The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

I hope that all of you become historic figures

Hak Ja Han
September 23, 2013
The opening ceremony of the Top Gun Workshop for especially dedicated members
Cheon Jeong Gung (8.19 HC)

I have called you all here in order to honor Father's will. I hope that all of those in this era, all of you who have lived with me in this era, become historic figures. Let us look at Joshua and Caleb. Were they the only ones that went out exploring? Twelve people had been assigned that task. What happened to the other ten?

They were not remembered through history. Only Joshua and Caleb remained. I have called you all, proud members of the second-generation realm who have inherited one hundred percent of True Parents' tradition, with the heart and hope that you become central figures of this age.

All of you are conducting public lives. Is that right? For this reason, I cannot keep you here for too long. That is why the workshop has been set for twenty-one days. Some of you might have to do even forty days. The reason Chung Pyung is an ideal site is because it is the only place that you can empty yourselves and achieve unity with Heaven. I wanted to give you the opportunity to rearm yourselves with the Principle, listen to new lectures on True Parents' course and become spiritually brighter, by yourselves.

As Father embraced God's will, youthful passion was an aspect about which he was careful. That is why he set up the goal to perfect dominion over himself before wishing for dominion over the universe. You have probably heard from Father himself regarding how he would pray for hours, denying his body after setting up this goal. Right? This applies to you, too. I am not going to hit your bodies, but I hope that you realize that yourselves. I am asking you to train yourselves and to reach body -- mind unity.

After accepting God's will at the young age of seventeen, Father's course as he pioneered the way was an indescribable one, filled with blood, sweat and tears, a course in which his life was always at risk. He could not comfortably rest for even a day or a moment and could not eat properly until he turned forty. He threw away everything and followed the one path to realize God's will even under such circumstances.

The 1960 Holy Wedding marked the start of True Parents' providential course. Can you imagine that one moment when True Father, who knew everything, had to end the entire indescribable course True Parents had followed without yet having proclaimed Foundation Day in 2013? Do you realize that he had no other choice but to trust us with everything and go to the spiritual world? If you were alone, you might invest moderate efforts. However, you have children; you have descendants.' I hope you can all experience what True Parents felt.

It is faster to solve issues that arise with your children when you take charge of the problem yourself. However, it takes time if you try to find a solution through someone else. You must understand how precious this very moment, this very time, is.

I also like Joshua and Caleb. They were both descendants of noble families. They were loyal to Heaven for over eighty years. Caleb, from his perspective, lacked nothing. Yet, he united with Joshua. Instead of bragging about himself, he elevated Joshua first. This restored the Cain -- Abel relationship and formed the foundation that enabled the Messiah to come to earth amidst the Israelites.

I have been thinking a lot about our leaders these days, and I feel that a culture by which leaders can love and brag about each other hasn't been established. We must be able to love and take care of each other more than any other external groups, because we are True Parents' children. We must be completely different. However, we are weak in this respect. I pondered on the cause.

I want to create new environments through you from now on. Do not seek only to get higher positions, but try to live for each other's sakes, nurture each other and he proud of each other. If you can do that, everyone can grow. On the other hand, no development awaits an individual or a group that is self- or group-centered and thinks of itself as being well-off and the best. You must understand this. As you followed the Unification Church, some people have had to leave for particular reasons, but even those people that had to leave the church all say they love Parents. However, some people say that they left the church because of a particular member. This is a point you must correct. You are children who should resemble the parents. Yet, if you leave for self-centered reasons and live for yourselves, you will shrink and become smaller. On the other hand, if you live for the sake of others, you grow and develop. Which would you chose?

You must ensure that no one suffers pain because of you. As people who save lives, you must not kill any lives. I am talking about people now. You should embrace all siblings, members -- all people; ensure that no one leaves the Unification Church because of you.

You must do everything you can to set this people, this nation, in front of Heaven and restore the world. Right? The center must stand firm. If you can accomplish that, how proud an accomplishment would that be? However, this cannot be realized with only one person. It can be achieved only if you join hands and accomplish twice, three times, four times, ten times or one hundred times more that you have.

You should never forget how important the age we are living in is and who enabled you to live such a life. True Parents enabled you to have such a life.

In 1975, True Father chose missionaries from the United States, Germany and Japan and dispatched them across the world. The global mission history itself is reaching its fortieth year already. Global missions... The Japanese mission is almost fifty-five years old. Only a few have remained until now, but it is also true that they are making great contributions. True Father, centered on the United States, created then what we can call today an elite troop. He gave it a special name, educated the members of the group and gave them responsibilities, but they did not fulfill all their responsibilities. Have you ever heard of the term "Top Gun?" Will you become the Top Guns of the new providential era? [Applause] 

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