The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

October is the month of liberation and hope

Hak Ja Han
October 1, 2013
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheong Jeong Gung HC 8.27
Translator: Katsumi Kambashi
From the web site of FFWPU Korea

Note: The following information is the translation of the news posted on FFWPU Korea web site. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

"October is the month of liberation and hope, isn't it? Today is the first day of October. Our daily life should be a life that we can proudly report in front of Heaven. I am always reporting to Heaven and that is my life. When I plan to do something, I report it to Heaven first, saying 'I am going to do this because of this and that reason. Please give me wisdom.'

I am a mother, who won't be partial to one child. You know it, do you? Everybody knows it. You are really blessed. You are really fortunate people simply because you could meet me. You should grow big!

Through Hoon Dok, you will spiritually and physically receive 200% nutrition. You shouldn't hold it only within you. You should multiply it. Your daily Hoon Dok must be followed by a life of sharing. A new life needs to be resurrected through you. You should bring a harvest. You should make it bear fruit.

It is good to have the Sunday service teaching going beyond religious thought. You should teach clearly that one needs to live attending True Parents. All religions and ideologies, even there are magnificent people who advocate them, have the same goal, which is to attend True Parents. There should not be various religions in the world of peace and unification. Everyone needs to do is to attend True Parents. You need to educate people that way. You need to educate them that this is the way for them to realize the world of freedom, peace and unification.

You have heard that the education has been going on with 2nd gen Top Guns, haven't you? This education is very important in this time period. All 1st and 2nd gens who are in charge of education must be united. We need to become one, and then we need to be united with our tribe, race and nation. No matter what kind of position you have, you should have the attitude in your heart that you can become united.

You know Father chose the US, not Korea, for the restoration of the whole world. That's why Father worked hard for 34 years in the US. Christian civilization dominates the world, and the US is the nation which was established by the Puritans, Pilgrim Fathers, who worshiped God. That's why Heaven established the US through them. Within a brief period of 200 years, the US came to be in the positon to lead the world. They didn't have the kind of boat that we have nowadays. They were determined to risk their lives for the sake of religious freedom. They did save seeds for the future even though they didn't have anything left to eat on the boat. After they landed, first they built the church where they could worship God, and then they built the schools where they could educate their descendants. Only after doing that, did they build their own houses. Heaven considered these points very precious.

The US, which God established and embraced in love, was in the position to embrace the whole world, but it became sick. That's why Father, while visiting 50 states, said during his speech that he came to the US like a doctor or firefighter to save the young people who were addicted to drugs. He wanted to save the US.

In saving the US, what did he plan to do? He needed to embrace the whole world. True Parents came on earth but the nations in the world didn't know it. They are not brothers who can fight against each other. True Parents came after a history of 6,000 years, and they must meet True Parents. They must be united with True Parents, listening to their words. It was the US that had such a role as mediator.

So Father sent out American, German and Japanese missionaries to the world starting from 1975 and educated leaders in the US calling them Top Guns. They were an elite contingent and central figures at that time. They are now 60, 70 and 80 years old but it is regrettable that the foundation of 2nd gens who are supposed to succeed them is weak. What should we do? If I give up, your future will be miserable, won' it? It would take long time without me. I am always saying this: You have worked so hard following Father and the time you have from now on is shorter than the time you spent up to now. How will your life come to fruition? How will you conclude your life on earth? We won't live eternally on earth. The spirit world is our original homeland. It is the life on earth in which we need to provide all the conditions to live well in the spirit world, but we ended up being extremely self-willed.

In front of True Parents, you should become filial sons and daughters without insisting on any conditions, and you should be united in true love with brothers and sisters. Parents are more worried about incapable children, aren't they? They are worried about such children more than excellent ones. I think you understand this and have the same feeling since all of you have raised children.

Don't fight in front of (True) parents using the name of True Parents. By giving more opportunities to others with the heart of living for the sake of others, our foundation and assets become bigger. Human resources are also our assets. We are stickily tied as True Family centered on True Parents, which no other people can have.

This is the relationship that appeared after 6,000 years had passed. You need to lead your life being proud of this tie, don't you? How much have you been proud of it? If you omit your relationship with True Parents, your existence at the church, school or workplace becomes meaningless. The fact that you are children of True Parents makes you different from other institutes or government in society. After this time in history passes, later generations will feel envious about you. How much you can widen, deepen, and raise your environment centering on God's will will decide the fortune of the whole. Do you understand?

Model yourself after the brothers and sisters who are doing well. Our goal is one, which is to establish one unified world centering on God and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Do you understand? For the sake of Vision 2020, don't you think we have to speed up what we are trying to do so that we can do within the next six years what we couldn't have done in the 40 years before?

Do you feel that we are with the tremendous power of the spirit world? You should be able to feel it. That's why I am training now 2nd gen Top Guns. As you know, Father said that after he was determined to live for God's will, he wanted to reach individual perfection controlling himself before desiring to dominate the universe. You know Father's character, right? How hot-blooded he was when he was young! I mean he suppressed himself for the sake of the salvation of humankind and the liberation of God in the history of restoration through indemnity.

I know leaders are here today. Don't be proud of yourself since you are in the leaders' position. You should be able to see below and at your sides. In that sense, I am preparing myself to put things in order again. It is time to have the right faith and loyalty towards Heaven, to lead a life of true love living for the sake of others, put our teachings into practice, and become models. That is the way to accumulate your merits for your descendants, credits for later generations. (True) parents have lived such a life. As children, why can't you follow it? You should be able to be united regardless of your position, for the sake of the whole and God's will. Then you won't have complaints and can make your neighbors, society, and the world happy. Do you understand? Therefore, even though you have some difficulties, please think big. Have a bigger picture.

It is True Parents that humankind had waited for 6,000 years. One year has passed after Father's Seonghwa, and you should have activities that you can clearly show to (True) parents. I don't know how long I will live. There are more than 7 billion miserable people. Do you know that they are your brothers and sisters who are living in the same period with True Parents but don't know it, living a hard life wandering without hope?

Have dignity as children of True Parents. Show that dignity. I am not saying you should wear good clothes or eat good foods. You need to understand that you have the most precious jewelry. What would happen if you aren't proud of it? Everybody likes jewelry. You should work hard for witnessing. There shouldn't be any neighbors who don't know True Parents. Leaders are important but each one of you needs to be determined with your family to realize God's will during your generation. I hope you start today with such commitment." 

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