The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Our church is like the mind and our businesses correspond to the body

Hak Ja Han
March 22, 2013
Cheon Jeong Gung (CIG Year 1 HC 2.11)

Hak Ja Han – November 22, 2011

Note: These notes are unofficial translation from the text posted on FFWPU Korea web page. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Mother spoke to the leaders of our business organizations that day.

I proclaimed that in 2020 I would offer to Heaven this Korea as the fatherland of God. In order to do that, I need you to fulfill your responsibility and I need your help. When I see the church as an organization, I can compare it to the mind and body. When we think our church is like the mind, our business corresponds to the body. They can't be separated, like the relationship of mind and body, and they must be united. Right? That's why the church organization and the business organization must be one. The body must be healthy and it should work hard completely fulfilling its responsibility and must actively co-operate with what the mind wants to do. Then we can create a healthy individual, church, society, nation and the world which have a healthy mind and body.

In that sense, I would like to give you an opportunity in which you can do your very best. Before 2020, what I want to do the most is to make The museum of the Life of True Parents. Humankind has met the Second Advent, whom they had been eagerly waiting for 2,000 years, haven't they? People will know this fact soon. They will soon know that they cannot develop further using their old lifestyle and teachings.

True Father as the Savior, Lord of the Second Advent, and True Parent, for whom heaven and humankind had been waiting for six thousand years, came on this earth and restored so much providential history. But when I reflect on Father's Seonghwa, we, the Unification Church and its' members have been so insignificant and couldn't make Father known to the world. That's been so regretful for me. It is obvious that our descendants would have difficulties when we don't fulfill our responsibilities. That's why you 1st gens, by all means, must open the new era during your life time and let people know that the Second Advent and True Parent has come and gone. It has already been six months since Father's Seonghwa. How much efforts have you made in looking for new life which is your responsibility? Your life from now on is also shorter than the period you have lived as of now.

7 billion people live on earth now. It would be more than 7 billion. When all these people, who lived with us in the same age, go to the spirit world without knowing True Parents and the truth, how much do you think they would cry their hearts out? You wouldn't be able to have any excuse when they say "Why didn't you tell me this while we lived on earth?" When you don't fulfill your responsibility, your descendants will have to pay indemnity. You are all Blessed families and I believe you understand through the teachings and words of True Parents that you should fulfill your responsibility. That's why, having chosen, not only Korea but also at least 43 other nations in the world, we need to restore by 2020. I am speeding up the progress.

I wish all of you to participate in it. To remain in the current situation won't work. You, without fail, investing all your Jung Sung, wisdom, and everything you have, should make the business you are responsible for, perfect during this period of heavenly grace. Your business should be able to contribute to the will of Heavenly Parent. Husband and wife, being united with each other, must do witnessing too. You must develop your business by fulfilling your responsibility. Only our success will open the way for our descendants to go forward. Don't forget this. Do you understand? ("Yes.") All of you need to participate in making the museum of the life of Father. It would be a (True Parents') history museum. We should make the museum as the masterpiece, the only one and the best in the world. We need to make it in such a way so that all humankind comes to see the life and history of True Parents and vividly understand how much True Parents tried to embrace all humanity.

You understand why I established the Universal Peach Academy. A great poet Tagore from India, 150 years ago praised Korea. What did he see and feel when he made the poem? He wrote "In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp-bearers. And that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again. For the illumination in the East." He understood Heaven's providence. The True Owner and the Second Messiah came to Korea, which makes Korea shine to the world. What else can Korea be proud of? The fact that you had your life attending True Parents in this era is a great blessing and grace to your descendants and ancestors. You shouldn't keep such blessings only within yourself. You need to lead a life for the sake of others. You need to be the one who make neighbors peaceful and happy and should expand further such an environment.

Therefore, in front of Heaven that opened the era of Cheon Il Guk, we, who live in this era, have a mission to bring back all humankind as the citizens of the Cheon Il Guk. There cannot be "failure" in your life from now on. Do you understand? ("Yes.") Only "success" is our way to go. Can all of you promise to become victors in front of Heaven and all humanity? ("Yes.") So, for you the heads of our business organizations please practice such life with your family first before anybody else. I would like to put you in such position where you will have been able to contribute to the great will of Heavenly Parent. Do you welcome this? ("Yes." Applause)

Recently, I have had more concerns about my grandchildren and I am educating 2nd and 3rd gens on how to pray every morning and evening. "하늘 부모님 감사합니다 / Heavenly Parent, thank you." This is the first phrase, and then "천지인 참부모님의 참사랑을 실천하는 / to practice true love of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." You need to practice in your life, don't you? Then "효자, 충신, 성자의 도리를 하는 / perfect the duty of a devoted son (or daughter), patriot, and divine son (or daughter)." Then, for example, in my family, "효손 문신준이 되겠습니다 / I, Shin Jun Moon, will become a filial grandson" If they are the 2nd gens, they say "I pray this in my name, a second generation member of a Blessed family." If they are the 3rd gens, they also pray accordingly. This is "환경창조 / creation of environment." After Heavenly Parent created the universe and then Adam and Eve, they could converse with Heavenly Parent asking and answering questions. This was before the fall.

Our culture needs to be reborn through the truth starting within the family. Two days ago, I spoke to Korean elders and Itinerary workers, and one of them was a Korean-Japanese couple who had some difficulties. They have a 10-year-old son, who eagerly read the Divine Principle and the Cheon Seong Gyeong and he continues doing it. I heard all their environments came to be put in order without them realizing it. The reason I said this is because I hope you really feel that the spirit world is now working amazingly on earth since Father's Seonghwa. We are fully equipped to make everything happen. But why haven't you succeeded? The problems lie in each of you.

Through this gathering today, you must be determined to establish the Heavenly Tradition. You need to become the ones who live always attending True Parents. I guess you know your results depend on how much you sincerely attend True Parents in your daily life and in your business. When you live for the sake of others with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, a great blessing of Heaven will be with you. Do you understand? ("Yes.") I held this gathering hoping you will become the leaders who make such efforts and lead a successful life. (Applause) 

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