The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Where Is Your Hometown?

Hak Ja Han
February 28, 2013
Cheon Jeong Gung

To some of the earliest members of the Unification Church

I want to see from close up how the years have changed you. You have changed much. I thought I was the only one who had aged. Welcome.

If I were to say a few words, I would first like to ask you, where is your hometown? Where is your birthplace? Is it Korea? What ties do you have to your birthplace? I was born in North Korea, and I only have memories of living there until the age of six. How about you?

In the report Rev. Yang gave a while ago, he said that he had decided to send you to pioneer your hometowns, but when he checked, he found that more than 90 percent of them were no longer there.

That being the case, where do you wish your hometown to be? Well? Do you wish it to be Jeongju or Anju? [Yes]

You are just saying that because that's where I'm from. That's what I think. For most of you, it has been fifty or sixty years since you joined our church. Wherever it was, the place where you first found and joined the Unification Church all those years ago could be called your hometown, couldn't it? Isn't that so? Don't you think so?

At that time, were any one of you unexcited and not delighted or grateful in your heart to see Father and hear his message? You were. Weren't you? You were all excited. Weren't you? You had met the Lord who brought a new, true life to you in this fallen world, so you must have been excited. Isn't that true? There are many Christians in the world and many believers of other religions as well, but we alone came to know of Heaven's providence and met the Lord before others. Isn't this something to be grateful for?

What did you do next, then? Rather than keeping it to yourself, didn't you wish to share it with others? You wanted to witness to others. Didn't you? Well, did you? Did you actually go out to do that?

Looking at the larger picture, we can see that we have received deep grace and blessings from Heaven. We have received blessings that we could not have even imagined as fallen human beings. For one, the fact that we have separated ourselves from Satan is a great blessing in itself. The fact that you came to know me is in itself a miracle.

In the three years of his public life, Jesus traveled back and forth in Israel, a small nation. Some time ago, I visited Israel and toured the nation by car. It took only four hours to see everything in it. Haven't you ever thought to yourselves that we too are only going around in circles in such a small environment? What do you think?

Is the environment of fifty or sixty years ago similar to the environment of today, or different? Answer me.

Some of you here are younger than I am. Therefore, if I had one wish it would be to reignite the yearning you felt in your hearts for the homeland at the time when the church was in its beginning and help it to bear fruit, and then take you with me. Would you like that? [Yes. Applause] Will you do that?

It has been almost six months since True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony. When I look back after all this time, I cannot help feeling that we are so unworthy. We did so little for him.

If we only stay where we are and do nothing, there will be no way for you to avoid accusations from the 7 billion people of the world and your descendants.

I heard that a devout member who offers many devotions had a vision of the spirit world and saw that Father was having so much trouble there because of the blessed families who were in the spirit world. What do you think is the meaning of this?

You know that after the fall of Adam and Eve, Heaven's providence of salvation has continued until now with much difficulty. Don't you?

And the history of True Parents, which began in 1960, has also been providential history of restoration through indemnity. We could not move forward without paying indemnity. You are well aware of that. Aren't you? True Parents shouldered all the burdens of fallen humanity and resolved them all. What did you do? You only received.

When you think that as an elder blessed couple you are not being treated right, you feel dissatisfied, and no matter what the situation is in the church, you only think about yourselves -- even those of you who formerly worked as church leaders. If I were to ask you to close your eyes and raise your hands if you could say in good conscience that your thoughts were 100 percent about God's will and the providence, I'm sure that not one of you could raise your hand.

Father, on the other hand, is working desperately to open the way to the era of Cheon II Guk. You have now been given this last chance to show filial piety to your parents and make up for all that you failed to do until now. When the time comes for us to go to our hometown and homeland in the eternal world, don't you want to go there with pride?

I want you all to be in the position of a victor. Therefore, I want to establish you as blessed couples and elder members that are free from accusation or indemnity. Will you help me do that? [Yes. Applause] 

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