The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2013

Father's words and achievement are like a gemstone

Hak Ja Han
January 9, 2013

Excerpts from a message given at WFWP New Year's Celebration (HC 11.28), translated by Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

"Let's make 2013 the best year in your life and offer this nation to Heaven within seven years until 2020. Will you do it?"

"Father's words and achievement are like a gemstone. I want to make the best out of it and always have it close to me so that I can love it. How about you? You feel the same, don't you? Therefore, as the first stage I put Father's words in order, and then will make them into jewelry 4which you cannot be detached from. I am working now hoping you become the person who can hold that jewelry and go to the spirit world when you are finished with your life on earth. The first-stage Cheon Seong Gyeong will be completed and published before Foundation Day. But there are many areas that we need to fix in each field. There are a variety of expensive jewelries. When a gemstone is cut and polished, it has the value that nobody can change. It is eternal."

"Father proclaimed the advent of women's era and gave us many words on it. Father emphasized the importance of women saying that a new life is born from a fertilized egg which consists of 99.99% from mother's ovum and 0.001% of father's sperm. Do you remember this? Father had talked about this for a long time and I also spoke about it through my world speech tour several times. However, how have women been treated well by their children and husbands in the society, in the Unification Church or family? Have you been treated well or not? Some say yes, but most of you haven't been so. (Jokingly)That is because you aren't women who can stand up being able to find your own food. I would like to bring you up to become women, who accomplish the mission of a mother, can let the later generations find food."

"You have heard that I will offer this nation to Heaven in 2020 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Father's birthday, haven't you? I truly and earnestly ask all of you to become female leaders who can join the line of the filial, loyal, and virtuous women (충효열) pursuing that purpose. These words must be realized before I go to the spirit world. But I am old too and don't know either when I go to the spirit world. But while I am on earth, you must join the line of filial, loyal and virtuous women. If I were not here, who could praise you saying 'you are filial, loyal, and virtuous women'? Isn't that so? There must be the owner, and without people there can't be a king."

"We women must be the leaders in educating and creating the people of Cheon Il Guk. This is the time to use the term 사생결단 전력투구 (the guiding power of blood ties) so that we can give rebirth, not only this nation but all seven billion people in the world. Do you understand? Will you do it? Seven years, is it too long or not long? What do you think? Current history of God's providence is developing very promptly. I don't know if you are aware of this, but after Father's Seonghwa ceremony, many things have been proceeding and will be settled. After Foundation Day, I will speed up more, and can Korean WFWP members, who True Parents have raised with love, sit still without doing anything? You shouldn't, should you? So awake or asleep, you should always think of making Cheon Il Guk citizens feeling 24 hours a day are too short."

"You should become the warriors who can shorten the history of God's providence by offering this nation to Heaven, not in words but in substance. Think of the Israelite as an example, who you know well. They didn't know the history of God's providence or that of indemnity. They just thought that they were a chosen and blessed people by God. That's why Jesus couldn't help but leave the earth in a miserable way, and what happened later to the Israelite to indemnify their failure? They became the people who had wandered for 2,000 years. They became the people without nation. During such history, it has been the role of mothers, not men that kept the tradition. That's why I emphasize the creation of environment (환경창조/環境創造)."

"Our first generation couldn't fulfill their responsibility as parents. They didn't fulfill it as much as grace, truth and blessing they received from Heaven. Creation of environment couldn't have been done. That's why many 2nd gens left. Since the history of the Unification Church has been more than 50 years, I tried to find 2nd gens to give them missions. I was so regrettable. I felt so sorry. As parents you must have no word to say. If we can't fulfill our responsibility, the 2nd gens must pay the indemnity. Nobody knows how big the indemnity conditions would become, but without fail they must be paid for.

You understand this by seeing the history of Israelites, and we are the same. We also have the responsibility until we can embrace all 7 billion people of the satanic world. When failing to fulfill the responsibility, indemnity comes. Say it. You can't avoid it. If you don't fulfill your responsibility, your descendants come to pay the indemnity. You would say, 'Though I know such a thing, now I become older and have pains here and there in my body. I keep going but I need a rest.' You aren't in such a position, are you? So what should you do? It is 사생결단 (Blood ties). Within seven years, there is a nation that we should offer to Heaven. It is a small nation. It should be united first, of course. We should go forward with such a direction."

"From now on, we should play the role of mother, rather than daughter. We should give birth to and raise children. Father built a huge house and now we need to put things in order and make things more presentable. That's our responsibility."

"When you go to the spirit world after having accomplished your responsibility, who would welcome you first in Heaven? (Father would say) 'You finally came here. Thank you for your hard work attending to True Mother. I remember you.' How happy you would be then! Don't you think so? Will you do your work with such a determination? If so, I have no further words."

"Go with me to the end. (Holding back her tears). In fact, after Father's Seonghwa ceremony, I can't sleep well without sleeping pills. I think this is from my character. When I start something, I can't sleep without concluding it and putting things in order. I have such a character. But when I see you today, I realize that I am not alone. (With tears) I felt like 'I have a pillar which receives my will and work with me. I have my younger sisters. I have my daughters."

"What only women can do is to embrace the whole. Women, especially a mother, is like a bowl which embraces men, women, children and the whole. Nobody can change it. Mother's portion, according to Father, is 99.99 %. Without ovum, sperm, which contribution is only 0.001%, can't fulfill its mission. When I think of it, I truly admire for God who loves women to such degree. I recall it every day. How about you? Women, who are such precious beings, haven't been treated well. Through the truth and our results, we must establish our position. I ask all of you to become the people who can be determined saying 'We women embrace all the people of Cheon Il Guk. We do witnessing!'" 

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