The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

You are playing the role of True Olive Trees

Hak Ja Han
August 4, 2013
2013 Sunghwa Camp

The camp location was originally a part of North Korea, but this was taken back by South Korea with the help of the UN. True Parents bought this land to be the training ground for our second generation. True Parents spoke in front of the 7,000 students and staff who participated in the Jamboree camp -- at World Jamboree.

At the time of the Israelites, who were wild shoots of the false olive tree, they were waiting ardently to achieve their dream to become a true olive tree. The Israelites weren't aware how to accomplish this ultimate desire despite of their meeting with the True Olive Tree (the Messiah). They failed to engraft themselves to the True Olive Tree.

In this era of our True Parents who are the fulfillment of this True Olive Tree, the Sunghwa students and the people attending our True Parents are now the fruits of this engrafting and are now playing the role of True Olive Trees.

They are the substantialization of this process of being engrafted to the True Olive Trees (True Parents). How are the True Olive Trees going to fulfill their mission? It is through becoming the best in their schools and wherever they are, and whatever they do.

We need to realize God and True Parents' Will here on earth by guiding all the 70 billion people on earth to achieve the dream of becoming True Olive Trees.

In this way God will see us as the victorious people in this era. 

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