The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Our Future Is Bright

Hak Ja Han
July 20, 2013
5:00 AM at Cheon Jeong Gung on HC 6.13
The seventh anniversary of the True Parents' Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung and the Coronation of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Our future is bright. The video you have just watched was specially made in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung and the coronation. I am overwhelmed by the memories. Only seven years have passed since then; however, it feels as if it were seventy years. Living in the Cheon II Guk era, we have concluded a historical providential period and have made new starts. Yet, can you confidently say that you are adequately determined or resolved to repay Heaven?

Neither time nor the entire providence wait for us, and we cannot retreat. Advancing is all we can do. Everything now depends on how greatly we expand the environment from the position we now are in. You must bear in mind that the opportunity for this nation to stand as God's homeland and the central country in the world does not always come.

Accomplishing Vision 2020 is our first step. I understand that all of you that have come here are doing your best on the front line. I want to believe you. Can I do that?

It is true that my heart becomes increasingly serious with each passing day as we still have many responsibilities to achieve. Please think about it. You are now living on earth. However, can you guarantee that you will remain in good health for over a hundred years? Your lives at this very moment are poised to become the life nutrients and the treasure of the spiritual world, the eternal future, and to establish special qualifications and authority in front of heaven and earth for having lived in the same age as True Parents. You are in a position where each one of you can become beautiful gems.

Just as head teacher Seong Tae Cho said, I hope that the education of third-generation members will foster those in future generations to become devoted children, patriots and individuals that take the primary lead in opening a new age. However, being a central figure may be easier said than done. Let us say you are in charge of a small church or a regional church headquarters. Could you swerve from your responsibilities? We cannot avoid doing our best if we think of True Parents and of God's will for a minute or even a second.

You must lead a life in which putting maximum effort with a live-or-die firmness of purpose is your reality every single day. Do you promise to make Korea into God's homeland, which stands firm in the world centered on True Parents by 2020? Are you determined? Thank you.

In order to intensively spur the youth or collegiate movement in the United States, I appointed new youth leaders while in Hawaii. Las Vegas alone has around forty thousand university students. The United States, in particular, attracts top students from around the world. Some pursue an undergraduate four-year course while others might he studying for a doctorate. However, we must first consider that these foreign students might return to their countries once they complete their studies. From a providential perspective, this is actually an amazing blessing from heaven. Yet, if we do not succeed on university campuses, how would we be able to restore the United States and the world within seven years? If a student is witnessed to in the United States, that student would automatically go out into the world. Internally, I am trying to bring blessed children from around the world to Korea. For us to aim at the future in this manner brings great excitement indeed.

I am determined to expand greatly our environment centered on second- and third-generation members. Next year, I am planning to show the world to exemplary middle school and high school students from around the globe that want to become leaders.

Taking into consideration that Korean summer vacations are usually short, workshops for those in our second and third generations cannot he longer than two weeks. Through this roughly two-week scheduled workshop, I would like to show the world to the children and to help them learn about Korea and its importance. I would like to help young Korean members realize how grateful they should be to Heaven for being born as a Korean second- or third-generation member and that they should dedicate their lives to Heaven in return. Would you all support this endeavor? Only one hope remains as the clays pass, as time passes by.

Hawaii is a beautiful kingdom of heaven on earth, untainted in any way and with no air pollution. Even though it is still a bit dark at 5 AM, I take a walk then. The birds sing and flowers are in full bloom. I see trees loaded with mangoes as you saw a moment ago. I would have never imagined a mango tree to be that big. I used to think it was as big as a papaya tree, but it is even bigger than a Korean chestnut tree.

In Kona, there are avocados, a prized fruit that we eat. I saw avocados hanging from a big tree for the first time. Upon hearing that avocados grow well in Kona, I planted an avocado tree at Queen Garden.

Another interesting point is that Father loved bananas when we were in Korea. In the early days, it was difficult to find even one banana. I used to think that bananas bunches were shaped like a fan. However, I had the chance to see an actual banana tree this time and noticed that multiple bunches grow off a single branch. They form concentric layers. Investigating, I counted 140 bananas. The banana bud was so big; tiers formed and that would each be one round. Seven rounds produced 140 bananas. It was remarkable.

After it was somewhat ripe, I asked that the tree he plucked. The banana cluster was hung. After it became completely ripe and yellow, I peeled one and tried it. The bananas I had had in Korea cannot compare in taste. It was delicious. The peel was also thinner and the flesh chewy; you cannot imagine how sweet it was. You need to open your mouth wide or cut it into small pieces to eat the fruit. It is just too big for small mouths. That is how interesting the natural environment in Hawaii is. I want to show this environment to our second- and third- generation children.

I want to teach them. What do you think? You all have children, right? Do you have children to dedicate to the world and to heaven and earth? Our future is bright because of that. I will end here. Let us all stand and sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

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