The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Ceremony for the First Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Hak Ja Han
August 23, 2013
Chung Pyung
Unofficial Notes from the live broadcast: A. Curvy

7th day of the seventh month, Father ascended, and 13 day tribute period 800 people from 195 countries participated in this ceremony...

In addition 1,842 VIP came to pay tribute and 29 Blessed Companies (?) came, thousands of reports were made in the news around the world.

On Sept 17 around 30,000 people participated in Seonghwa Ceremony...

50,000 roses and lilies beautifully and harmoniously decorated the stage

Today marks 1 full year after Fathers passing as Savior, Messiah and Lord as True Parents overcoming all kinds of trials

On Jan 2001 Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship,

Coronation of The Realm of Liberation of God three times

July 2010 Completed Restoration through The Proclamation of True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind.

True Father completed all responsibility and mission on earth.

The True Parents, the God of Night, the God of Day and True Parents

First Day of Cheon Il Guk was proclaimed.

As we commemorate this first song, let us thank endlessly our Heaven Parents and True Parents with the determination to live like True Parents and resemble them

Thank you to participate in this glorious ceremony

True Parents will now make an entrance

... Stands as God's Substantial Self

We cherish the Memory of True Father

Today Blessed Family from 124 countries and massive spirit world are joining us

Next we will all stand and sing The Cheon Il Guk National Anthem

Next a report prayer representing everyone here today. Archbishop Stallings will give it...

Most Beloved Heavenly Parent We invoke Your Majestic Name and recognize You for Who You Are...

You sent upon the earth, The True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han and They have proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven on earth... We thank you for this Providential moment in human history.

We have gathered to celebrate and commemorate the victorious universal Seunghwa... We celebrate His Life Teachings and Legacy which have left an indelible Love as Savior, Messiah and Returning Lord...

We feel the shock and the pangs of no longer being able to see Him Face to face... our faith reassures us that even though His Body returned to earth His Heart returns to You who gave it.. and You are now One... What more could we ask of eternal life?

We thank You that you do not leave us alone but have the Divine and Anointed True Mother to lead us to Love our enemy as She does while working tirelessly

True Father proclaimed Your will to conclusion and we are called after His sincerest devotion.

True Mother will lead us to fully realize Cheon Il Guk. That time has come.

Only You know the Tearful, Sorrowful and Blood-Stained Course...

This is Your Day of Blessing, God, when You are now Substantial through True-Love Parents... among all humanity, this is sealed forever...

May God Bless this Glorious Moment.

We report and offer this prayer in all our names and in the names of The Stallings

Amen and Aju...

Rev. Chang Shik Yang:

Floral tribute is next... Please come forward

First The True Family representing Hyung Jin Nim

I'd like to ask all 2nd and 3rd True Children to come forward and all the wives also to come on stage

Rev. and Mrs. Moon have 13 Children and 70 grandchildren.

Representative True Children and Grandchildren will come forward and offer tributes... Those True Children behind, please come forward and pay Your Tributes to True Father...

194 mission country leaders will offer tribute and National Leaders

All Continental Presidents and National Leaders are making their floral tributes...

Elder Members and Their Representatives now coming forward...

Peace Ambassadors' Representatives coming next

Public Officials of Korea and Japan then come to make their tribute

Apologies, the MC is introducing some of the government officials who are offering tribute now

(They place the flower with a bow and then they stand together and bow together)

These are the Peace Ambassadors who helped True Father when He was alive in His Peace Activities.

Leaders from 170 nations

First, leaders from ILC (International Leadership Conference)

Apologies again the MC is introducing leaders from around the world individually

...We have Mrs. Janus Minarus... Kathryn Menumbrow from Republic of Congo lastly Mr. Thomas Walsh

Now, representing True Father's Relatives

Everybody who is here today, I know you also want to offer your floral tribute.

After the main event, we will keep this for Father and outside by the fountain please use that place prepared.

Now, we will review the Words and Life of Father in the video --dedicated to life, humanity and a peaceful world

True Father, Beloved Father

It is already the 1st anniversary... Time flew like a herum (?)... even in our dreams we offer this day with our heart

True Father was The Way The Truth, The Love and The Life

Through You, we met God and felt True Love and came in wisdom to defeat the world. Through You we found courage

You gave us everything You had.

True Father was the Manifestation of The Word and Loved The Word more than anyone else. As He spoke, drops of sweat fell to liberate every person.

Transcendental Heaven and earth comprise the country of Cheon Il Guk

The Teachings you gave after staying up all night have now become the standard of our lives and The Scripture of humanity.

Members and top leaders are participating in the Peace Movement, (because of You) suppression of religious conflict, cold war at an end and unification of N and S Korea... media organization are transforming to give the proper and true report...

The WFWPU NGO's gained status with UN and are suggesting new world alternatives.

Last year was a sweltering summer and our hearts still tremble. We were shocked, thinking You would always be so vigorous. You completely dedicated and gave everything. Just as Jesus redeemed the sins of humanity by the Blood on The Cross, you endured for about a month such suffering from the fight for Your Life attached to various painful machines...

We prayed and cried for Your Life...

(Only God knows Your Suffering)

Father, You proclaimed that You had accomplished everything, leaving this final prayer behind.

Mother, 'I Love You Father'

Father Ascended and it was a bolt from the blue to us. We could not believe your suddenly leaving and our many tears did not eliminate our yearning... The people who came saw no end for 13 days...

Mother, prays

The Universal Seonghwa Ceremony, holding Mother's Love and determination to accomplish the great works You have left behind.

We have engraved you in our Hearts with eternal Love (Mother is shown with Tears)

On the way to Cheon Sung Gun members waving... How difficult Your Heart must have been. The more we shed tears, the more we yearn for You and we entreat You to enter our hearts any time.

You to all eternity... a noble life and Accomplishment that cannot be removed from the Heavenly Scroll.

You have become the Cornerstone of peace and The Light of Love.

You made the broad and level path of peace and with Your Immense Heart endured the persecutions...

After the Ascension, True Mother became One with True Father in Heaven and has been investing everything to accomplish God's Will...

Following the publication of Cheon Sung Gun and Pyeonghwa Shingyeong... The Cheon Il Guk Constitution could be completed through a gathering of scholars with Parents' Guidance and their dedication and wisdom.

We have the Word and Laws for Cheon Il Guk

We dedicate this to you and have established the Cheon Sung Gun frame...

Beloved Father, on this 1st Anniv of Your Ascension, please open the Gates of Heaven and help us realize Cheon Il Guk as we attend Mother on earth.

The Returning Lord resolved all of Heavenly Father's Resentment. He is the Emperor of Absolute Victor

Please govern the whole cosmos and allow the whole earth to enjoy a reign of peace.


You truly live a glorious Life,

Now we will welcome our guests to the stage to offer Father remarks of commemoration.

Chairman Lee Sung Ge?, an elder Senator of Korea, Independent activist, one of the first people to lead democratization and industrialization of Korea... He and True Father had a deep connection and they were sworn brothers. One of the first ones who came to the Cheong Seong after hearing the news of Father..


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is the First Anniversary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's passing to the spirit world, a rite called Seonghwa. I consider it a great privilege to speak in honor of His Memory before all of you from around the world who have come to pay respects to our Beloved Sun Myung Moon.

First of all, I like to offer my deepest condolences to Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and the bereaved Family.

Standing on this stage brings me back memories of last year when I came hurriedly to Cheon Sung Gun where Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Body was resting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I offer these most sincere words to honor Sun Myung Moon... Who has done so much for this great nation, doing so much for democracy, and education...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Who was Rev. Sun Myung Moon Who we have come here to remember?

Since, His Birth and throughout 90 years of His Life until His departure, filled with difficulties from the Japanese occupation the 2nd WW the division of N and S as well as the tragedy of Korean War...

Even in greatest conflict, He overcame. He is a great leader who has strived for peace and is the eternal symbol of peace.

He is a great man Who has lived his Life practicing the ideal of King, Teacher and Father; an ideal cherished by our people for a very long time.

This great Man did not just come and go. We have not a shred of doubt that He is still here with us in our hearts.


You who have gathered here today from all around the world are the very evidence of this.

Ladies and gentlemen, 10 years ago on July 17, 2003, when the first Peace Cup tournament was held in Korea I made a promise with Sun Myung Moon to form a time of sworn brothers.


Here I also promised that even though we are old men, we will liberate our brothers in the North and see the unification with the North.

(They stopped translating)

When I stood at the forefront to demonstrate the Korean people's gratitude, I did so as a promise to fulfill that promise of unification.

This project was the first of its kind. Even the S. Korean government did not consider doing it for the past (long) years... for unification of N and S Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen, there was no such person in the history of this nation putting His Life on the line to go meet Kim Il Sung to discuss unification. He urged him, holding his hands to accept Unification Thought as the only way. His unwavering Spirit of Love serves as a great model and infuses us with great courage.

Now, the promise I made with Rev. Sun Myung Moon will soon be realized by the efforts of our descendants.

When we look at what is happening, it is only a matter of time before N Korea gains freedom. Rev. Moon, please be assured of this.


Again, when we look at what is happening in the world and North Korea, it is only a matter of time....

Ladies and gentlemen, why have we come here today? Needless to say, we have come to protect the great Teaching of Rev. Moon Who walked the course of True Parent, Teacher and Leader of Peace.

We have come to inherit those Teachings and make them blossom so that His Teachings are realized.

In Korea there is a saying: 'Only when the servants work properly, the Master can be a True Master' There is another saying: 'The student makes to Teacher shine'. and ' It is more difficult to maintain than to create'. When students act properly the leader will be respected as well.

Please uphold Rev. Moon as The True Parent, Teacher and Leader. Are you not Their servant, their children.

You are the ones that are chosen from 7 billion people of the earth and saw Him when He was still alive. You received His Love like no other. I like to ask you to give your devotion so that countless fruits can be made from His devotion.

We must not forget for one moment about the sincere efforts of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon. We should always be grateful to Her.

Ladies and gentlemen, As we face this first year, please move beyond our own self-interest and become more grateful and united around Rev. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon...

We must not forget that the eyes of this world are watching us to see if we can practice the Teachings left by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to become the lantern of hope and the subject of people's praise, with all my heart.

I want to pray with a loyal heart for the eternal Life and Happiness of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

I hereby conclude my speech.

Thank you Mr. Lee Sung Ge?

Now Mr. Sung Ta (?), who is the head monk from the Buddhist Temple, will offer commemoration remarks. He is of the Cho Ge Order of Korean Buddhism... the most famous temple of that order...

(He announces his speech title: The commemorative speech for the 1st Anniversary of the Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon)

Respected Rev. Hak Ja Han Moon and The Moon Family........

It is my great honor to stand before you today to represent Buddhism.. The True Parent of Heaven and Earth and Humanity

As you are aware He lived a truly selfless life to offer everything for humanity and peace

We cannot make a simple judgment of Who He really was... He left a blazing trail and legacy


Rev Moon is generally known to the people of the world as a religious leader and founder of a religion. Some people see Him as a Peace Activist some as The Messiah Who gave His Life in order to realize peace; but, these are not enough to define the greatness that defines the Man, Rev Sun Myung Moon.

(Aju to that!)

He stated that when someone begins to have sensitivity to the truth of His Life, tears fall like a waterfall from His Eyes... Like no other, He experienced such persecution and great sorrow.

We are here, not merely because He rose like a phoenix from such sufferings, emerging and continuing to give His all, not remembering back what He gave... even through such sufferings... That was His philosophy, to live for the sake of others.

Rev Moon showed us through His Life that there is always hope just like when the sun is there with only seeing black clouds of rain.

Distinguished guests who love peace I want to extend my sincere heart of gratitude to those who prepared this event of commemoration and made it possible now..

Man He Man Ho Yun poem(?) I like to conclude by reciting this poem of someone who was a great pillar of Buddhism: (Sorry I could not get this down very well)

I carried the unfathomable sadness and poured it into the cup of hope

We say goodbye with knowing one day we will meet again

The song of love that remembers Your Voice embraces Your silence.

Thank you very much

It was truly a beautiful poem and remark.

Next is the Asian political parties' representative who has come from afar to cherish memories of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Elected 5 times as... and Presidential Candidate... Jose de Venecia Jr. Our Peace Ambassador who has always respected Rev. Sun Myung Moon from deepest of his heart.

Dear True Parents and True Family and...

It is my great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to share with you a few words this morning to honor the Life, Teachings and Legacy of our Father Moon.

Dr. Sun Myung Moon has passed away to the spiritual world one year ago today.

I am always moved and uplifted when I come to Chung Pyung.

My wife...Geneya? and I have had the very good fortune to visit Father and Mother Moon many times in this holy place in this holy land. In particular, my wife Geneya? and I will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to us from Father and Mother Moon after the passing of our beloved daughter when our house burned down.

Both of us were deeply moved by the love and care which both Father and Mother Moon provided at one of the most difficult times of our life and we will never forget their generosity and loving kindness.

When I learned of Father Moon's passing 1 year ago, I was dumfounded and I immediately came to Korea. I have seen him on so many occasions standing at great events and speaking with such dynamics and energy for long periods, and I could never imagine Him dying and passing away.

Of course, each of us resides on this planet earth on borrowed time and is destined for a higher place we go in the spirit world. I know that Father Moon is alive and well in the spirit world and wherever He is in that eternal world, Father continues to speak and give the dynamism that we experienced from Him in this earthly plain.


Excellences, people of prayer, can you imagine what I am saying is true. Is Father Moon not here today in our midst?


Yes, I can see and hear that you totally agree. In fact, I feel His Presence in the mountains right here in our midst as strong as ever as when He walked this earth. Can't you feel His Presence right here in this coliseum?


I never met Father Moon when Mother Moon was not by His Side. They were inseparable.. In fact, I think They are still inseparable. Yes, I believe Father Moon is here right in our very midst.


They say 'Behind every great Man, great Leader, stands a great woman; and, I know it is also true of Father Moon and Mother Moon.


We are Blessed that Mother Moon Who knows Father Moon better than anyone is Herself standing strong to carry on the great legacy that Father began. Let us now give our full support to Mother Moon.


For what is this world? Father Moon was the Leading Force in global faith, dialogue between religions, cultures, civilizations... He knew we could never have peace without unity of the different religions and that is why Rev. Moon is honored by Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and all the religions of the world.

He is loved even by the people of North Korea.

In fact, in August 2000 Father Moon initiated to goal for the United Nations to create a religious council as an organ of that institution... He knew it could never be entirely successful without religious leaders... Democracy and government cannot succeed without spiritual leadership... He was a prophet and dynamic spiritual leader for this time that has come...


Helping, marriages and families. He knew that the family was the school of love, ethics and character. My wife participated in Father and Mother Moon's Blessing Ceremony to strengthen marriage and family.

(Applause Mother smiles slightly)

Yes, Excellences, Ambassadors for Peace, people of Korea, the list goes on and on and includes the great works of Father Moon all over the world, the WFWPU, Washington Times, Little Angels performing arts, the highway, education of the young, countless numbers of jobs created in countless corners of the world by Him...

In the International Leadership Conference, we have been studying and have a greater appreciation for this Man of God Who with single-minded devotion, not only proclaimed but also practiced His Mission for living for the sake of others.


Delegates from around the world, our beloved people of Korea, as we go forward from this day, let us keep the vision, the memory and the works of Rev. Father Moon close to our own hearts.


Our greatest living testimony of our appreciation to Father Moon will be that we carry on with the work He gave us to do, with Mother Moon, the work for peace, international development and cooperation, the work for true families.

Excellences, friends, ladies and gentlemen, let us never alter in our resolve. We are here not only to mourn but to carry on with Mother Moon, strive until the good fight is won. Yes, peace is achievable, peace among nations, peace in the hearts of men.

(Mothers applauds with a slight smile)


Finally, we say, Father Moon, Mother Moon, we honor You and love you thank you very much.

(Mother seems moved)

Please give another big applause for this address.

Thank you

Precious, significant, remarks by the leaders were really moving.

First, we will now read the poem of Father at the age of 16 called ' The Crown of Glory'

Then all Blessing Families will have a poem entitled 'A Letter to Father' and so, a very famous actress in Korea... a Peace Ambassador will come forward and recite this poem.

When I doubt people I feel pain

When I judge people it is unbearable

When I hate people there is no value to my existence

Yet if I believe I am deceived

If I love, I am betrayed

Suffering and grieving tonight

Am I wrong

Yes, I am wrong

Even though we are deceived, still believe.

Though we are betrayed, love completely

Those who know nothing but deceit and

Those who betray without regret

Oh Father the pain of loving

Place your hand on my chest

My heart is bursting such agony

But when I love those who acted against me

I brought victory

If you have done the same thing,

I will give you the Crown of Glory.

A Letter to Father

Beloved True Father

One year has passed since your ascension.

Last summer was an extremely harsh season

The intensity of your Life began even before Your Birth

The cries for Korea's independence heralded Your Life that would be filled with such hardships extreme hardships knowing that the Heavenly Parents

Guided you on that path are blinded by the tears from our heart.

On the day you were released from prison, You could have chosen to visit nearby (Your hometown)

On this lonely path, You followed the Will of God's Providence, You went the path of Golgotha. You pushed back Your Tears.

Your determined role toward million was strong and silently You wept after readings letters from members who were prisoners in Communist prisons.

Father, we will see You again in the next world.

America must awake, so You cried in the land of freedom... Even while embracing Kim Il Sung, You wielded an iron road toward the nations, yet to us, You were always a passionate and affectionate Father.

Last year, as autumn was falling, the sad news that You had ascended left all of us dumfounded. Before ascending to the Heavenly Nation, You gazed into True Mother's Heart and You sat before True Mother at a table for two. You went to Your Hometown... You were attached to an oxygen tank saying your last farewell.

When You prayed it is all accomplished, tears welled up in my eyes and my heart aches thinking about it.

Father, no matter how many times I call you, I call you again. Father, I miss you dearly. You are the Light of my life. You are an ever expanding ocean to me. Father, when you suddenly ascended to the Heavenly Nation, we assumed that True Mother would be the most crippled by grieve; yet, She raised the torch saying that there is no stopping. You must give all your resolution with all your heart. She raised high the torch of Love. Father, You spend each day like a thousand years, as You went forward to open the Kingdom of Heaven.

True Mother is now taking the lead... and we too shall follow True Parents in this way. We shall lead a life so that we too can proudly say that we too have accomplished everything. We know that You will always be there for us in the Heavenly Nation and we shall follow True Mother to fulfill our best to fulfill our Vision 2020. This is our pledge this 17th day of month of the Heavenly Calendar, I recite this poem in my name...

Next, True Mother will come on stage


The Cheon Il Guk Constitution and White Book will be dedicated to The True Parents.

True Father already talked about The Constitution and we are creating the environment and 16 scholars made deep research in 16 months and 8 public meetings from 22 countries.. In the future subordinate laws for life shall be under this Constitution and now representing Kim Hung Lee, Rev. (4 former national leaders of Korea) now coming onstage.


With The Heavenly Constitution (Mother places Her Hands on it) The eternal frame of Cheon Il Guk

This was Father's long hope.

Next, we will dedicate the World Public Assets White Book to True Parents. another Cheon Il Guk pillar has been set up... 9,959 assets in 81 countries has been compiled... This will be dedicated by Peter Kim and Dr. Paten Dowi...


Mother touched the Books laying Her Hands on them...

(Applause as 23 volumes are accepted by True Parents)

Next, we will listen to True Mother's Message; but, first a video of True Mother who stood up after Father, Spirit World is guiding and directing us...

Hak Ja Han, True Mother

I proclaim a new start as the entire global Unification Community makes the determination to become one with True Parents' Mission and roses and lilies, crane as national bird.

I dedicate the national anthem and flag in front of Heaven.

Today is indeed a day of gratitude and joy. True Father's Accomplishments... I am immensely happy and grateful to see True Father's Teachings that have been threaded into one line.

These teachings will become the substantial center of Cheon Il Guk, its fruit and pillars.


How happy would Heaven be if you could become one with these teachings and fulfill all your responsibilities and missions in your respective countries. As people in the year 2020, I said that we must make Korea God's Homeland at all costs. Not just by saying so; but, we need to practice in order to make it come true.

You must move and be reborn through the truth and become the torches of light for the people out there. Your efforts will become like the fertilizers of Cheon Il Guk, the pillars. I will give greater support to those who support and have talents, so that they play greater roles so that the future will be bright if we give more, practice more, share more. A happy world will dawn.

Your lives today will become the nutrients of the future and will as people who live in the same age as True Mother, this gives you special qualifications and authority. This is where you stand. Every single one of you have the potential to become beautiful gems, filial children and patriots, and based on third gen members to expand this realm. As time passes by, we only have hope.

Blessed beloved families and member from around the world. I am truly proud of you. You must be able to repay Heaven at all costs and succeed. Show the Kingdom of God on earth and Heaven has begun. Do you understand? It is our responsibility to follow this path of life or death resolve and advancing without rest. Please bear this in mind.

Heavenly Parent, lonely 6,000 years... only after that did God's 6,000 years resentment resolve.. waiting with a concerned heart that maybe the central figures would give up in the middle, what He went through in pain.. while as B families with the love from God and True Parents, we were actually very small and inadequate, but enable our dreams to become the dream of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and may we achieve with God achieve that One Family Under God centered on True Love. Enable us to realize that country, to really stand on Your Homeland and become people who do everything we do for that.

I will start working on the creation of the environment from this moment. True Father conducted education in all aspects and fields, regardless of the status of the audience. This is the only path for the world. I will put my first priority on education.

That is why future leaders are being fostered and all leaders from all walks of life must first be educated. The world is now running centered on True Parents will Heavenly Fortune coming down to be with you. Please be victors at all costs.

True Mother emphasized an advance without rest and please stand and welcome True Mother with a big applause

Please be seated

Distinguished guests and all the memorial remarks that moved our hearts brought us together

I'd like to convey my gratitude and all Blessed Families and members around the world. Today, we have become one.

Even now, Father is looking at us with a big, beautiful smile and I feel Father doing this right now.

Loving Peace Ambassadors, members, we from now on at this very time, we have become one in heart and mind and True Father who gave us the great teachings and as we commemorate His Accomplishments, we made the determination that we will realize True Parents Will at all costs. On this Seunghwa event memorial, Korea and Japan have become one


And so from now on, from August 3, 2013, there was a peace march that started in Japan and they would march all the way to Incheon dong. They had a bicycle march for peace with the hope to realize unification of North and South Korea.

(Tears -- applause)

Our conditions and dedication should not end at Incheon dong. It should move on to the whole world and in realizing the free and peaceful world The Kingdom of Heaven on earth let us advance until we achieve it.

On this very good day, with all the distinguished guest, beloved members and Blessed families, True Father is living in our hearts. Let us all become one with Him and realize Heavenly Parents and True Parents Will on earth while we are still alive. We will become true children and loyal to do so. It is my hope that you make this determination to do so.

True Mother, Thank You

This concludes the first part of this event.

First part, we have listened to Mother's Speech at the conclusion and toward the 2020 we will shout out and soon we will begin the second part of this event.

Today this beautiful screen that you are watching at this moment is 24 meter in width and 9 in height put together, 3x brighter pixel 3 millimeter (smaller than existing 9 millimeter) Please thank all the staff that prepared this beautiful stage.

Now our performance, First the Grandchildren will sing songs that True Father liked. The future leaders' children will sing three songs; and, as they show us the performance, please welcome them with a round of warm applause.

Mother really likes it.

2nd song Edelweiss and 3rd song Grandmother Flower Song

Now from South American a world-level singer, Gloria, comes to pay respect to Father. She has sung in many different places and participated in so many of our events.


She sings from really deep down, subtly with a lot of voice control and with a lot of emotion

(Gloria sings)

Thank you. That was indeed a heart moving song.

Next chorus 93 students from Japan won a prize at a chorus contest.

Song: Filial Piety and Huru satos shia wase (one of Father very favorite in a medley style)

(Chorus sings)

(Wow... Beautiful... They made me cry... such a generation of fruit)

Mother looks moved and proud of them... the Sun Hak Chorus

Shiawase means happiness.

Now is the time for the highlight of Memorial performances... a gala show musical commemorating Father's Life and to commemorate the opening of Cheong Seong Peace Center which highlights Father's Life in 30 minutes titled 'The Crown of Glory'

True Love of Father for humanity

Father, let us escape from this sadness and I will raise His Voice and His Word and bestow The m upon this humanity that they may know.

Father, please no longer be sad. Stop crying. I will fulfill Your Wishes.

Defendant, Sun Myung Moon, You are hereby sentenced to 18 months prison terms; but,

Mother, Mother, Father is imprisoned at Danbury... It has been only half a year after the passing of Heung Jin Nim. How can Father be imprisoned like this. Our hearts are ripping apart. Father has been persecuted His entire Life, always trying to extend the Words of God. How could He be treated like this. Please all this is part of what we have to pay indemnity for. We need to help Father so that He can fulfill His restoration Providence.

Oh God, You have made me stand alone. I am a Wife of a Man and the Mother of 14 Children. How could I not feel pain and suffering. In front of this Course, I have sent many of my Children ahead of me. I am only a weak woman. Please allow Your Courage to dwell in me. God, I will fulfill the promise I have made unto You and I will endure everything with solemn heart. I am prepared to endure any suffering course. Please guide me so that I can fulfill this mission that You have given me.

Many things happened afterward. Endless sacrifice and sufferings that seemed never to end, persecution. This persecution is the last attack of Satan. I am not afraid. I have endured many persecutions. This is part of the course of Father. I will overcome it.

Mother: This mind and this body belongs to You. We are no longer orphans. Though I am still young and lacking, I will serve my Lord with all of my heart.

Others of enemy: Stop them at all cost. They threaten our power and position. Let them taste the flame of hell so that they will never question our authority. Cut them down leaving nothing behind but unfathomable darkness.

Father: At the peak of darkness, as the persecution against Father reaches its peak, I am leaving Japan in order to witness...

I am torn apart but I have to fulfill the wishes of God.

Please come and silence this raging storm

As God's Love is endless, so shall be my love, even though they rip my flesh and the core of my bones, I must not stop. Everything shall be done according to the Will of The Lord and everything judged with His Will as the standard, and I will endure this peak of darkness (It is the course of Father)

Children: Yes, even though there was such sufferings, True Parents have put Their all for humanity and achieved things that were only in dreams. Look, True Parents are smiling like this. Many people have received the salvation and eternal life. Oh Heaven Parents that have sent us the True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind, thank you very much. They have taught us the true meaning of True Love. We love Them truly.

(Mother looks truly moved)

Ready to obey (they sing and dance

Song: Oh Bless The Lord my soul

Father: My beloved children and family members... We finally welcome this age of Cheon Il Guk... Without your efforts and pain, we would not have been able... We have cried and laughed together for the past 60 years... The times are engraved in each of my bones. Because I was with you, I was so happy. Though my body is in Cheon Sung Gun, my spirit is with you and I will always bleed with you... True Mother will lead you with Her warm Hands. and in the spirit world I will protect you and I will shed light on the path that you lead; and, let us believe and perfect the ideal of Creation. My burning Heart will always flow, so please use my Love as the Power that drives you.. I love you. I love you. I love you.

My Wife, My True Mother, Who has been with me for more than 50 years, how do I thank you enough.

Mother: My Husband, My True Father, I Love You so much. You have accomplished so much that cannot be accomplished by words that can only be done by True Parents. Now people are marching forward to Vision 2020... All members who are here today, please help us from the spirit world.

Father: I already know Your wish and hope and from the spirit world I will use all my heart and emotions to serve and protect You. I Love You My Wife Who have always stood beside Me. You are the One that I cannot do without. You are My True Partner Who God Gave Me.

Mother I already know everything You do not need to speak a Word. You are The Partner that I received from God. This path of True Love that god allowed us to walk. No persecution or hardship will stop us.

Father: There are still many things that we have to do and I don't know how many more hardships I will have to put you through

Mother: I have received as a Blessing from God all of what I have received from You with You.

God: I am truly grateful for all the works that You have done; but, there are still the people who wait for true Love.

Father: I will always be with You. We will not stop. We will march forward without stopping..

God: Thank you True Parents

(Mother looks very moved)

They place crowns on the actors of Mother and Father wearing glorious robes and waving...

Mother claps... pleased

The actors bow to True Parents

and a movie of confetti coming down

(They have good dignity and Mother claps)

It was truly moving... Let us thank all the performers

They will come on the stage and sing a song to express our heart of marching forward for the Vision 2020... the songs that True Parents Love...

Mother goes on stage and claps with them... Takes grandson's hand... and puts him stepped up next to Her

Mother: Omaya nu naya... this is a son that Father Loved.

Mother sings and there are picture of Parents and True Family in the back...

Everyone sings and claps

Song words:

Let's dwell by the river together

Outside the back gate a

Mother brother and sister, let's dwell by the river together

Grandson sings

Then Father sings from the video in the back and we cry

Mother smiles because of how Father sings at the end

3 Cheers

To our Heavenly Parents

To our Victorious True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind

To the Establishment of Cheon Il Guk

Let us all say thank you to True Parents

We love you

We conclude the first universal Seonghwa Anniversary

Please be seated for a short time because much traffic outside and those going to the luncheon will go to the buses... Other members please wait a little for the luncheon participants to leave... and the stage is open to take photos to commemorate this significant day... 

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