The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Practice True Parents' way

Hak Ja Han
September 4, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Translation: Ki Hoon Kim
Notes: Michael Jenkins, edited by Margaret Herbers

Note: (These notes were taken from summary live translation into English from Korea. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on True Mother's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of her message.)

How many attended the 1st Anniversary of True Father's Seunghwa in Korea? True Mother created a wonderful summary video of the 1st Anniversary. When prominent people from around the world and Korea saw the Seunghwa program they were deeply moved and came to a much deeper understanding of True Parents and the great accomplishments True Father made. If you share this video with new people they can also be inspired and change.

Last week Dr. Peter Kim and Dr. Dong Moon Joo were found innocent in the Korean Supreme court decision. One former Judge told some of our leaders, that "you must really thank True Mother for this reversal. Due to the 1st anniversary program in memory of the Seunghwa of Father Moon the atmosphere in Korea changed. True Mother brought a victory through the first anniversary that is changing people's understanding."

During the anniversary program many articles were written throughout Korea about True Father's life and accomplishments. Not one article was negative and they showed the work of True Parents. Everything was positive and decision makers and prominent people from every corner of Korean society was interested. Many of the top people who have been supporting and working with True Parents for a long time really deeply understood True Mother and the victory that True Parents achieved in bringing the family and the Korean nation and the world toward peace and closer to God. Cham Abonim, True Father is working so powerfully so that True Father and True Mother could initiate this great turning point through the Seunghwa anniversary. This really inspired the whole Korea nation and the high ranking people of influence including the judges. They could understand that facts about our True Parents.

Recently one member of the Korean Parliament was exposed to have close ties to the North and has now been arrested for plotting a revolt or rebellion in South Korea in favor of the North. He was promoting a very far left and even procommunist viewpoint continually. It was exposed that he was influencing Korean society in the wrong way.

He was constantly talking about the impending war between North and South Korea. One thing from this did come out – that the North has something beyond weapons, a strong internal education to make the people committed to North Korea. Whereas the South has a very weak internal education toward patriotism. Through the Seunghwa people could learn about True Father's work. The people could see that True Father has been working on a peaceful reunification of North and South Korea for several decades and not only that –he has continually initiated programs to support peace in every part of the world – and those programs continue and are growing. They saw the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge and Tunnel to help foster good relations between Russia and America, and Global peace activities and continuous good work between North and South Korea.

The key thing for all of us is that we must fulfill our portion of responsibility as tribal messiahs. This will change the atmosphere 180 degrees. This creates a victorious foundation. In Japan they created 3,000 in a core witnessing foundation. In Korea there's a huge effort for witnessing. How about the United States? (Yes.) Yes is not enough. We must have a substantial foundation.

Think about True Parents and all humanity. In front of True Parents all humankind is one family. There are no barriers or boundaries in True Parents mind and heart toward any people on earth. America's responsibility as elder son is very important in front of all humanity, to bring them all to True parents. But how have we carried our responsibility until today as the elder son? We were raised by True Parents and True Parents invested in our nation as the elder son. Therefore, we must have the heart and attitude that on behalf of True Parents we have to take care of brothers and sisters all over the world.

We should practice True Parents' way with this kind of spirit. We should establish this kind of foundation. Recently True Mother met all the tribal messiahs who witnessed to 12 people or more in 40 days. One family member had witnessed to 80 people, another to 120 in just 40 days. Do we have that kind of spirit in America?

When we look at the memorial to Father after the first year, True Father's Seunghwa really has brought a transformation in Korea and has brought a new spirit among our worldwide foundation. Many 2nd gen from Japan organized and did a very special bicycling condition. They rode from 20 days from the northernmost part of Japan to the southern tip of Japan, and then went to Korea and rode their bicycles all the way to Pusan and then up to Imjingak, in incredible heat. They turned brown in the sun, riding to the 38th parallel for a final rally.

This is a great occurrence in the heart and spirit of True Parents, to bring North and South Korea together as one. With this spirit they rode their bikes to the 38th parallel and proclaimed that peaceful unification between north and south will come through True Parents. They brought a great spirit to the work of bringing North and South together peacefully. On the finish line also Hyo Jin Nim's son rode with them and completed the course.

I'm sharing this story because spirit world is watching all of us all the time. Before I left, Hyo Jin appeared to me saying, "True Mother, I am with True Father now. True Father and I are coming with you, Mother, to America to support you."

True Mother invited all the tribal messiahs who had witnessed to 12 or more people. She was able to meet 1,200 tribal messiahs who fulfilled this condition. We all understand God's ideal of creation. Because the Heavenly Parent lost Adam and Eve due to the Fall, Heavenly Parent has been in the loneliest position in the universe. The Fall means that the blood lineage was transformed. All humanity has been under this condition of the false blood lineage. We cannot move forward as human beings toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents without changing the blood lineage. With satanic blood lineage, we can never become one with Heavenly Parent. We must make a certain condition to overcome this situation. Fallen humanity doesn't know how to overcome the satanic blood lineage and the fact that Satan has a claim on us.

Think about the Israelites and their history. Here were the chosen people but at the most critical moment, even though they could fulfill as saints and sages and carry out 4,000 years of history, they missed the most important moment that they had been prepared for. Now we are 2,000 years later and once again are meeting the messiah. Two thousand years ago the prepared chosen nation missed Jesus.

God sent his only begotten son. If Israel had united, a nation for God would have been created that would have become the foundation that could win over Rome and then go to the world. If they could have united as one centering on Jesus, God's nation would have been established and the foundation would have been created for Cheon Il Guk to spread throughout the world. Rome and Israel were prepared but they missed their appointed hour.

What is the outcome of their missing their historic moment? Because of their disbelief they couldn't fulfill the providential will of heaven for Israel and Jesus. Think how much they have suffered since that time.

We have to realize that if we don't liberate and bless our ancestors as Father instructed us, they will still be trapped in the darkness and not be free. Also, we will not be protected because they can't support us without the liberation and blessing. Many difficulties that we have on earth, many spiritual attacks and physical problems, disease, accidents or other traumas or challenges such as divisions between families can be stopped and we can be protected by the intervention of our good ancestors after they have been liberated and blessed. When they are liberated and blessed then these 210 generations become the brightest light in heaven, and that light is expanding rapidly.

We have many problems because we didn't fulfill our responsibility to liberate and bless our 210 generations of our ancestors. We are in such a blessed position. If we fulfill our responsibility so many things will change. The physical world and spirit world can be transformed very rapidly if we understand how to fulfill our portion of responsibility.

In the Divine Principle the most important aspect of education is on the teaching of indemnity. Understanding indemnity condition is very important for us to fulfill our responsibility. The way we have to fulfill our portion of responsibility is to make certain indemnity conditions. Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, we have the satanic world. We have 7 billion people on earth but we see that 7 billion people are in great agony and suffering. But God's agony and suffering and struggle is the greatest of all because he loves all his children.

Everywhere God was surrounded by the agony and suffering of the 7 billion people. From Heavenly Parent's point of view, it wasn't until True Parents could fulfill their portion of responsibility that God could be liberated from his agony and suffering, and now through True Parents all humanity can be liberated and blessed and the condition of the satanic blood lineage can be overcome. Because of True Parents God has been liberated and freed to be able to stand as our original God and been released from the shackles of the unchanging agony of people under Satan's dominion.

Now through the Blessing all humanity can be liberated from that satanic blood lineage and stand in relationship to God. We become blessed children through True Parents. We can make a blessed family through True Parents. Through True Parents we can make a true blessed family and we can become true blessed children ourselves. Then our ancestors are liberated and blessed through us and they become blessed families in the spirit world.

However, if we don't fulfill our portion of responsibility we cannot have this kind of blessing centering on True Parents. So the conclusion is, at the first anniversary of the Seonghwa there were so many events that educated people about True Father's life and works. The top leaders of the world and of Korea, as well as VIPs, are changing their attitude toward True Parents.

Think about what it can be like if we completely give our lives and unite with True Parents for one year and make the proper indemnity conditions. Then America could be completely changed in one year. Think about America. As American families we have a great debt to True Parents and to Korea. What shall we do? We must determine to be more sincere and more caring and loving, working to fulfill our portion of responsibility. We should have the spirit to work 10 times, 100 times harder than the Korean family in witnessing.

Our mission: we must awaken ourselves, and by following True Parents' way and blessing our ancestors we can make the spirit world filled with light and the power of God can transform the entire world. I brought a great message from True Parents through the video shown at the Seonghwa. Please show it on Sunday. I just had to see you as True Parents.

What did True Mother do first? First, she took the most important thing, which is True Father's words. Did you all see the new release of the Cheon Seong Gyeong? True Mother polished and published True Father's words. This includes the 700 volumes of Father's speeches.

But the most important thing, the first version of Cheon Seong Gyeong did not contain Father's words from 2001 to 2013. The newer version has everything. Also, because of the urgency to publish the Cheong Seong Gyeong the first time, it was not well edited. When it was translated to English and many other languages, it became less and less precise. Now it is being translated directly from Father's original speeches and is done with great care. Many professors, elders, key leaders worked diligently to prepare the new version.

Think of the last 2,000 years in which we had the Bible. Now with True Parents we have the path to Cheon Il Guk and the foundation that True Father has given us is his word. There are three core books now that are the summary of Father's words: Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong – or the Peace Messages – and the third will be Champumo Gyeong, or True Parents Gyeong. Through these three books we can become one with True Parents.

Think about the importance of Father's words and how much you are studying and reading and learning and practicing Father's words. By becoming one with Father's words we can fulfill our responsibility.

We have to realize how important spirit world is. Because of the Fall of man the spirit world has been in total darkness, literally speaking with no light. There was light only in a small area where God was. In essence, Heavenly Parent was surrounded by darkness. That small area where God resided was pure white. We have to realize how much Dae Mo Nim and True Parents' activity has worked to liberate our lonely Heavenly Parent.

True Parents and Dae Mo Nim liberated God by opening the way for God's heart to be comforted. You've heard about the liberation of our ancestors. This is our portion of responsibility. Through the course of liberating and blessing our ancestors, they become absolute good spirits, filled with light. This light is shining brightly in the spirit world and is multiplying and expanding. If we don't fulfill the direction Father gave for each of us to liberate our ancestors and bless 210 generations, then you will not be protected in the same way. However, if you bless 210 generations, you will be protected in a special way by your ancestors.

Archbishop Kim then led us to the final Kyung-bae and then he led cheers of Ok Mansei!! 

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