The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

The 53rd Holy Wedding Anniversary

Hak Ja Han
April 2013
Las Vegas

Spring has come in our providence. Right? Being April 2013, it is spring. Who do you think are the busiest people in spring? Farmers. Isn't that correct? Are you preparing for the day of hope when we will accomplish the responsibilities given to us by Heaven with a farmer's heart? We often call winter's freezing temperatures "Commander Winter."

Winter is also considered a time of frozen soil. What is spring? Spring is called "Commander Spring" and has spring soil. It is a time when the frozen soil becomes ready to receive seeds. How does the farmer prepare himself? Doesn't he make plans for spring all throughout winter? The farmer would think, what seeds should I plant this spring to have a rich harvest in autumn? Some farmers will follow traditional farming methods, while more educated people will study and try to find ways to use the conveniences of modern civilization to harvest better and more abundant crops.

Suppose you are now farmers for God's will. Your mission, then, as tribal messiahs becomes your farmland. Whether this land becomes fertile or barren will depend on each one of you. Do you realize that?

Therefore, if you are idle in this good season, your autumn harvest will be marginal. Blessings do not come by just sitting still. Do you understand? [Yes]

You watched a short video on True Parents' lives today. If you had not met True Parents, what kind of lives would you have lived? You probably would have led lives attached to the material needs within the set environment of your families and nations. Only a few look around them, aim high, or even think of living for the sake of their nation or the world. As people who have met True Parents, are you aiming high or low? How should elevated people aim high and act? You know how. Right?

Brothers and sisters, the autumn harvest of this providential period will depend upon the efforts and dedication with which you care for your mission. How must you appear, what kind of result do you need to bring to the approaching first anniversary of Father's ascension in order to stand with a heart of gratitude on that clay? I look forward to it. Please work hard! 

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