The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Don't have two minds

Hak Ja Han
January 14, 2013
Message to Japanese sisters who live in Korea
Cheon Jeong Gung on HC 12.3

Translated from the Korean text posted on Peace TV by Katsumi Kambashi

I have been thinking for long time that I need to see you. I don't know the Japanese culture about this, but in Korean cultural tradition, regardless of their family status, good ancestry or regular one, parents, who want their married daughter to live a happy life, say to their daughter, "You don't belong to our family anymore. Bury your bones with your husband's family." How is Japanese culture on this matter?

What I want to say is "Don't have two minds." As Father always says, the kingdom of heaven is the place where two people become united. It is the kingdom of heaven where two people, being united, enter forming a family. In old days, when our ancestors educated their daughters, they, who even didn't know the principle, said to their daughters "You should be united with your husband's family. Forget your own family." They knew that would be the only way for their daughters to be loved and respected as wives and daughters-in-laws.

That's been said, Korea and Japan have many historical problems that prevent them from being united. Even today, people are talking like "Dok Do Island [Takeshima Island], is it yours or ours?" The Japanese insist it is theirs, but that's out of the question. Besides, what did Japan do during their occupation over Korea for 40 years? They made Korea their colony, didn't they? They did all bad things during the period, which human beings find hard to do, and this generation could never forgive. They even did medical experiments on living bodies. Mice and other animals are used for that purpose but can you even imagine that they used living human bodies?

Though you are not a Christian nation, you would understand this since you know the principle. God can't abandon humans after the fall. Right? I have been saying this recently. There are lots of parables and symbols in the Bible. Regarding the creation of heaven and earth, I say it took 12 days (stages) not six days (stages). The Bible says that since God is omnipotent He initiated the creation with the word like "Let there be light. Let there be the moon. Let there be rocks.'' But actually, it was not initiated by His word, but His investing all His spirit and energies. It means God invested everything He could. So it was not in "a day (stage)" until one creature was born. When considering these stages, it took 12 days (stages). From microorganism to the higher animals, God created them by investing all spirit and energies.

All of you were Blessed and walked the path of mother, and so I believe you understand how a baby was born through the process of 10 months. How was a baby born? "I can't stand anymore. The sky looks yellow and I will die." When you reached such a level, a new life was born, wasn't it? A baby isn't to be born easily. God, creating all creatures one by one, experiencing such pains, had a great expectation with the 13th day in which God's dream would be completed.

What did you learn God's desire is? You didn't study the principle, did you? Was it just to obtain pleasure? It is the completion of the Four Position Foundation. What does it mean? It means God wanted to become father and mother. So it doesn't count by "one day (stage)" but (totally) by "12 days (stages)." God wanted to multiply further with love and pleasure, and that is the Blessing. But why did Adam and Eve, whom God had raised with all his spirit and energies fall? They were in the era when their mind and body can resonate with God, but why did it happen? Why did God say "Don't eat"? I had thought before that they would have been able to be natural if there hadn't been such words.

Anyway, Father proclaimed that Foundation Day, which falls on HC 1.13, is the most important day. It has been 12 years since the coronation ceremony of God's kingship, during which Father had done so many providential things. Do you understand? This is a principled number, isn't it? This is not a day that we just happen to have.

Entering the era of the Old Testament, God prepared the Israelites with the idea of "chosen people." But what happened to their life? Right now they are living in a small area under the name of Israel in the Middle East, but before Jesus came to them, God had been bringing them up promising that He would send them the Savior. It was the time when Rome made Israel a dependency. That's why they were yearning for the Savior believing they are a special people. They believed everything would be solved when the Savior came to them.

They believed the Savior would come to them in a glorious way. But it seems they didn't know indemnity. In the providential history of restoration, there is specially responsibility, and if one can't accomplish it, indemnity must be paid. We learned this, didn't we? But the Israelites didn't know this. It is not that indemnity doesn't take place just because they don't know it. What happened to them who killed Jesus? They became a people who had been wandering for 2,000 years without having a nation. You have to consider this deeply. The same principle applies to this age: where there is responsibility, indemnity may take place.

Since I am here, the indemnity condition to be paid can be smaller. It could be reduced. But when even I go to the spirit world, if you don't accomplish your responsibility, the indemnity condition will become bigger. Is this right or not? Then what will you do? It is not enough now to say "I will do my best." How can I touch your heart so that you understand this point?

All of you raise your children, don't you? How many of them do follow what you parents expect? How many? The sky is the limit when it comes to protecting them. It is difficult, right? I think children, especially those who were born from Korean / Japanese couples that hold emotions from the past history, have difficulties. They must have difficulties since they are in the place where indemnity conditions need to be paid on the racial level. But you have to overcome that. Can you pass by such indemnity conditions? You need to overcome it and clean it up.

I said this, didn't I? When I was Blessed with Father, I set two goals: I myself will conclude the providential history of restoration through indemnity so that Satan can have no word. Also I will realize God's ideal of creation. These were my two goals. Nobody including Father told me what would happen in the future. But I realized that later generations would inherit difficulties if I couldn't fulfill this. This is the last chance.

Have you heard what Father said before his Seonghwa, that he had perfected, concluded and completed the providential history of restoration? What did he ask you to do? To fulfill your responsibility as Tribal Messiahs. How can you do that? It is through witnessing. Those who have been in Korea for more than 20 years, raise your hand. 10 years? Only this many? How long have you been in Korea? Why don't you answer? You don't understand Korean? 19 years? Then it is almost 20 years. Have you become the Tribal Messiah on your husband's side? Have you done it or not? You said you are doing it now. Then by when will you fulfill it? Father set D-Day and what have you done so far?

Now your responsibility is doubling membership. Until when are you going to postpone doing it? Have you understood what I said recently? Did I say I would offer this nation as God's fatherland and suzerain state in year 2020 when Father becomes 100 years old? Or did I say I give up this nation? Then what should you do? You should act upon Father's teachings and do your responsibility at the risk of your life. How do you do it? Why is there so little response? If someone holds a flag, I think the Japanese like to follow him or her in the back. Do you just follow the person who holds the flag? You have your own responsibility with your husband's family and tribe. You should become the central figure and walk as the head of people. Will you do it? You think you are separate but I don't think that way. Do you understand? Being united with Korean HQ, you as one organization, should follow the direction of the Korean HQ. Do you understand?

This time, I assigned a new president of the Korean church (Chang Shik Yang), and I assigned the president Lan Young Moon (from WFWP) as vice president of the church. That is for women to take a lead. You should join the line and do 전력투구 (to invest the best and all of one's efforts).

전력투구! 사생결단 (to risk one's life)! Without fail! In 2020! The year when Father becomes 100 years old! We are determined to offer God and parents Korea as God's fatherland! We are determined! We are determined! We are determined! Can I trust you? We have seven years to go, but within three years you need to be able to establish a foundation which has impact on more than one third of the Korea people in order to show your potential.

Do you understand? Korean population is 40 million or 45 million? Or 50 million? Is it over 50 million? So you need to be determined to bring 25 million people to God's will within three years. Then we can restore this nation within seven years. Do you understand? For that sake, you should go forward as one organization with one heart and one will. Please don't forget this point.

Does anyone have an objection to what I just said? If you don't do well, your descendants will have to pay lots of indemnity. I as a person became successful, but you are 7,000 people in total. How would you be able to say you can't do it? Why can't you do it? Do you understand?

WFWP and Korean FFWPU HQ became united and are one organization. 

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