The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

I will educate high school graduates in Korea

Hak Ja Han
June 18, 2013
30-Day Grandchildren's Workshop, Day 5
5.10 Heavenly Calendar
Kona, Hawaii

I will send high school graduates to Korea and educate them. Korea saw recent rapid development through the blessings from Heaven and True Parents. Koreans must understand this heavenly providence. They must realize the heavenly truth and be grateful.

The Israelites followed an arduous course after Jesus' crucifixion, but they did not understand the reason. If Korea does not accomplish its responsibility, Korea will face difficulties.

Heaven has given us everything. We must cultivate it well. We must fulfill all responsibilities assigned to us with a heart of gratitude and return honor and nobility to Heaven and True Parents. As people who live every single day in the same era as True Parents, we must clearly realize who we are and move ahead.

We must be grateful to True Parents for making us true sons and daughters. Please fulfill your responsibilities. The reason Jews could preserve their tradition and maintain their identity until now lies in their family education system. After the crucifixion, the Israelites were unaware of indemnity.

For one world to be achieved, languages must first be unified; therefore, all blessed families and second-generation members must thoroughly learn Korean. That is why I am planning a program to select second-generation members (high school graduates) that will be eligible for full scholarships to Sun Moon University after passing certain exams. I instructed Rev. Ki Hoon Kim to conduct a national lecture tour in Korea to educate members. 

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