The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Global Worship for the Victory of Vision 2020

Hak Ja Han
May 5, 2013
2013 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune

Hak Ja Han - May 5, 2013

On the 3rd day of the '2013 Purification Azalea Festival for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune' (May 5) the 'Global Worship for the Victory of Vision 2020' was held at the CheongShim Peace World Center. Through her words, True Mother emphasized to do our best with life-or-death decision and never stop to testify True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who opened Cheon Il Guk to the world. (Edited: Department of Education and Planning, Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center)

My proud unification blessed families and members from around the world, I am grateful to see you. We welcomed the new spring for 2013. True Parents was fond of the season spring. It is a season full of dreams. All things revives and shows their beauty and promises the harvest of the fruition of the future.

Ladies and gentlemen! What is your dream? I ask the blessed children of the unification church to inherit the tradition of True Parents with absolute faith, fulfill the mission as Clan Messiah, expand your responsibility from clan to the society, nation and to the world, and do your best to create all the people into people of Cheon Il Guk which has been yearned by heavenly parents and True Parents for a very long time. This is the path for you who stand in front of your descendants as ancestors without any embarrassment.

For 6,000 years, heavenly parents and True Parents completed and finished the History of the Providence of Restoration for Indemnity, and it was heavenly parents and True Parents' wish to open the new era and new history and it was for the completion of Cheon Il Guk. Then how can you offer your gratitude to heavenly parents and True Parents? Do you know the great providential will which will put you in the position of an ancestor for Cheon Il Guk, according to your responsibility? You have the responsibility not just here in Korea but to the world to testify True Parents and tell everyone that True Parents opened Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? ('Yes!')

If you cannot fulfill your responsibility then you will be standing in a position of a very embarrassed ancestor. In this eternal world, would you refuse it just because it's difficult now? You must return something back to the heavens. You must be successful. You must show that heavenly kingdom on earth and heavenly kingdom in heaven had been opened in front of heavenly parents and True Parents. Do you understand? ('Yes!') It is our mission and responsibility to go towards that path and invest our entire being, make life-or-death decision and move forward without any stop. Please engrave this in your heart. (Applause) 

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