The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Though our hearts are serious, we need to do too many things

Hak Ja Han
July 2, 2013
6.20 HC
Celebration of the ninth anniversary of the founding of the Federation for Peace and Unity

The stage on the day on the first Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

The Federation for Peace and Unity is our church-affiliated organization in Japan that aids cooperation between two non-church organizations of Koreans in Japan, Mindan the (pro-South Korean) Korean Residents' Union and Jochongryeon the (pro-North Korea) General Association of Residents

I know you have been working hard until now; however, we do not have much time allotted to us. Our dreams must become the dream of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

I must become an individual, family, neighbor, tribe, people and country that can accomplish this dream. Though our hearts are serious, we need to do too many things. The task ahead is too broad, too big.

True Father spent sixty years of his life on the front line of the providence, working day and night in order to realize this dream, the ideal country and world we envision, in which our Heavenly Parent and humanity live together as one family centered on true love.

The history of God's providence is over six thousand years old. This providence took over six thousand years because of a single mistake committed by Adam and Eve.

Our Heavenly Parent's providential history is a sad, lonesome, bleak story because for six thousand years he had to create the environment needed to receive the returning Lord. It is true that our Heavenly Parent has been comforted. However, thinking of the sixty years after the Korean War, we can understand how much Heaven had anxiously waited for this one moment, not resting at all for a minute or even a second in case the central figure gave up. We cannot imagine the indescribable pain and agonizing times our Heavenly Parent and True Parents had to go through.

All of you here today are members of blessed families that have lived for twenty to forty years in the same era as True Parents. Considering this, we were small and inadequate in front of the love and blessings we received from Heaven and True Parents. Do you agree?

What did you feel while you watched the two videos today? It is my hope that all of you, members of Mindan and Jochongryeon, can invest too percent, 120 percent even 200 percent of your sincerity, loyalty and love on the front line as members of the Peace Kingdom Corps and the Peace Kingdom Police in firmly setting up God's homeland as a unified homeland. Will you do your best to realize the hope of our Heavenly Parent and humanity in making this country remain firm in front of the world as God's homeland? Do you promise? I believe you.

I hope that you all do your best to join these proud ranks, create an even bigger environment and enable Korea to become the homeland where humanity can gloriously attend our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. 

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