The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

True Parents are the solution to all humanity's problems

Hak Ja Han
October 9, 20136
Cheong Jeong Gung
To Malaysian Members of Parliament

Humanity's hope is also the hope of our Heavenly Parent. All throughout history, mankind strived for a world of peace that has no conflicts. Yet, this has been difficult to realize. A world of peace, cannot be achieved only by one person's or one nation's efforts.

The path to unity between brothers and sisters around the world can be made only if the True Parents, the root of humanity, substantially come. True Parents are the solution to all humanity's problems. However, why did their coming take this long? In order to understand this, you need to spend some time studying the Principle of the Family Federation for World Peace.

What I can confidently say is that True Parents have substantially come after six thousand years. I believe that you will awaken if in the future you study history and the Principle.

I understand that there are twenty countries in Asia. However, they cannot all become one through just the efforts of one nation. When one country joins hands with another and becomes two, their power also becomes stronger. This power greatly increases when three, four, five or more countries come together. The more we come together, the more thoroughly we can create the environment.

That is why I invited you here today. I would like to say to you all on this occasion is that it is necessary for you to learn the teachings of the Unification Church, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, which is leading the world providence with the Holy Spirit and the truth, in order to become national leaders that can lead Asia from the forefront.

A hundred years ago, a great poet from India, Rabindranath Tagore,' wrote about Korea, "And the lamp is waiting to be lighted once more for the illumination in the East."

However, he wrote this poem at a time when Koreans had no country. Light refers to the truth and this indicates that it is a country to which the true owner can come. Thank you. 

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