The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Foundation Day

Hak Ja Han
January 10, 2013

Beloved blessed families around the world, family members, ambassadors for peace, I am praying that this day will be one filled with Heaven's grace for all of you.

Beloved members! How are your preparations for Foundation Day going? In a phrase, it is the era of the re-creation of heaven and earth.

Do you all have unity between mind and body? Have you created oneness in the circumstances you are in, oneness in your family, and oneness in your society? Those who have achieved that, please raise your hands. There are presently thirty-three days remaining until Foundation Day.

Today Church President Chang Shik Yang gave a good sermon. Beloved members, you will have been thinking about many things. To put it briefly, we are sinners in front of Heaven. In front of the grace we have received from Heaven, we have not been able to fulfill our responsibility at all. Is there anyone who can stand up and proudly say he or she has completed everything?

At this point in time, what is very clear to us is that for the first time in history we are ushering in Foundation Day, a day of blessing never before seen and which will never be seen again.

However, what is your attitude toward it at this time? Do you intend to receive it without doing anything for it? Will you receive it in the capacity of sons and daughters? Tell me.

Is there one person among you who can place a hand over your heart and listen to what your innermost conscience tells you?

Once again, we need to think about Father, who has gone before us, and repent while dressed in sackcloth. We need to be able to forgive one another. How? How?

The work for God's providence of restoration through indemnity was hard enough, but True Parents still give everything unsparingly and wish for you to become proud citizens of Cheon Il Guk. We, however, are so unworthy in front of them. We are not ready at all. What, then, should we do?

You need to place yourselves in the lowest position and receive the coming Foundation Day with a repentant heart while asking Heaven to take pity on you.

On that note, I would like to say this: Those who are involved in these unnecessary lawsuits in Korea and overseas should repent. I wish to tell them to put everything down and start afresh through Foundation Day. The blessed families in all parts of the world who are making preparations to welcome Foundation Day should observe a period of time during which they have nothing to be ashamed of in front of Heaven.

I have opened all doors through Foundation Day. I have opened the doors wide for anyone who will resolve to join the ranks of the filial, the loyal and the faithful and translate beliefs into action, practicing absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience until his or her last moment on earth, centering on True Parents.

When we make such a resolution and carry it out, we will not need to indemnify anything in the future. Do you understand? We need to prepare for the era of Cheon Il Guk, which is free from indemnity. We need to fulfill our responsibility, therefore. No one else can do it for us. It is up to us to fulfill it. That is why, as I have said, we now need to stake our lives on and devote all our energies toward doing so.

Such things will be unnecessary in an ideal world. Isn't that so? Will you do it? If you promise to do so, clap as loudly as you can, until all of heaven and earth is ringing with your applause.

Thank you. I hope and pray that your devotions will bring glory to heaven and joy to earth and that you will all become beloved and acknowledged citizens of Cheon Il Guk in the eternal era of Cheon Il Guk.

Let us once again make the resolution to do our best to accelerate our work of guiding all 7 billion people of the world to become its citizens under our Heavenly Parents. Only when you have achieved this can you be free when you pass into the next world.

We will live in a world that is free from accusation. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility on earth, accusations will follow you into the eternal world. Then, in the spirit world, where you breathe with your heart of love, you will have trouble breathing. You need to know this.

Therefore, even if you are getting older, that is fine. I ask you once again to fulfill your responsibilities while you are still on earth, so that you can freely stand in front of True Parents in the eternal world and be proud of yourselves.

With these words, I would like to conclude this assembly.

January 20, 2013 (12.12.09 by the Heavenly Calendar) Joint Service for Korean Members, Peace World Center

The Foundation Day logo, named in English and Chinese characters, with a phoenix and crane, symbols of a divine being and True Parents, represents the Holy Wedding of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Registration Blessing of all blessed families.

Until now, True Father carried out his work for the providence worldwide, and he established leaders in each nation to take charge of their respective nations, but they have failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Not one nation can boast of having made any great achievements. In particular, they have failed to educate their successors, their second-generation members, and their leaders. Therefore, to set an example for others, I have established a military-type school. [Applause] It is not a military school like West Point. Actually, it is an educational institute for the nurturing of leaders, which will become world famous in time. It offers courses for a master's degree. We will select students with the required qualities from amongst the graduates of four-year colleges and focus on educating them in the Divine Principle and character development for two years, after which they will go out to work in the field. Thus, they will be educated for a total of three years. Then, we will send them out to carry out witnessing work officially. Depending on their aptitude, they will be able to choose between spending their life in the ministry or working in other providential organizations.

October 27, 2012 (9.13 by the Heavenly Calendar) WFWP Assembly, Las Vegas, U.S.

For sixty years following the establishment of our church, True Father worked publicly and earnestly for the sake of God's providence. It is not an overstatement to say that he spent two thirds of that time, that is, forty years of his life, in America. Our eternal homeland is Korea, but he invested more in America. Why was that? He was thinking about all humankind. The great blessing that America is the eldest-son nation means it should gather the brothers together in unity and bring them to the parents. Have you been thinking about this, day and night?

To the world, at this time, and to this nation, True Father came and did his work as the returning Lord, the Messiah and the Savior. Given that, is it enough that you bring just a few blessed families? For more than sixty years of his life, True Father took responsibility, devoting himself to raising you, explaining that you are to fulfill the tribal messiah mission and bless 430 couples. If blessed families had fulfilled these responsibilities, we could have honored Father more gloriously when sending him off to Heaven. The world's six billion people could have seen with their own eyes that the Messiah's Second Advent had occurred and on that basis determined their own paths. We failed to prepare. We committed a serious sin in front of Heaven. Our wearing sackcloth, mourning bitterly and offering prayers of repentance for a year would be insufficient because the sin we have committed is too serious. The fact that we did not fulfill our responsibility is a serious sin. We only received love but we did not know how to share it. We ourselves did not grow.

November 5, 2012 (9.22 by the heavenly calendar) Members Meeting, New York

True Father worked day and night without rest, throughout his whole life. (I also have never slept more than three hours a day from when I began attending True Father.) Therefore, we are tired throughout the day, aren't we? Because we are human. Now, True Father has gone to the spirit world. He transcends time and space and is working busily. I imagine he does not have time to sleep. Today, I speak to you in order to open the way not only for you but also for your descendants in the future.

November 5, 2012 (9.22 by the heavenly calendar) Members Meeting, New York

True Father's teachings and life's work are like gemstones. No matter how precious a gemstone is, it must be cut and polished so that it glitters. Briefly stated, a gemstone is a gemstone, yet it starts out unrefined. I want to bring glory to Heaven by preserving these teachings permanently. This would be to prevent some overconfident person in the future touching them; so that there would be nothing added or subtracted in future generations. I alone can do this. Isn't that true? Who else could do it?

I am well aware of the process by which Cheon Seong Gyeong was made. From now on, things will never happen in that way. When True Father's teachings are published, the content should go through many committees -- a process of examination -- before a book comes out. All of this is for your benefit, and for your descendants benefit. I do this so that you can hold this book in your arms when you go to the spirit world at the end of your earthly life. Be proud in front of True Father. Report to him, "During my life, thanks to receiving training from Mother, I loved this book, I loved your teachings so much that I have come with it in my arms." I am saying that I am going to perfect, complete and conclude this clearly.

January 7, 2013 (11.26 by the heavenly calendar) New Year's Celebration, Cheon Jeong Gung

We must change the names we use. When we pray to God, from now please change what you say to "Heavenly Parent." The name "Heavenly Parent" is smooth in English and it is meaningful in the Korean, too. Don't you agree? The first words you say when you pray should be "Heavenly Parent" and then "Loving True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." Make these changes first. If I don't sort this out as we welcome Foundation Day, you will not be able to do that. Not even my children can do that. This is something I have asked my original mind. Do you understand? [Yes.]

From now, we are not the Unification Church but the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. I planned to announce this after Foundation Day, but we need to be united on this matter before the Foundation Day Ceremony. I am saying this because there needs to be unity.

January 7, 2013 (11.26 by the Heavenly Calendar) New Year Celebration, Cheon Jeong Palace

Come with me to the end.... Actually, since True Father's ascension I cannot fall into a deep sleep without taking something.

I guess that reflects my character. I am the kind of person that cannot sleep if something remains unsettled. But after meeting you today, I realize I am not alone. I think that here are the laborers, my sisters and daughters, who will accept my will and work accordingly.

January 10, 2013 (11.29 by the heavenly calendar) WFWP New Year Celebration, Cheon Jeong Gung

Let's make the coming seven years, until 2020, the best years of our lives, until the day we offer this nation to Heaven. Will you do that?

And didn't I say that after Foundation Day I am going to offer this nation to Heaven in 2020, one hundred years since True Father's birth? I sincerely ask everyone here to participate and to be woman leaders who are grounded in loyalty, devotion and virtue. There can be no king without a people. Therefore, we women must nurture, give birth to, and increase the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. It is not only for this nation. Until we give rebirth to the 7 billion people of the world, we will use the expression "devoting ourselves completely with a life or death commitment." Will you do that? So, what must we do? Invest our very lives. We have a nation that we must offer to Heaven in seven year's time. It's a small country. Thinking in terms of the world, it is small.

It should be unified, first of all. We ought to lead it in that direction. Therefore, how important the role of our women is! Think about it. Moreover, it's not now a time to do a daughter's work. Rather, it's a time in which we must take on a mother's mission. We should give birth to and raise a child.

True Father built a big house and gave it to us. We should organize and arrange it neatly and equip it well. That's our responsibility....

It has been twelve years since Father proclaimed before us at the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God that Foundation Day the thirteenth day of the first month, would be the most important day of all. During those years he carried out many providential tasks for the coming Foundation Day. In truth, this important day was not easily or accidentally established. Back in the days of the Old Testament, God established the concept of the chosen people for His providence of restoration and prepared the people of Israel to be His chosen people. The Israelites knew they were a special people and they waited for the coming of the Savior, believing that everything would be resolved when he came. They also believed that he would come in all splendor. It is my opinion that they did not know about indemnity. In working for the providence of restoration, you are given special responsibilities, and if you fail to fulfill them, you need to indemnify that. This is also true in the present era. When you have responsibilities, there is every chance that you may need to offer indemnity.

Every one of you here should participate and sincerely invest your whole self.

January 10, 2013 (11.29 by the heavenly calendar) WFWP New Year Celebration, Cheon Jeong Gung 

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