The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

You See a New Heaven and a New Earth

Hak Ja Han
February 28, 2013
National Leaders' World Assembly
Cheon Jeong Gung

National leaders in front of Cheon Jeong Gung

Do you want me to speak? [Yes.] How many are here today? [Two hundred and twenty people.] Are all 220 church leaders? [Yes.] Or church directors?

Are you aware of being happy in that you are among the chosen people? How did you come to be chosen from among the world's 7 billion people? There are many great people in the world. Many world-renowned people did not know about the larger providence but nonetheless made effort to live in goodness. That being the case, how did you come across the Unification Church and learn about True Parents? Isn't it almost like a dream, and shouldn't you be grateful for it? [Yes.]

We celebrated Foundation Day a few days ago, and you saw a new heaven and a new earth. Didn't you? [Yes.] Also, you are standing at the center of this great change. Isn't that a miracle? [Yes.] You have received this unimaginable grace and blessing. Who brought that about? Who brought you here? It was through True Parents' grace. Wasn't it? [Yes.]

That is why I told you that you should live for at least three weeks with gratitude in your hearts, gratitude from your bone marrow. For the rest of your lives, until your days on earth are over and you have passed on into the next world, you should have ardent gratitude in your hearts, thinking to yourselves that you are thankful for all that you have been given in spite of the fact that you are unworthy in many ways.

This period is one in which it is as if we are creating the universe under our Heavenly Parent. Do you understand? With our grand goal of the establishment of Cheon Ii Guk, we are now creating the universe. What kind of beings do you wish to become? Do you wish to become the sun or the moon?

Based on your resolve and actions, the creation of the universe is substantially taking place through your own bodies, something that you could not possibly imagine or believe. When you consider this, you should realize that you are not in a position in which you can just sit still and only think about it...

Recently, a Korean singer became a worldwide hit with some strange dance; he became a top global star within a year. You too should be greatly excited and moved in your hearts to such an extent that you don't know what to do with your- selves and your bodies move of their own accord. In other words, you should translate your feelings into action, begrudging even the hours you sleep, you should do your best to share this excitement, gratitude and blessing with others. Do you realize this or not? [Yes.] Are you determined to do it? [Yes.]

This is truly the first and the last opportunity in your lives. You are at the center of this amazing blessing of creating the universe with our Heavenly Parent. What beings will you be made into? You are in a position where you can be praised by your future descendants for generations and generations to come. Depending on your actions, you will be made into new beings. Would you settle for becoming a lower being?

Wouldn't you rather be created into a higher animal, a superior symbol of all created things? You should go down in history as a being that when seen is boasted of and praised again and again. Heaven has given you an opportunity to become such a being. However, what will happen if you cannot fulfill your responsibilities?

Father said repeatedly that all leaders' meetings should be conducted in Korean. Will you not fulfill the last wish of a man who is no longer in the world? It is something you can actually do if you make up your mind to do it. If you think it is difficult to learn Korean, you could start by learning Korean songs.

I have seen many of our members succeed in this task. When they tried to learn, they did learn. In my opinion, the country that has the least aptitude for learning languages is Japan, yet many Japanese people learned to speak Korean fluently.

Won't you set yourself this challenge in this era of Cheon II Guk? [Yes.] You can do it. Repeat after me: We can do it! [We can do it!] I will do it! [I will do it!] That's right. We have set ourselves the goal of restoring God's fatherland in seven years. In this regard, it is only right that we should speak and understand the language of God's fatherland. Is that clear? [Yes.]

Don't stop. There is no one who can stop a person in progress. Doing something constantly and making effort to do it depends on whether you are determined to do it or not. There is one fact that you should have confidence in: You are happy people. Why? Because you have me. Do you understand that? [Yes. Applause] I am not being boastful; it is the plain truth. Isn't it? [Yes.]

If I had not been here for Foundation Day, would you have achieved it? You wouldn't have. Would you have? [No.] Therefore, I hope we can live this one month with grateful hearts.

I also pray that during the time that remains for us, you will all achieve great results and become shining winners. [Mother makes a pun on a homonym that can mean either "light" or "debt."] Brightness! You need to become bright people and bright leaders.

When we think about our Heavenly Parent, our hearts ache so much that they hurt. He has waited for so long, and I am here alone for Foundation Day.... [Mother becomes tearful.]

So I will establish the tradition of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents on the solid Rock of Ages. Do you understand? [Yes.]

We serve the eternally unchanging Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Don't you know that? [Yes.] As long as our Parent is with us, our traditions will be established on a solid rock, and we will most definitely be in the position to receive eternal reverent respect as sons and daughters of Cheon II Guk and as citizens of Cheon II Guk that have fulfilled our responsibilities. Do you understand? [Yes.]

To make this come to pass, we need to march forward. We need to begrudge every passing moment. While you are still here on earth, we need to mobilize all our wisdom and all our resources to bring, as quickly as possible, the world's 7 billion people to become citizens of Cheon II Guk so that they can all be embraced in Heaven's bosom. Is that clear? [Yes.] [Applause] If you pledge to do that, raise both your hands and vow to do so in front of our Heavenly Parent. [Aju! We vow to do it! [We vow to do it!] We will make it happen at all costs. [We will make it happen at all costs.] We promise. [We promise.] Thank you. [Applause] 

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