The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Build a museum to explain the True Parents

Hak Ja Han
May 13, 2013
Breakfast Meeting
Haeundae Westin Chosun Beach Hotel, 4.4 HC

Yesterday, I wanted to speak in depth in Changwon, but nostalgia overcame me after seeing Father's efforts unfold before me like a panorama. I could not contain myself, so I left out some of what I wanted to talk about.

I thought about how before your lives are through, as pupils and blessed families who have lived at the point in time when True Parents were on earth, you all should give back to heaven and be in a position in which you can leave something behind.

I decided that we must build a museum to explain everything at a glance regarding how the people and the True Parents came on the day that humankind had eagerly awaited, and that God had anticipated; they completed and fulfilled providential history, and it was said that the new era had begun.

In the future, truly, you will be blessed. With the new era and the new history of Cheon Il Guk, though you may fall short, you have the special grace to be in the place where your ancestors can stand. Additionally, how closely you followed the vertical standard with True Parents, and the degree to which you lived your life according to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience is to be recorded on earth, in your country. When I think about this, it is not an easy decision. True Parents have pioneered everything because True Parents started a new history while on earth.

I remain living after Father's ascension, so it is my job to polish our tradition so that it shines brightly and organize things from every angle. This has to be done to prevent criticism from anyone. Do you see what I mean? Everything I put my hand to will become perfect. That is Father's will and my will. Now you must all make clear just who True Parents are.

You must speak and demonstrate how the unification of North Korea and South Korea can take place because of True Parents. We must live exemplary lives that testify to that. So today must be different from yesterday. In the past, the Women's Federation chairwoman said that they had resolved to bring in one new member per month. Yet, is one person a month going to be enough? For this nation to be restored, you must be determined to bring in one person a day. This is what was said. It's the same with you all. Save one life each day. Think about that.

You are becoming the people who can represent your ancestors. This depends on whether or not you can take responsibility for the blessed position you have been given. As someone living on earth in this era, you are in a position to receive great blessings. What status will you have in the position of having outstanding blessings in front of your ancestors and descendants? Do you understand? True Parents are always focused on you and are with you. This is solid backing. You are not alone. What kind of offering will you all make in front of Heaven for the torch to be lit from the south and to spread throughout the whole nation making it a nation that can fulfill its mission in just seven years? 

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