become brothers centering on the United States. Therefore, the US, a victorious country, helped Japan, a defeated one. As a consequence and due to True Parents, it was possible that Japan became a country like it is now. Only when humankind and country become united with True Parents, they will be saved, and especially Korea, who has its providential responsibility. Only we know that path, and that's why we need to let people know it. For that sake, what should you do?

40 participants of Top Gun workshop came here, did they? Have you studied hard so far? Have you read the Cheon Seong Gyeong? What did you feel while studying it? The purpose of educating 2nd Gen Top Gun is to strike the body and let it be united with mind. In the position where mind and body is united, you can be united with others regardless how high or low your position is. Heading towards Vision 2020, we must become like one bullet and penetrate the target. We should obtain victory.

From now on, with the regards to your work, you should go towards the same goal being united horizontally rather than vertically. Then, you can stand at the center, and create the environment. If one had been raised in the original atmosphere of creation, it could have been easy, but due to the fall, in reality it is difficult for our mind and body to be united centered on one goal. 2nd gen, by exercising their ability, must complete the providence for which 1st gen had suffered hardships. You shouldn't become bystanders. You, who are living in this time of history, need to dash for one goal. 

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