The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Heavenly Parent's Morning Day Speech

Hak Ja Han
February 10, 2013

May you receive many New Year blessings.' This is a year in which you should go beyond receiving blessings and work hard to share them with others.

I believe we have all been greatly moved by True Father's words, which we read in today's Hoon Dok Hae. When Father established God's Day, he had God's liberation and Foundation Day already in mind and he called God our Heavenly Parent. You heard that in Father's prayer just now. Didn't you? That's right. God's wish is to become the parent. To achieve this, we have followed a path for sixty years, the path of the providence of restoration through indemnity, under True Parents' guidance.

As you may have heard read in Father's speech moments ago, at the time that Father established Parents' Day, the world population was 3 billion. What is the number now? [It is 7 billion.] So the number has more than doubled. Now it is 7 billion. It may even be 7.5 billion.

The world population has grown rapidly in those forty- six years, but we should not merely feel glad about it. Our responsibility and mission has grown that much more important. Heaven and humanity have sought after a world of peace, a world without wars and hunger, a world of freedom, but history to this point has been unable to achieve this goal.

Father led the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity to victory. However, the truth is that behind it all was too much sorrow, grief and suffering to measure. That is how it is with indemnity. He recovered and established everything for us, but the fact of the matter is that we are not in a position where we can just receive it. If we fail to fulfill our responsibility, we too need to pay indemnity. Do we, or don't we? [We do.]

In forty-some years the world population of 3 billion has become 7 billion, and it is the wish of our Heavenly Parent and our wish, as well as a responsibility to be fulfilled in our lifetimes, to make sure that no one in the world, not even those living in the far corners of the world, remains ignorant of the Heavenly Parent, at this point in time when the era of Cheon Il Guk is only days away.

Titles like filial son or daughter and loyal patriot cannot be given when you are comfortable. Unless you have endured much suffering and difficulty and risked your lives for your parents, devoted all your energies for your country, unless you have such a heart and have translated it into action, you cannot receive such titles. Do you understand this?

This moment in time, never seen in history and never to be seen again, is truly the most blessed and happiest time in your life, but if you fail to fulfill your responsibility, it will become the most wretched moment. Why? Because the 7 billion people of the world to whom you have failed to witness will accuse you. Do you understand the term "accusation"? [Yes.] They will say, "Why did you receive the blessing and not tell us about it?" When those living in the farthest reaches of the world join our church, learn about the providence and come to know that the long awaited Lord at his Second Corning, the Messiah, the Savior, came to earth and lived in the same era that they did, breathing the same air, yet they did not have one chance to see him before he passed away, they will deplore this fact forever. Do you understand that? Moreover, you should know that the True Family and blessed families have an even greater responsibility and that they may have to pay much more indemnity for that.

As we usher in the new year today and celebrate God's Day, we should respect and uphold our Heavenly Parent. Also, we need to pass on the word to all peoples in all corners of the world. What does the Bible say about the word and the rod of iron? It says all nations will be ruled by them. What do you think this means? It means we need to witness to others. Do you understand? [Yes.]

This is why, starting with the senior couples, I am summoning to the homeland those who are working hard and achieving good results as national messiahs, one by one. Do you think I am doing the right thing?

We need a nation in which God, our Heavenly Parent, can dwell. We need citizens as well. What, then, do we need to do? What should be done? Let me see the people at the back. What needs to be done? [We need to witness.] Witness! We need to witness. We need to fulfill our mission as tribal messiahs. Can you do this? [Yes.]

You need to do this in the remaining years of your life. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to face True Father when you go to the spirit world. He will say to you, "I taught you to do that while I was on earth; moreover Mother also asked you earnestly to do it." You need to do this at all costs, not only for yourselves but also for the future generations of your descendants. Is this true or not? [It is true.]

I have sometimes said that we need to create a good environment. In a good environment, when you say one word those listening to you will understand ten words. In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, were they able to communicate with God or not? They were able to exchange questions and answers with Him. The same can be true for us. When the blessed families create such an environment for themselves, they will be able to witness to others with the littlest of effort. After Foundation Day, you may see such amazing miracles being wrought, depending on how much sincere effort you make. I guarantee this. [Aju! Applause!]

You may have very little time left on earth, by which I mean your time on earth in the flesh. I am not young myself, and I know that the thirty-six couples and seventy-two couples are very old now. However, I summoned these senior couples and said to them, "The term life-and-death resolution applies to you now."

They can't know if they will have ten or twenty more years on earth, but if they devote their whole lives to working for the providence, when they pass away they will automatically enter the kingdom of heaven and receive a title such as loyal patriot or filial son or daughter. Won't they? Isn't that true? [It is true.]

Don't men in particular care a lot about honor? When they are given a title, they never want to separate from it. Women, on the other hand, are a little different, I think. Because they have motherly love, I believe they are better at practicing the act of embracing, of giving and forgetting, than men. Is that true, or not, ladies? [It is true. Applause]

Even if I suffer some small loss, I give and forget and invest again, for everyone and for the future. Today is the forty-sixth anniversary. Isn't it? Will you resolve on this day to lead such a life, or not?

Life-and-death resolution! [Life-and-death resolution!] Devoting all our energies! [Devoting all our energies!] Let us set ourselves on fire with passion! [Let us set ourselves on fire with passion!] You need to put these words into action.

Hoping that you will all become proud Unification Church blessed families, I have told you earlier that I called the senior members of the seventy-two couples and asked them to shoulder the burden. By 2020, when we celebrate one hundred years since Father's birth, we need to establish this nation, not only in name but in reality, as God's homeland. Can this possibly be done? [Yes.] Is it possible? [Yes.] Let us make it happen. [Applause]

Therefore, though there are many providential nations, we will carry out great works centering on Korea, Japan and the United States. I believe the preparation for it is well underway in Korea. It will also be done in Japan. Japan! (Yes.] Will you do it? [Yes.] Will you be outdone? [No.]

However, I think there are some problems in United States. So, is Regional President Ki Hoon Kim here? [Yes, I am here.] Stand up. is Moon Shik Kim here? [Yes.] Moon Shik Kim was an itinerant worker, but should now go to Canada. [Yes, I will.] And Regional President Ki Hoon Kim will become the Chairman of the Unification Movement in the United States. Has Mr. Balcomb come? [Yes, I am here.] [Michael] Balcomb will be appointed president [national leader in the U.S.]. [Applause]

Centering on the international president, Hyung Jin, you three should become one in heart and in mind-set and devote yourselves completely for the restoration of North America. [Yes, we will.]

The fact is that the United States is a nation that Father spared no effort in for forty-some years. He established it as the eldest-son nation, but it has not fulfilled its responsibility. The eldest son needs to embrace his brothers, but it has been absorbed in saving itself and hasn't looked after its brothers. That is wrong. So I will reorganize everything and right all the wrongs. Is that clear? [Yes.]

Ki Hoon Kim! Yes.) Many foundations were prepared by Father, like those for Christianity and ambassadors for peace. Henceforth, the U.S. Unification Church needs to march for-ward with the Holy Spirit and the truth. (Yes, I understand.] What have I been saying? The lights in the churches should be on twenty-four hours a day, and they should overflow with the Holy Spirit and the truth. Did I say this or not? [Yes, you did.] I hope you will translate those words into action. [Yes, I will.] Please sit down.

Besides those three, there are many other important providential nations. I have summoned those who have been working as regional directors in the United States. Through them and others, we will focus on managing not only Korea, Japan and U.S., but also nations with potential and other important providential nations that cannot be put aside, so that by 2020 we will be in a position where we can save Heaven's honor and prestige. Witnessing activities! We will invest ourselves and do it at all cost! [We will! Applause]

Do we not have hope? [We do![ We do! [Applause] You should listen to the Cheon Il Guk national anthem every morning and evening as you go to and from work, savoring every word. When you practice the lyrics, you will become free. That is how the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness can be built. That is why you are the problem. You are the problem! Do you understand? [Yes.] You are the problem! [We understand.] I am the problem! We need to establish traditions.

That is why I will work diligently, following you around to see how you work. In all likelihood you will receive many revelations through your dreams. I can actually feel it. Rather than borrowing help from the spirit world, however, 1 hope that you will each do your best as blessed family members to fulfill your responsibility. Do you understand? [Yes.] Then by watching you I will gain strength.

We are talking not only about Korea's restoration but of the world's restoration. Is it good if I pass away quickly, leaving the world's 7 billion people behind, or do you wish me to remain on earth for a long time? [Please stay a long time.] So, is National Messiah Jong Yeong Yu here? [Yes.] Is Jeong Ja Gang here? Both of you, please come to the front and sing the Tumen River song, and give us a short, five-minute, testimony of how you were mobilized and what you have achieved.

[After his wife sang, Rev. Jong Yeong Yu testified about returning to Korea and his experience in his hometown.]

I will add something here.

From this year, I will make it so that the celebrations of God's Day, True Parents' Day the Day of All Things, and Children's Day will take root in each of the nations. Why? Since all the church celebrations are held at one place, the leaders come, but the members do not understand the significance of those days. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.]

Each and every national church, regardless of how many churches it has, should prepare for the celebrations of God's Day or Parents' Day or Day of All Things or Children's Day. While preparing, all the members should unite with the church president's leadership and offer many conditions to ready themselves for the celebrations. You cannot go to heaven if you live your lives halfheartedly. We have studied True Father's teachings, explaining how holy days, such as this God's Day, came to be established, and it is only too true that without shedding tears of blood in the background, we cannot pay indemnity to move forward. Because the world is wrong, because it is fallen, we need to rise above it, and to do so we need to pay indemnity. This, however, is very difficult to do.

We need to make Satan throw up his hands and admit defeat. Those days were established after winning victory after victory in each stage. Members need to comprehend this. From the leaders in the highest positions to the newest members, you all need to be aware that True Parents have passed through a course of blood and tears to establish those days for you. If you realized this, every time you celebrated one of those days you would become all the more determined in your heart to be loyal and devoted to Heaven. Wouldn't you? [We would.] A nation with such members will then grow and develop.

I want to spread this practice worldwide so that I can bring every one of you in front of Heaven. Do you understand? [Yes.] The next celebrations we will hold on a grand scale is Foundation Day. This Foundation Day will be our greatest event, because it is the day on which we begin anew under the Heavenly Parent. It is to be the grandest day.

On the day marking Father's ascension, not only members of the Unification Church but, when they learn about him, all the world's 7 billion people will wish to visit the place where he was laid to rest. Where is that? It is Bonhyangwon. [Yes.]

Pilgrimage. This pilgrimage will become another great event. I believe Father said at the time the church began, "People come to visit Korea in an endless line." What do you think that means? We need to establish that day in such a way [Yes; Aju!! 1 am right in thinking so. Aren't I? [Yes.] Don't you agree with me? [Yes; Applause]

Then, may there be endless glory in heaven and eternal thanksgiving, acclamation and praise on earth! [Aju! Applause] 

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