The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

God's providence of salvation after the Fall was painful

Hak Ja Han
June 23, 2013
Hoon Dok Hae with Japanese leaders
5.15 Heavenly Calendar
Kona, Hawaii

Welcome. This place is a very important providential center in Father's providential history, and a center connecting the east, west, south and north within the Pacific Rim providence. Before I start explaining this point, you need to understand that God's providence of salvation after the Fall was painful. It was a difficult historical time. According to the principles by which God conducted the Creation... Seeing humankind multiply in great numbers caused God infinite sorrow and pain.

Under those circumstances, God still chose a lonely person, set up a people and opened a way to save a nation and the world through the four-thousand-year history of the providence of salvation. Then he sent one person in charge of completing the work. However, what did the Israelites do? They could not follow him. The person that was supposed to become the center within God's providential history ended up going to the spiritual world without being able to complete what he had come for; hence, he had no alternative but to say that he was going to return.

The Israelites, however, were unaware and a tremendous indemnity came to their descendants. The act was an enormous sin among sins; yet, Jewish people were not aware of this. Their future could not be easy as a result. Presently, the total number of Jews equals only two percent of the number of Christians. They are still unaware that their being the chosen people and the center of the providence has all come to an end. When Jesus said he was coming back, he meant that he was coming back through the foundation of Christianity. Two thousand years of providential history has passed; hence, it is now time for it to be revealed. It is time for it to be revealed. That is why Father conducted the providence, focusing on making Korea God's homeland for twelve years in the 2000s.

One must not lightly think that it will simply happen because Father said so. Because Father spoke about this, the people that are on earth must successfully realize it at all costs. You must achieve it. You have the responsibility.

It was during the era of the Roman Empire that historically human civilization was prepared to receive the Messiah, wasn't it? If Jesus had used the Roman Empire's foundation and had appeared as humankind's parent or as the Messiah, it would have been easy to expand to a global level through the Roman territory. The history of human civilization passed through the Italian peninsula, the continent, and then an island nation; it then passed through a continent again, an island nation and finally entered a peninsula.

I fence, a path to go onto the world through the Italian peninsula opened. There's a saying that says the sun never sets on the British Empire, which was centered on an island. Right? Britain also began a path heading toward the world.

We were supposed to attend the Heavenly Parent and finish what our ancestors hadn't concluded. However, this is not possible through the power of man alone. Even though man had been shown several times that the salvation, happiness or peace of humanity cannot come true through the power of man alone, man has not been able to understand this.

Christianity conquered the world through an island nation's civilization. However, when Christianity became corrupt, Puritans started immigrating to a new region, the Americas.

After the course returned to a continent again, America could rise to the central position through WWI and WWII. When this happened, the victorious nations helped the defeated nations for the sake of world peace. A good example is how the United States helped Japan. Instead of asking for compensation from the defeated country, the victorious county helped it instead.

In other words, because the time has come for the parents to come, all countries have become brothers and sisters. Now, as restored siblings, we must attend True Parents. True Parents must be revealed and attended. Do you understand what this means? We feel both grateful and ashamed for being in a position where we can actually fulfill this responsibility. Is this a joy or a misfortune?

If you can become ancestors who are able to accomplish joyful and grateful acts, complete everything within your generation, and enable your descendants to live in a peaceful, happy world; this is, to live in Cheon Il Guk, how honorable would that be?

What is there for you to lose from the standpoint of the individual at this precise time? Is there anything you want to hide from Heaven? It is the same with children. Children want to boast about what they consider the most valuable in front of their parents. Six of my grandchildren came here. One day, they visited a coffee farm and roasted some coffee. The next day, they attached their photographs to the coffee they each had roasted and brought it to me saying, "Grandma, please have this."

The children's hearts must become your hearts. When you have done something you want to boast about, or consider a miraculous deed, you do not want to keep it to yourself. You boast about it to your parents. You want to present it to them. With such a heart, you must be able to return everything to heaven without making any adjustments within your lives. That's the difference between you, who live in this era, and future generations. You are also different from those who lived before you.

I do not really know how deeply you have realized the preciousness of the position you are in. You must be grateful to your ancestors for your emergence at just the right time and age and for enabling you to live a life in attendance of True Parents. In addition, if you were leaders, the days during which you worked with True Parents will become unforgettable memories and a source of pride. Isn't that correct?

You all have many varied good aspects; yet, you must not keep them to yourselves. We are born because of our parents, and when we die, we go back to our parents. Hence, you must not hide your good traits as a result of looking at them individualistically.

In the 1990s, the state of affairs relating to the unification of Korea was quite serious. True Father, who was conducting an anti-communist movement and a unification movement, met North Korea's Kim Il Sung for the sake of the unification of the homeland. He also met the USSR's Mikhail Gorbachev. He did that at the risk of his life. He was the central figure in all respects and the central person had to resolve those circumstances.

From now on, you must not limit yourselves to just knowing. Father invested in all these areas for you and for the salvation of humanity. Hence, if you put Heaven in a disadvantageous position, you will face difficulties in the end.

You must know this. That is why the Pacific Rim era began based on Hawaii. Regarding Hawaii, we find that it is located right in the middle between the East and West, between Asia and the United States.

That is why I plan to conduct education for second-generation members here. In the Pacific Rim era, Japan must become the center and embrace Asia and the world. Japan must educate the world.

When a strong person nurtures determination, the determination to become something, desiring to become the best in a field, that person is likely to achieve it.

Even when it comes to trivial issues, people in the world invest so much effort into them day and night. Can we let ourselves perform less well than they have?

Neither heaven nor earth can change. However, you are not just yourselves. Therefore, Japanese people must set some indemnity conditions. That is why you must liberate your ancestors and forefathers.

After you liberate your ancestors, we must make an environment free from all indemnity and witness with all our might. You must witness with maximum effort and at the risk of your lives. That is why I have made Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeonghwa Gyeong which is like the essence.

Do not forget this. Have grateful hearts! Please become people that invest effort day and night with the determination to help people, even if it is one single person, learn more about True Parents. You must live a life of practice. Do you understand? Will you do that?

When your hearts are down, please watch the Foundation Day video and recharge yourselves. You must be able to produce descendants that are more talented than you and more capable in all aspects before your lives on earth come to an end.

This path is the only way to repay some of your debts to True Parents. Isn't that right? How can we beautifully pass down this tradition for eternity? Everything depends on you. We cannot allow any unnecessary twig in our culture. It must have no shadow. It must be transparent. You must become citizens of that type in Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand?

The kingdom of God on earth and in heaven is still a dream. However, we are in a position where we can realize it. This is how precious each one of you is; it indicates how much effort you must invest. You must live up to your faith. Do you understand?

True Mother presented everyone with coffee harvested from the Hawaiian Queen Coffee farm. 

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