The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Prepare for the future urgently

Hak Ja Han
June 28, 2013
30-Day Grandchildren's Workshop, Day 15
5.20 Heavenly Calendar
Kona, Hawaii

Now that the first anniversary of Father's ascension is getting closer, you must become first- and second-generation members that prepare for the future more urgently than at any other time. If you do not prepare, your lives will become more difficult. Until now, many second-generation members have been more preoccupied with how they should live instead of how they should lead a life based on the church. It is time to educate second-generation members that can think of the future of our church and take charge of a new future. During Father's time, Father took all the responsibility. The generation that had a direct relationship with Father is now in their sixties, seventies and eighties. The gap between them and young second-generation members is too wide.

I must put everything into order and establish the tradition. During the past ten months, Father's sermons, which are the guidelines for our lives, were compiled. It was prepared in the same way an unpolished stone is trimmed into a radiant gem. All the sermons and speeches Father gave after 2000 have been organized; Cheon Seong Gyeong has been readied and published with Pyeonghwa Gyeong. Champumo Gyeong will be ready sometime this year.

I founded the Universal Peace Academy, being aware of the pressing need to foster middle-level leaders in their thirties, forties and fifties. Thorough preparations are necessary in everything. We must be able to settle down more as each year passes. The United States must also quickly work on fostering second-generation members that are revived and filled with youthful spirit, so that they become young leaders representative of the future. We need young second-generation members as future leaders that are dedicated and invest effort with clear goals based on God's will.

True Parents conducted the providence in the United States for thirty-four years not only for the U.S. but also for the global providence. Hence, America must take the lead and cooperate to bring salvation to nations around the world. Leaders, however, could not understand Father's intentions and put True Parents in positions where they had to overcome many adversities and face many critical moments. The United States must become a country that you can boast of in front of the world. The eldest son must embrace younger brothers. Father started this important providence at the age of forty. You must be grateful, become a hundred percent united with True Parents and be united with God's will. Leaders must treat members like their own children; only by doing so can the members become interested. You must be able to teach the tradition of living for others' sake, living for the world, to your children and grandchildren. I hope to see swift action by our American members. In the future, speaking Korean will become compulsory for leaders. Also, members' competency in using the internet must quickly improve.

First generation members have taken the lead until now, even at the risk of having to sacrifice themselves, with True Father at their center. In the same way, second-generation members must become one with True Mother, completely invest themselves at the front line of the providence, become victorious and stand strong in glory. First-generation members must provide second-generation members with their wholehearted support, so that we all become victors in front of Heaven. First- generation members must lead. We can only go forward.

We are now the leading people in this Cheon Il Guk age, with True Parents at the center for the first time in history. If first- and second-generation members unite and lead lives of gratitude toward Heaven and True Parents at all times, the environment can also be put in order. Second-generation members' responsibility is important. I am planning to select Seonghwa Students from each of our church regions to join the True grandchildren in workshops starting from next year. 

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