The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

October is the month of liberation and hope

Hak Ja Han
October 1, 2013
Cheon Jeong Gung
Hoon Dok Hae

October is the month of liberation and hope. Today is the first day of October. We should be able to proudly report each day of our lives in front of Heaven. I report my daily life to Heaven in the same manner. Before I begin to do something, I report it first. I say I am about to start something for this or that reason, please bestow on me the wisdom to do so. I am a mother. A mother does not take the side of only one son. Do you know that? This is common knowledge in the world. You are indeed deeply blessed. Being able to meet me alone shows how blessed you are. You must grow. Aju!

We receive 200 percent of necessary nutrients for the body and soul through Hoon Dok Hae. Am I right? Doesn't it invigorate you? We should not keep it to ourselves; we should be able to disseminate it. After doing Hoon Dok Hae, your day must be one of sharing. Your life should be able to bring new life to others. You must be able to yield fruit. Having worship services that transcend religion is good. You must clearly teach people that they must attend True Parents and advance. All religions, ideological groups or institutions have great people, but all of them are advancing towards one goal, which is to attend True Parents. There cannot be many religions in one world of peace, a united world. We must attend only True Parents. You must push forward in this manner. You must speak out in this manner. You must teach that this is the only way to have true freedom and peaceful unification.

You have probably heard about second-generation leaders being educated down the hill just now. This education is essential for this age. All first-generation and second-generation educators must become one. We must become one and the tribe, people and nation of an individual must be united. We are living in an age of equality. No matter what position you may be holding now, your hearts should all be ready to unite.

Do you know that True Father chose the United States instead of Korea in order to achieve global restoration? That is why he worked hard in the United States for thirty-four years. This was because human civilization throughout the world was influenced by Christianity. In addition, the United States of America was founded based on the great Christian spirit of Puritans and the Pilgrim Fathers to worship God. That is why Heaven held them and set them up. Today, the United States leads the world despite its short two hundred years history.

In those days, they lacked the ship technology we possess today. Hence, you can imagine their hearts, risking their lives in order to find freedom of religion on a new continent. Even though food ran low onboard the ship, the Pilgrims kept some seeds aside thinking of the future after they landed. Upon landing, the first thing they did was build a church where they could serve God and a school through which they could educate their descendants. It was only after they finished constructing these that they built their own houses. Heaven regarded their effort as precious, cherishing and embracing the United States in love as he set it up as a nation. The United States was supposed to embrace the world, but was falling ill. Hence, True Father went on a speaking tour of all fifty states in the early days of our church. In his speeches, he said he had come as a doctor because America had become ill. He said that America was on fire, suffering indescribable pain at seeing its youth wasted through involvement with drugs and that he had therefore come as a firefighter. He aimed his efforts at saving the United States.

Why was True Father trying to save America? It was because he had come as the True Parents and had to embrace the world. In addition, the era prepared to welcome the Messiah had been ushered in, but all countries were unaware of it. We are not siblings meant to fight with one another. Don't we have to meet the parents, whom we have awaited for six thousand years to attend in true love? Don't you have to unite once you listen to your parents' teachings? The United States was the nation that played an intercessory role.

After 1975, True Father dispatched missionaries to the world from three nations including the United States, Europe, with the majority from Germany, and Japan. While dispatching missionaries, Father also educated leader-types that would lead the United States. It was then that Father first called the group "top gun." This group might today be called an elite unit, a group that educated key figures. Those in this group are in their sixties or seventies now. Some participants are in their eighties now. Unfortunately, the second-generation realm that is to carry on this tradition is weak. That is regrettable. What should we do about it? If I also give up, your future will end up being miserable too. We will not live for eternity anyway. The spiritual world is our hometown. Earthly life is a time when we should equip ourselves with all the conditions needed to go to our hometown. However, we seem incapable of being part of the center, even on earth and are too self-absorbed.

True Mother with Korean and Japanese leaders at the end of her October 2013 tour of Japan

You must all become devoted sons or daughters of True Parents at all costs. Do you understand? You should also unite with your brothers and sisters through true love. Don't parents actually worry more about a half-witted child? Aren't they more concerned about that one? They worry more about the less capable child than the capable one. You have all raised children. You all probably relate to this heart. Please do not justify fights in the name of True Parents in front of us. Have a greater heart. If you could set up your brothers and sisters, give them opportunities, our foundation, our assets would grow. People are also assets. The deep connection that closely binds us as a true family centered on True Parents is something none but us have.

This deep connection has formed for the first time after six thousand years. We should be able to show that proudly in our lives. How much have you proudly showed it off? If True Parents are removed from the church, the school or the institutions, they do not have any existence anymore. One most precious treasure that others -- society, other organizations, the government -- does not have is True Parents. You are True Parents' children. Once this era passes, those in the next era will greatly envy you. How great everything becomes will depend on how wide, deep and high an environment you create centered on God's will. Do you understand?

We must be able to follow the good points of our brothers and sisters. Don't we all have one goal -- one world, a unified world under God, under our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of I leaven, Earth and Humankind? Do you understand? As we look ahead to 2020, don't you think it is time for us to oil our efforts even more? Don't you think we should accelerate our efforts? How can we achieve what we could not do for forty years within the remaining six years? We should work on creating an environment and do so with more effort than the president or government of your country. We have immense spiritual power. Don't you feel it? You must become people that can feel it.

That is why I am training second-generation top guns. Father did the same. After he made the determination to follow this path, Father made the goal to have complete control over himself before desiring to rule the cosmos. You are all familiar with Father's personality. Imagine how hot-blooded he would have been when he was young. This shows us how much Father had to restrain himself for the liberation of God, the salvation of humanity and the providence of restoration through indemnity.

Some leaders are also here. Do not be conceited for having high positions. You must be able to look down and look to the side. From this perspective, I am once more making the preparations needed to equip ourselves. The time for us to practice the faith by which we were loyal to Heaven and a life of living for the sake of others through true love has come. This is how you can gain moral excellence for your children and for your descendants. True Parents have been living in this manner. Why can't we follow them as children? When it comes to the whole, you must all become one in front of the will that everyone desires accomplished, no matter how high or low your positions are. Only by doing that can all discontent and complaints disappear, and our neighborhood, society and world become happy and free. Do you understand?

You may face difficulties at this very moment, but I would like to ask you to think bigger. Please think big. We have waited for True Parents for six thousand years. One year has passed since Father ascended; you must be able to live a life clearly testifying about True Parents.

I can also go to the spiritual world at any time. Think of how pitiful mankind, which comprises more than seven billion people, is. They live in the same age as True Parents, yet they do not know them and live in difficulty, wandering around without hope. These people are your brothers and sisters. Do you understand?

Show pride and dignity of being True Parents' children to those closest to you first. Dignity... Instead of feeling proud about eating well and wearing good clothes, we should be proud of having the most precious and the best gems among all true gems. Though you have this most precious gem, you have not been proud of it. Don't you all like gems? Do you understand? You must witness hard. You must make sure that every person without exception in your neighborhood knows about True Parents. You must be able to show it.

Leaders are important, but it is also important that each of you and your families make the determination to achieve everything within this generation. I hope that today is the day you and your families push forward and make this determination. 

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