The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

In Spring Frozen Soil and People's Minds, Which Shrunk During Winter, Begin to Open

Hak Ja Han
April 3, 2013
Launching Ceremony of Vision 2020
Cheon Jeong Gung (CIG Year 1 HC 2.23)

Hak Ja Han – March 10, 2012

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

True Mother spoke at the ceremony which concluded the 3-day workshop for all Korean church leaders.

"I am glad to see you. Are you happy? Now the spring has come. I am grateful to Heaven to have a chance to hold the launching ceremony of Vision 2020 with you. Today is the 40th day after Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day.

Speaking of spring, don't you feel that the frozen soil as well as the minds of people which shrink during the wintertime, become more open? We can see in the video the people who become physically active and eagerly prepare themselves for spring. We can feel with our senses that spring has come. Isn't that the case with you? ('Yes.')

Frozen soil, after getting wet, is letting the trees' new buds come out, and is preparing to receive new seeds. Please imagine it. How mysterious is the creation of Heavenly Parent! Such a season has come when we can actually feel and experience it.

We also have now a new type of spring. It is the new spring, new history, and new start of the Cheon Il Guk, which has been waited, for a long, long time in the providential history. I can't emphasize enough how thankful and grateful we should be to be able to meet such a time during our life time. We have the responsibility of putting what we have learned into practice. Do you know it? Do all of you feel it? ('Yes.') Time has come we walk the talk.

In spring, farmers diligently cultivate and seed the soil without stopping in order to obtain sufficient harvests in the autumn. While checking around the field, they talk to and love those seeds, and protect and give fertilizer to them so that they can grow to bring good harvest.

All of you here are church leaders and responsible persons. You have such an important responsibility of harvesting the seeds of life as many as possible. For that sake, you should not have even one day to take a rest. With the heart of parents who care for their children days and nights, I think you should raise each person.

What should you do in order to do that? You have just finished the 3-day workshop. You have been given all the necessary materials for your activities, and listened to testimonies on successful activities. From now on, set your goal every day. You eat three meals a day, but what you have to think more seriously and urgently is to save the life of one person every day.

By 2020, we need to let the world know that this nation is the homeland of the Heavenly Parent, and do you think we can do it with this small membership? We can't, can we? ('No.') This means you need to make more efforts than 10 times and 100 times, and please don't skip even one day for that sake.

I heard that Rev. Young Whi Kim, who is one of the previous presidents of HSA-UWC Korea, had said during the inauguration ceremony of the new president of the Foundation (who is Mr. No Hee Pak) that we must go forward with three organizations united: FFWPU, Foundation and Chung Pyung must be united in the spirit and love of the Heavenly Parent. He is right.

The relationship of the church and our business organizations are like that of mind and body, and 본향원 (Garden of the Original Home) in Chung Pyung where we attend True Father corresponds to Heaven and the head of human body. Therefore, when these three, becoming one, go forward towards one goal in one heart, we will be successful, won't we? So don't waste your time.

Father in his last days asked you to accomplish the responsibility as the Tribal Messiah, which actually he has been saying for a long time. (Holding back her tears) That was what he earnestly asked you to do at the moment of his Seonghwa. You have seen the video clip (Father's Seonghwa), haven't you? Every time you see it, what do you feel?

How many family names do you think we have here today? I would say we have all Korean family names here, don't you think? ('Yes.') If such is the case, when all of you here work hard, we wouldn't have any problem in restoring this nation to Heaven, wouldn't we? ('No.') We wouldn't have any problem. It is possible. We can do it. We have to do it. Which one would be your answer? We have to do it without fail. ('Yes.')

You church leaders, becoming united with members, need to continue to testify True Parents. You have to educate people and make proclamations like the walls that tumbled down in Jericho Then as what happens in spring, all minds and hearts of humans and animals become softened. Don't you think so? To listen to the truth or not will make such a difference. So doing your very best, let all people know the truth without exception, while considering how you can convey the truth and Heaven's will to the people.

All of you are Koreans, chosen people. Korean people will come to have a heavy feeling that they couldn't attend Father while he was on earth, and it is you that can liberate them from such a feeling. How much will they be grateful to you when they come to know Heavenly will?

So if you have people whom you recall in your prayer and thought, do your very best for them. Heaven is with us, and so there is nothing to be afraid of.

When I visited Japan, I said to appoint as many 2nd gen as possible (to public missions). Japanese families are younger than Koreans but there are some adult 2nd gen. Three 2nd gen were assigned as church leaders in the front line and the response of the members was very good. So they said they wanted to assign more 2nd gen to be church leaders. I gave them a nod. I heard, not only in the area that has a foundation of our church, but also in the area where we have few members, they are working hard, united with a 2nd gen leader. I heard also that they are creating harmony in between 1st and 2nd gen leadership. So please raise and send 2nd gen to the front line in Korea as well.

Since 환경창조 (creation of environment) hasn't been done for a long time, many 2nd gen left the church being focused on their personal issues rather than on Heaven's will. But now we must put things in order. If those 2nd gen had been united, we would have had a much easier way towards 2020. Don't you think so? ('Yes.')

All of you as the church leaders have your own children, and your current position is a historical one. There is no doubt, isn't there? If you and your following generations are loyal keeping that position, your family history would be something you can be proud of. I would say your descendants, putting you in such a honorable position, would worship and follow you. Then your family lineage would be honorably and proudly considered.

What kind of position do you think you have? Please don't forget that you are living in the era when you can engrave your name with the honorable status such as filial son or daughter, patriot, saint, and divine son or daughter." (Applause)

(She stood up and said) "Both Father and I like spring. So to encourage you, I will sing a spring song." (Applause)

She sang "봄처녀 (Spring virgin)." After the song, she said, "If Father was here, he would say 'Mother's voice is so beautiful.'" (Laughter and applause) "Do you think so too? ('Yes.')" Then all sang together with Mother "엄마야 누나야 (Mother, sister must)." 

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