The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

You are the chosen and happy people

Hak Ja Han
February 28, 2013
Cheon Jeong Gung (CIG Year 1, HC 1.19)

Hak Ja Han -- February 22, 2013

You want me to talk? ("Yes.") How many leaders are here today? (Chang Shik Yang "There are 220 people.") They are all national leaders and staff, are they not?

Do you know you are the chosen and happy people? How could you be chosen out of 7 billion people? There are many people who are proud of themselves in society. There are many famous people in the world even though they don't deeply understand God's will. How come you, with some reason, were connected to the Unification Church, and realized that there are True Parents? This is like a dream and something you should be grateful with, isn't it? ("Yes.")

This time I held the ceremony of Foundation Day, and you witnessed a new heaven and new earth, did you not? ("Yes.") You came to stand in the central position during this period of great transition, and I would say this must be a miracle for you.

You received the grace and Blessing that are beyond your imagination, but because of whom could you receive them? Who brought you to this place? It is by the grace of True Parents. Do you think so? ("Yes.")

That is why I said this: You should lead your life at least for three weeks after Foundation Day with gratitude from the bottom of your heart.

Before you are finished with the rest of your life and go to the spirit world, you should live with such sincere gratitude thinking: "How could Heaven give such a huge blessing to an unworthy person like me."

We are now in the period when we are creating a heaven and earth attending the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Do you know that? Aiming at our goal, which is the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, we are in the period of creating a heaven and earth. What kind of existence do you want to become? Do you want to become the sun or moon?

Creation of a heaven and earth, which is amazing and beyond your imagination, depends on your determination, effort, and action, and that is now substantially happening through you. When you think of it, you are not in a position where you can simply sit still, only contemplating.

I recently heard that one strange Korean singer became the top in the world. [Referring to Jae Sang Park better known by his stage name Psy (싸이)] When I think of your status, it should be that you can not help but start dancing with excitement and joy. It should be that you can not help but take action without even sleeping. You should make your utmost efforts to share the grace and Blessing with others. Do you know it or not? Do you know it or not? ("Yes.") Have you been determined to do so? ("Yes.")

This is the opportunity that has come to you for the first and last time. You have the tremendous blessing of being able to create a heaven and earth together with Heavenly Parent. What kind of creature do you want to become?

You are in a position where your descendants would praise you for eternity but it depends on you what kind of creature you become. Like a bacteria or a higher animal? But you don't want to become a super creature, do you? You need to become a creature that will be praised for generations, and you are given such an opportunity by Heaven. When you can not fulfill your responsibility, what would happen to you?

Father said when we have this kind of leaders' meeting, we need to speak in Korean. He has told that many times, but you would say that you can't listen to the last words of the person who passed away (Seonghwa)? To learn Korean is something you can do if you decide to do it. If you think that you have difficulties in studying Korean, start with Korean songs. I have seen many successful cases of our members. I saw that when they made efforts, they could do it. I think the people who have the least talent in learning languages are the Japanese, but even they are doing well. In the era of Cheon Il Guk, do you not want to try to study Korean? ("Yes.") (Strongly) You can do it. Say "I can do it!" ("I can do it!") I will do it! ("I will do it!") You should do it.

I say we will establish God's homeland within seven years. You should be able to speak and understand the language of that nation. Do you understand? Do not stop doing it and nothing can stop those who continue to do it. I think it depends on consistency, your efforts and determination.

You should be able to be confident with one thing at least. Which is that you are happy people. Why? Why? Because I am here with you. Do you know it? ("Yes.") (applause) It is not that I am proud of myself but it is true. Do you understand?

If I had not been here on Foundation Day, do you think you could have seen the light? You could not have seen it, could you? Therefore, I hope you will spend this one month with gratitude. In the rest of your life I hope you become leaders like the light to others.

When I think of Heavenly Parent, my heart is broken. (Holding back her tears) How long has Heavenly Parent been waiting for? How come I alone held Foundation Day... (Silent) I will firmly establish the tradition of Heavenly Parent and True Parents on the eternal foundation. Do you understand?

We attend the eternal and unchanging Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Do you know that? ("Yes.") When Heavenly Parent is together with us, our tradition will be established on a strong foundation without fail. Also it is obvious that we, as the sons and daughters, and the citizens of Cheon Il Guk who fulfilled our responsibility, will come to stand in the position that will be praised forever. Do you know that?

For the sake of that task, we must go forward. Using all the wisdom and investing every single thing we have, in the shortest time period, we need to make all 7 billion people become the citizens of Cheon Il Guk so that Heaven can embrace all of them. This must be done during your life period. Do you understand it? ("Yes.")

Those who pledge to do it, raise both of your hands and pledge in front of True Parents. We pledge! ("We pledge.") We will accomplish it without fail! ("We will accomplish it without fail!") You promised me to do it. ("Yes.") Thank you. (applause). 

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