The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

True Mother's Proclamation at the Ceremony for the First Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Hak Ja Han
August 23, 2013
Chung Pyung
Unofficial Notes: A. Curvy

I proclaim a new start as the entire global Unification Community makes the determination to become one with True Parents' Mission and roses and lilies, crane as national bird.

I dedicate the national anthem and flag in front of Heaven.

Today is indeed a day of gratitude and joy. True Father's Accomplishments... I am immensely happy and grateful to see True Father's Teachings that have been threaded into one line.

These teachings will become the substantial center of Cheon Il Guk, its fruit and pillars.


How happy would Heaven be if you could become one with these teachings and fulfill all your responsibilities and missions in your respective countries. As people in the year 2020, I said that we must make Korea God's Homeland at all costs. Not just by saying so; but, we need to practice in order to make it come true.

You must move and be reborn through the truth and become the torches of light for the people out there. Your efforts will become like the fertilizers of Cheon Il Guk, the pillars. I will give greater support to those who support and have talents, so that they play greater roles so that the future will be bright if we give more, practice more, share more. A happy world will dawn.

Your lives today will become the nutrients of the future and will as people who live in the same age as True Mother, this gives you special qualifications and authority. This is where you stand. Every single one of you have the potential to become beautiful gems, filial children and patriots, and based on third gen members to expand this realm. As time passes by, we only have hope.

Blessed beloved families and member from around the world. I am truly proud of you. You must be able to repay Heaven at all costs and succeed. Show the Kingdom of God on earth and Heaven has begun. Do you understand? It is our responsibility to follow this path of life or death resolve and advancing without rest. Please bear this in mind.

Heavenly Parent, lonely 6,000 years... only after that did God's 6,000 years resentment resolve.. waiting with a concerned heart that maybe the central figures would give up in the middle, what He went through in pain while as Blessed Families with the love from God and True Parents, we were actually very small and inadequate, but enable our dreams to become the dream of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and may we achieve with God achieve that One Family Under God centered on True Love. Enable us to realize that country, to really stand on Your Homeland and become people who do everything we do for that.

I will start working on the creation of the environment from this moment. True Father conducted education in all aspects and fields, regardless of the status of the audience. This is the only path for the world. I will put my first priority on education.

That is why future leaders are being fostered and all leaders from all walks of life must first be educated. The world is now running centered on True Parents will Heavenly Fortune coming down to be with you. Please be victors at all costs. 

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