The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Meeting True Parents is the purpose of our lives

Hak Ja Han
July 5, 20013
30-Day Grandchildren's Workshop
Heavenly Calendar 5.27
Breakfast meeting

At the Cheon Jeong Gung

Three second-generation members of the True Family, Yeon Ah Nim, Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim participated

Meeting True Parents is the purpose of our lives and the ideal of the blessing. When I invited peace ambassadors and leaders of WFWP to Cheon Jeong Gung recently, I told them that life was valueless and without hope if they do not know True Parents. Those who came for the first time were particularly moved when I explained that God was a lonely and piteous being. Even the Divine Principle mentions meeting True Parents, the Messiah, as our hope. We have also followed this path of faith. Have those in the first and second generations led a life of gratitude toward True Parents? There must be no complaints or grumbling on our path. The reality of both the second generation and the first generation deeply concerns me as I see a lack of the most basic element of faith -- a heart of gratitude toward everything.

Just as is mentioned in the Bible and the Divine Principle, being grateful to Heaven first is the standard a common person of faith holds. However, we have unconsciously strayed into a self-centered life of faith. Heaven had to undergo so many trials for four thousand years in order to educate the Israelites, establish the foundation needed in forming a nation where God could dwell and send the Messiah in their midst; yet, when the Israelites came to meet the Messiah in reality, they could not fulfill their responsibility. Indemnity is fearful and painful. We must ensure that our descendants do not undergo any indemnity by fulfilling our missions. We must be able to feel the sorrowful history that our Heavenly Parent had to undergo. Many saints have come and gone; yet, only True Parents revealed Heaven's sorrowful heart. We also understand the term "liberation of our Heavenly Parent" because we are aware of this providential history.

Foundation Day is the start of Cheon Il Guk. Since Korea is our Heavenly Parent's homeland, all nations and peoples must come to Korea and enthusiastically cooperate in order to make Korea into God's homeland substantially.

What is the present stance of the United States? Is it in a position where it helps others or in a position where it receives help? What can we do to bring about victory in the providence? What is the stance of second-generation members?

True Father should not be seen as only the Messiah but in the context of the victorious True Parents. All people and organizations must testify about True Parents. This is a precious blessing and a shortcut in accomplishing the ideal of a true family. You must testify about True Parents while you are still alive.

I have begun a new page in history through Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong and Champumo Gyeong. The rule of the thumb method no longer works today. You must not think of our church as an umbrella organization. You must clearly testify about True Parents. Though you have attended True Parents, you have not truly known them and this has caused serious problems. The biggest cause of the difference of heart between first- and second-generation members lies in the parents not being able to create the right environment for them. Though the True Children and you are still imperfect, I will work at setting matters right. Heaven has conducted the providence where the Cain world must be loved before Abel; as a result, True Parents had to leave the True Children in the care of our elder families and take the lead in advancing the heavenly providence. From such a standpoint, we can say that the True Children grew up in more pitiful circumstances than you did. Second-generation members grew up with their parents, while the True Children were always neglected. An environment could not be created. Blessed families should have protected and educated the True Children. True Parents could not love the True Children in the same way they loved Cain.

I will work toward firmly establishing Heaven's and True Parents' tradition in accordance with the Principle. In following that tradition I will love the second-generation members more than I love the True Children. I will erect the Cain children who will then educate the Abel children.

Though we say we understand the Principle, we have lived until now, ironically, without properly understanding the Principle. How do we understand the providential history of restoration through indemnity? Heaven's providential history of restoration established the Israelites as the first Israel and Christianity as the second Israel. Please deeply consider what kind of foundation would have been formed if they had met the Returning Lord, handed over all these foundations to him and attended him.

Heaven had prepared for Foundation Day for a long time. As we know, God did not work again through central figures that did not fulfill their responsibilities. We must help second-generation members and ensure that we are all victorious. We must cooperate through all possible means.

The first Israel and second Israel must cooperate with Korea, the third Israel and ensure that it is restored at all costs. Vision 2020 is our goal to find and establish True Parents' royal authority in Korea. Providential first- and second-generation members must march together to find our Heavenly Parent's homeland. The three providential nations, Korea, the United States and Japan, must change by investing their maximum effort and by living up to their faith at the risk of their lives at this point. Substantial changes must be visible to a certain extent within three years. Only by achieving this, can hope exist.

Kwon Jin was assigned as the person in charge of education in Las Vegas and has been conducting activities in my place, trying to yield results in the last place that Father laid a foundation. I am trying to help him stand as a son of True Parents by making him start from the very bottom and witness through the Principle and Father's teachings. Since True Parents cannot visit all 190 nations, we considered Las Vegas, where people from around the globe come, to be the best place to serve as the center for education.

At this point, you must advance with big responsibilities. Do not worry about the gap between first- and second-generation members. If the leaders that have been set up create the right environment, all of our concerns will disappear. When we look at Moses' and Abraham's courses, we understand how central figures create the right environment. We are the problem. Those in charge are the problem. The United States is like a desert. Leaders must carry out the mission of finding and feeding on grasshoppers and wild honey. In the early days of the providence in the United States, True Parents actively conducted a university-based movement. We must revive this movement.

We must save the seven billion people; however, since we cannot do it through our own efforts alone, we must look for talented people who can join us through a movement based on university campuses. Don't talented people around the world come to study in universities in the United States? Why aren't you making use of that environment? Bringing about a revival of activities on university campuses is an important mission for us. Therefore, we must push it forward. Second-generation leaders must find all second-generation members and families that are resting and educate and love them so that they fulfill their responsibilities centered on True Parents. We must all go together. Please guide them in true love. When we go to the spiritual world, we must be able to all breathe under the same heaven.

Only when we attend True Parents on earth, can humanity become one big family. Our lineage does not refer to the seeds in the fields, but refers to the precious children of a providence that is based on true love. Our mission is to gather everyone and move forward together. Let us all set up indemnity conditions through donations and voluntary activities in churches and go forward together. As people born through the blessing by True Parents, let us not fall but advance together. Education based on true love is important.

From now on, high school students, middle school students and elementary school students who desire to become future church leaders will receive education yearly with the True Children and True Grandchildren here in Kona, Hawaii, a good geographical location and the center of the Pacific Rim providence. Ten students each from Korea, Japan, and the United States and ten students from another continent will be selected to join this yearly two- or three-week workshop with the True Children and True Grandchildren.

Let us all become proud people of Cheon Il Guk. We must treat members with the heart of a parent and the heart of living for the sake of others. May the United States, which was at the center of True Parents' providential history for forty years, carry on the providence by becoming its center. 

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