The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

No greater blessing exists than to have lived with True Father

Hak Ja Han
August 31, 2013
HC 7.25
To members who successfully carried out Vision 2020

True Parents at an outdoor service in 1976.

I know you have all worked hard until now. Thank you. However, we have a special mission. We are fortunate, out of all the people, to have lived with True Father and to be able to live as blessed families attending True Parents. In relation to the future, no greater blessing exists. Our Heavenly Parent has certainly given us a large blessing. Isn't that right? [Yes! l

We received an unprecedented blessing. In light of that, how should we live? We learn many different things through history. We made different decisions about how to conduct our lives based on True Father's deeds and the many teachings he gave to us.

Please think for a moment about how God started the Creation with the formation of heaven and earth and concluded it hopefully with the conception of Adam and Eve. He expressed his happiness and then rested. Adam and Eve were God's hope for the future. They were supposed to grow well and become God's body. You know that. In the end, they were supposed to become humanity's True Parents. What happened?

Adam and Eve were meant to treat absolute faith, love and obedience as the most precious aspects of life, as should we, but they failed to act in that manner. That is why they ended up forming the fallen world. As a result, God ended up living in loneliness instead of living in his almightiness. The Bible mentions that human history is six thousand years old. How many people do you think lived in this fallen world before going to the spiritual world throughout those six thousand years? The spiritual world, where God dwells, is a painful place…

How did Father describe God? He described God as a lonely God, a resentful God. Fortunately, True Parents could liberate and completely free God by fulfilling their responsibilities. God obtained freedom through True Parents. However, there is one more point you need to consider. People who live in the satanic world end up not knowing God or understanding the providence. Are spirits white or black? Until now, the spiritual world was completely in the dark. However, the Unification Church and the spiritual intervention in Chung Pyung have enabled the spiritual world, which was in the dark, to come into the light.

I would like you to consider this: Do you think the spiritual world, which is in the dark, would brighten at once now that Father has gone to the spiritual world? You must make an environment for Father. Do you understand?

I can say that the period until the first anniversary of Father's ascension was one through which True Father made the necessary preparation to conduct activities freely in all aspects of the entire spiritual world. Through the spiritual intervention at Chung Pyung and Dae Mo Nim's intervention, they have been able to brighten the spiritual world, which was in the dark, by liberating ancestors. Is that correct? [Yes]

True Father has gone. What should we do to help Father more freely and widely intervene on earth with a thousand-fold greater effect of God-like phenomena? You must liberate all of your ancestors. As for those who have been witnessed to.... Today, we have specifically brought to life 1,200 new spiritual children. You must educate them and help them liberate all their ancestors. Only by doing that will the dark spiritual world became brighter. Do you understand? [Applause]

Just as Dr. [Chang Shik] Yang reported, once the first anniversary of Father's ascension was completed, secular society took our side in cases that had brought us great anxiety, ones that secular society had not been able to understand. When you advance in unity with True Parents, the entire spiritual world will be with you. This is what our Heavenly Parent and True Parents were hoping for.

It is also your present responsibility and mission to create an environment. Do you understand? [Yes] We must be able to expand the environment by tens or hundreds of times by the second anniversary, next year. By doing that, those in the spiritual world can give us greater support. Let us all become dedicated and loyal children that can fulfill our responsibilities at all costs by 2020.

In all the areas I look into, you have certainly received many blessings. However, when dwelling on ways to thank and repay Heaven for the precious things we have received, sleep would not easily come to us. Think about this. It was the Bible that led Christianity throughout its two-thousand-year history. Once the Bible was translated into English, it was used to witness to the world. However, it took a long time to translate the Bible. It has been said that a perfect translation of the Bible emerged in the sixteenth century under King James. A long time passed before it happened; all the people, that came and went before this translation, ended up going to the spiritual world in the dark, not knowing anything about God's providence. When we consider this, how blessed are we in comparison. Everything has been given to us. The Cheon Il Guk Scriptures that were published this time are eternal. If we can love, believe and practice the scriptures, we can achieve with our own hands the kingdom of heaven on earth, the ideal world of freedom, peace, unity, and joy that Heaven has hoped for and we have hoped for. In other words, each one of us can establish a tribe and nation. What greater blessing is there than this?

That is why Heaven specially raised the Korean people. Finally, this country has become the chosen nation through True Parents. Responsibility follows us as the chosen nation and we should fulfill it. Chairman Cheol Seung Lee said something quite interesting during his memorial address. He said that if servants do something great, the master also receives good treatment as a result. Who is the servant? In this environment? I do not know how it sounds to you, but the servants are those in the Cain-realm of this nation. Briefly, they must be aware of and attend True Parents. For that to occur, those that have already come to know of True Parents must introduce those in the Cain-realm of this nation to True Parents and educate them. Did Korea fulfill her responsibility during the first anniversary of Father's ascension? She did not? By the second anniversary, each of you has the responsibility to help the servants do well and receive the deserved treatment through you.

That path is one on which you must witness harder than ever. Will you all become proud Unification Church blessed family members that can show glory in front of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind? Can you become such blessed family members? [We can.]

As we prepare for the second anniversary, full of hope, I would like to ask you again to please do your utmost. 

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