The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Think of ways to testify to the world about True Parents

Hak Ja Han
August 27, 2013
Vision 2020 Policy Conference for Strategic and Providential Nations

I am aware that you are all doing your best. I would like to hear what new determination you made as you commemorated the first anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa. What do you think? I heard you had a strategy meeting for 2020. You must bear in mind that the second anniversary is more important than the first. I am saying that you cannot just relax and feel satisfied now that the first anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa has been conducted.

As people who studied theology, I am sure there are those who clearly know how the Bible came to be compiled. It took several centuries for the Bible to be completed after Jesus' death. Yet, we have everything today. True Parents, who are the hope of God and humanity, have attained perfection and completion. From the beginning, God had hoped for the True Parents, but it took six thousand years for the True Parents to appear on earth.

Look at our reality today. Why do we have to hold a strategy conference for Vision 2020? Haven't the long-awaited Lord at his Second Coming, the Messiah and the True Parents come? Haven't True Parents conducted the providence? My point here is that our reality is not satisfying enough in front of the providence. Heaven certainly keeps working hard without rest and has prepared people. We have assigned strategic nations and have offered intensive dedication and effort; we must see results. We must see the fruit. Do you understand? Hence, we must be confident. Have confidence!

The same applies to Christian history. A prepared top leader.... When the king or the top leader of a country accepted Christianity, blessings came to that country.

Cheon II Guk special envoys receive plaques of appointment on August 27, 2013

A few points about this first Seonghwa anniversary were disappointing. I felt we should have heralded True Parents to the people a bit more. Let us take into consideration the rise of the March 1, 1919 Independence Movement. How was it triggered? Desperate, great men that wanted to restore their nation joined hands and stood up together.

Yes? What about you, the blessed families? Will you conclude everything at just acknowledging your responsibility for living in this age? We must be able to aim higher.... I heard you have set up strategic plans. However, it is essential that this strategy meeting be clearly and properly conducted from a good perspective. Therefore, it is important that we possess an environment and content that can attract both the Korean people and the entire world to the second Seonghwa anniversary.

The seven-year period is neither long nor short. I hope you understand what I am saying. Please do more than your present best. What is that expression about the head?... Wring your head out) That's it. Of course, you need something inside your head to wring out. You all desire to become dedicated children and patriots, but the result will depend on how you conduct your lives and activities in close connection with the heart of Heaven or the heart that thinks of Heaven. This is what matters. You must not just think of conducting your given responsibilities as a formality; you must be more serious and worry about how to achieve success day and night. I don't really know if you actually do so, but I made one determination when I met True Father at the age of seventeen and decided to marry him. The path of the True Parents is not an easy one, but I decided to carry those responsibilities. I made up my mind to finish the entire providence of restoration within my generation. I have run until now with this determination alone in mind.

I would like you all to consider this point: How much do you love True Mother? Do you love True Mother? [Yes] How much do you love True Mother? Oh? As much as heaven and earth? Let us say your wife and I are drowning in water at this very moment. Would you save your wife first? [No] No? [Yes] Can I trust you? [Yes] This heart must be unchanging; yet, we experience many changes in our hearts as we carry on our lives. However, it is my hope that you do not change. As part of our first step, we must restore the nation and world by 2020. Are you determined? [Yes] We must do everything we can to advance on this path.

That is why next year's Seonghwa anniversary must be improved over this year's and we must work harder in the direction of letting more people in the world know about True Father's accomplishments. We must work harder in that direction. With the founding of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, my hope is that the door is opened to special people through the peace prize. We must be able to testify in front of the Korean people and the world about Father's aspects; testify to the kind of life he led; that he was a man who was unable to take care of his family because of the providence and the will; a man completely dedicated. We should be able to testify greatly about Father....

We must be able to reach even those who live deep in the mountains in the provinces and ensure that they also know about True Parents. We must ensure that there is no one who does not know about True Parents. The Korean people and Korean politicians must be able to partake in the frontline of the providence with a heart of gratitude in front of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We did a lot of public relations this time. The reporter's reactions are quite different from the past. They are now trying to report everything as they see it. They also did a good job at covering the events. I checked what was reported and they did a good job. However, these efforts must not end here. You must all begin to prepare for next year, starting now. Do you understand? [Yes] We must be able to touch the hearts of people around the world, so that they all look forward to every future Seonghwa anniversary.

So I will give you all some homework. Your homework is to think of different ways to testify to the world about True Parents and to develop programs that can make people join us on this path and become Cheon Il Guk citizens. Can you do that? [Yes] Those who can surely do that, please clap your hands. [Applause] 

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