The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

2020 Inaugural Meeting

Hak Ja Han
April 3, 2013
To Church Leaders
Cheon Jeong Peace (HC 2.23)

It's great seeing you all. Are you happy? [Yes] Spring has come, and I am grateful to heaven for enabling us to celebrate this fortieth day after the Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day and for providing the opportunity to have this 2020 inaugural meeting for projecting your firm determination.

Spring brings into mind the Earth blooming after being frozen throughout winter and the hearts of people cheering up after that gloomy season. People busy themselves in preparation for spring. You can feel the arrival of spring in reality when you see these spring preparations, the great activities being carried out, and videos covering the hard-work of leaders and members on the front line. Can't you feel that? [Yes]

The hardened land will receive water in spring '' and soften for new sprouts and to receive new seeds.

Let your imagination wander. Isn't our Heavenly Parent's creation simply profound and mysterious? Spring is just the right time to feel and experience these wonders.

A new spring has also started for us, the new spring of Cheon Il Guk. A whole new history has begun and a fresh start. We have all eagerly waited throughout providential history for this culminating event' to take place.

We must be grateful and joyful for having the opportunity to welcome this new era while we are- still on earth and remember that we have the responsibility to live a life of practice. Are you all aware of that? Can you feel it? [Yes]

Dr. Chang Shik Yang in a teleconference, listening to reports and feedback from regional presidents regarding the 2020 Project and giving guidance based on what True. Mother has said recently

Now is the time to move forward through actions instead of words. For farmers, spring means energetically and painstakingly plowing their fields and planting seeds in order to harvest enough crops by autumn.

A farmer must take good care of his or her land in the process. Some farmers convey their love by conversing with the land within their hearts, protecting the land and fertilizing it well enough for the seeds to grow well and to produce a great yield.

All of you here today are pastors and leaders in your respective areas. What do you think must be done for the seed of life to yield abundant crops?

You must bear in mind how important your missions are.

Therefore, you cannot rest. You must raise every single life with a parent's heart day and night. The question now is, How can we do that?

I heard you have just participated in a four-day workshop. Is that right? I believe you heard various best practices and received all the necessary materials to fulfill your responsibilities.

It is important that you set up substantial goals every day. We have three meals a day, but a person's life is more important and urgent than food is. We must be able to reveal to the world that this nation is God's homeland by 2020. However, do you think we can achieve it in this present manner? It wouldn't be possible. Do you agree? [Yes]

We must be able to reveal to the world that this country is God's homeland by 2020, but this goal cannot be achieved using our old or current methods.

Therefore, we must dedicate ourselves day and night, investing tenfold, twentyfold or a hundredfold more effort than we do now.

Rev. Young Hwi Kim, former national leader of Korea, mentioned during the inaugural ceremony of Mr. No Hi Pak as the chairman of the Tongil Foundation that our three group -- referring to the FFWPU headquarters, the Tongil Foundation and Chung Pyung -- should unite and move together. That's completely right.

The church and businesses can be perceived as the mind and body. Chung Pyung is like the head because it attends Father at the Bonhyangwons and therefore represents heaven. When these three groups unite and advance with one heart and one will, success will certainly follow.

I would like to ask everyone here to cherish their time and achieve what Father last willed as he ascended to heaven -- the tribal messiah mission. Father had actually been talking about this for a long time. It was his sincere final request to all of you as he ascended.

You have all probably seen it on video several times. How did you all feel every single time you watched it?

How many Korean surnames do you think we have here today? I think that people with all the different Korean surnames can be found here today. Right? [Yes]

Then, if all of you were to completely dedicate yourselves, would any problem exist in restoring this nation in front of Heaven? [No]

What do you say to this? Is there any problem? Is it possible? Can we do it? Will we achieve it no matter what? What is your answer? [We will achieve it at all costs.]

We must achieve it no matter what. [Yes]

Church leaders and other members must completely unite. In the manner that the regional director prayed, I would like you to think about how the Israelites destroyed the wall around Jericho by marching around it seven times. What significance does that hold? We must continue testifying about

True Parents to the world, educate the world and proclaim the truth to the world. Then, the creation as well as people's hearts will soften just as the ground does in spring. That's the difference between those who understand the word and those who don't.

Therefore, do your utmost to reach every single person with the word; think of good ways to convey the word and Heaven's will. We are all chosen people. Imagine the heavy hearts of people later when they realize they could not attend True Parents while on earth. The path to liberate these people is in your hands. Imagine how grateful they would be if they understood this providence.

If there's anyone you recollect or remember during your prayers, do your best to reach that person. What is there to be scared of when Heaven is with us?

I just came back from Japan. I told those in charge to appoint many second-generation members and guide them to take the lead. Japanese families are still relatively young, but I found mature second-generation members among them. Three were appointed to the position of church leader, to work in the field. Members welcomed the changes. When a plan to increase the number of second-generation leaders was reported to me, I encouraged them to do that.

Some church leaders may be dispatched to churches with existing foundations, while others may not. I heard some second-generation leaders went to pioneering areas with very few members, and despite the difficult circumstances, they have been able to unite with those members and are now actively carrying out activities with gratitude.

Therefore, I would like you all to raise our second-generation members in Korea, too, with a mind toward sending them to the field as well. I have heard stories of wonderful ministries in churches where first-generation members and second-generation members have united.

The bulk of second-generation members have ended up living secular lives instead of living for a public cause, because senior families failed to create the right environment. Now, it is up to us to resolve that.

If only our first and second generations had become one, it would have been so much easier to advance toward 2020 on that foundation. Do you agree? [Yes]

All of you have children; therefore, you cannot deny how historic your responsibilities are today. Is that right? [Yes]

Let us say your family remains loyal to the will for generations. It would be a matter of great pride to that family and its history.

Many of your future descendants will revere you and follow you as their model. How honored and happy would your family be.

During the Yi Dynasty in Korea, the differences between different social classes were extreme. What position do you think you belong to? You must remember that you all live now in an era in which you can inscribe your names in the glorious positions of a patriot, a devoted child, a divine child and a saint. [Yes]

Both Father and I love spring. I would like to sing a song about spring as an act of encouragement for all of you. [Applause] [True Mother sings "A Spring Girl."] [Applause]

If Father were here, he would have said, "Ah! Mother's voice is truly beautiful." [Applause]

Do you also think so? [Yes]

True Mother Emphasizes Witnessing

True Mother had invited Rev. Yong Cheon Song, the regional president; Rev. Eiji Tokuno, the national leader; and forty district leaders from Japan for the Grand Opening of the new Il Hwa production facility in Chuncheon, Korea, on April 9. Afterward, she invited them to lunch at Cheon Jeong Peace Palace the following day. It happened to be True Parents' Day, which along with most other holy days is now to be celebrated in each nation rather than having many people meet in Korea. At the luncheon, reports were given about FFWPU-Japan's plans regarding Project 2020. Participants were impressed by True Mother's determination to bring great success by 2020. 

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