The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Become the True Olive Trees

Hak Ja Han
August 12, 2013
To the Blessed Children from Korea, Japan and Overseas
Closing Ceremony for their Workshops in Chung Pyung

"Didn't I tell you to become the True Olive Trees? For you to become True Olive Trees you must welcome True Parents in your heart, body and inside you. It says in the Bible, 'The fallen world is a wild olive tree but it tries to become the true olive tree'. It's not something that can be done just because you wish to become the true olive tree. You must first welcome the lord. The lord must come. Jesus Christ was the lord that the people of Israel had been waiting for 4,000 years. However, the people of Israel and the Judaism couldn't receive him. They couldn't fulfill their responsibility. That is why they are still the wild olive tree. Do you understand? ("Yes!")

However, right now in this era, you who are living in this year 2013 are very lucky and happy children. For whose sake? ('True Parents!') True Parents lead you to this life right? ('Yes!') Then, what is the wish of Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind? It is world peace, one world. Do you understand? ('Yes!') That is why this 7 billion people in the world must be witnessed to be the people of Cheon Il Guk. That is why it is your responsibility. There is a responsibility to the blessed children of blessed families. Do you understand? ('Yes!')

The world is yet to be in an environment that heaven wishes to be. Until all of that environment is changed you, too, must burden that responsibility. Is that clear? ('Yes!') Responsibility will be given to you not just with your study but even at your school, church and in the society. You have to engrave it in your heart that you must become Korean and International Seonghwa students who will achieve heavenly parent and True Parents wish as soon as possible before 2020 where all members, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of the blessed family of the family federation will fulfill their responsibilities. Are you going to do this? ('Yes!')

I will always watch over you wherever you are. I intend to take good care of you. I am always seeing how much you have improved your surrounding environment. When you bear beautiful flower and fruit in this world, do you think True Parents will visit or not? Please invite me many times! Do you understand?" 

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