Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. God's Providence And Search For The Ideal Country

1. Why Do We Need An Ideal Country?

In this day and age there are millions of people living upon the earth but they have been unable to find the ideal country and the way to live righteously that God had wanted. Therefore, you must realize that finding the ideal country and the way of righteousness is not only the desire of mankind in the present day but has been the desire of our ancestors and all humanity throughout the thousands of years of human history.

So how did finding the ideal country and the way to live a righteous life become our ultimate goal? This was due to the fall of mankind. As a result of the fall, God and mankind who were intended to be the center of righteousness ended up in a situation where God and humanity could not establish any kind of relationship at all. In other words, we became the kind of people who could not recognize God as the center of righteousness and we could not realize the ideal country. So through, out history, God has been making efforts to awaken humanity to the truth and to reveal who is the True Father of all mankind. This is why finding the true way of righteousness and realizing the ideal country became the ultimate goal and desire of mankind.

There are many countries in our present world and these countries represent many different races. But unfortunately, among these countries there is not one that God truly loves. Not one of the countries that exist upon our earth is the country that God originally wanted. Due to the human fall they are all going against the will of God. Our present situation is not what God originally intended. Therefore, the necessity to recreate a godly country has become the purpose of God's providence for the last 6,000 years.

The world has became an evil place. That is why God has been searching for a special country at this time. Among Satan's countries, there are some that he is more proud of than the others, right? Which countries are the ones Satan loves most? The Communist countries. Therefore, in the last days, if God cannot manage to establish even one country that can follow God's will and He can be proud of in front of Satan, then God would be called incompetent. God would be more incompetent than Satan!

Today, this fallen world is in the midst of grief and there is no lasting joy to be found. Our world has seen a history of grief, a history of disappointment, and a history of sin. So now the situation of our country is a vital issue. This is the reason why a true religion must be the center of the country. What kind of country do you want to have? It is not the kind of country in which you are living in now, and, as a matter of fact, you must say good-bye to the country that you a living in now. If you have any ties to that kind of country it is a tie of sin. You all know very well that from the beginning, you were born as a descendent of a fallen man who could not establish a relationship with God, so there is a connection between the providence of God and the goal of your country.

In this present time, what we must do is find the ideal nation. We know that there is no country that has realized God's will. So can we say that we truly have a home? There are no true homes. The Japanese can say that they live in Japan but from God's perspective, since God has no country and no sovereignty, then no one can be registered as God's people.

Without a country there can be no nationality. Without a country, there is no reason to have our names entered into the registry. We can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only by establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and living together with our own families and relatives as triumphant sons and daughters who have inherited a truthful and good lineage from their patriotic parents. That is the principle.

Only with this new kind of country, can we finally leave our tradition and our endeavors soaked with our blood, sweat and tears. We will be able to leave a glorious monument which will enable Heaven to celebrate our efforts. Without this ideal country, everything will come to nothing. Christian civilization is destined to be set adrift and destroyed if there is no country where God can reside. Now everything is falling down and becoming prey to Satan. That is why you must know that establishing God's ideal country is an important matter.

You have to proceed with confidence. You must be confident that your family is the one that can receive parent's love, that this country can love with sincerity, and that can be guaranteed by Heaven. Through this, I can be a filial son or daughter to my parents and, as a loyal subject, I can fulfill my faithful duty towards my country.

You have to receive love both from True Parents and God. However, without your country, you cannot receive God's love. Originally, Adam, though one person, was the beginning of the country. To have God's love we should have a better country than any in the Satanic world. We have received God's love yet we are not in the position to receive this love directly, only indirectly. However, in order to receive God's direct love, we must have our country. Why is this so? Because Satan and the Satanic world still remain. We have to excel. You have to know for sure and understand that this is the path we must follow.

2. The Ideal Country Is Our Most Cherished Desire

We will regard God's heavenly country with love and respect. Why? Because it is where love is. Not a love which is temporary but where eternal love can exist transcending time. Also, it is where we can elevate ourselves and our worth can be appreciated one hundred percent. It is where we can be happy forever. That is why people miss and yearn for a heavenly country.

The way we are supposed to go is the direction that we truly want to go, and the ideal country we are supposed to find and establish is the place where we want to live forever and ever. The possessions we own are ours as well as God's. They will belong to the past as well as to the present, and are guaranteed to belong to the future. We also have to have the dignity and knowledge to grieve and rejoice when Heaven and Earth grieve and rejoice. This is the greatest hope and desire for fallen mankind living in this age.

People should live in their own country. This is the desire of all human beings. Everybody, without exception, should lead a life of justice for the sake of the country and the goals of the country. Do you have that kind of country? Since you do not have that kind of country shouldn't you search for and establish that kind of a country? What kind of country is that? It is a country where ideal unification exists. This is the country where all people can go. In order to establish this country the family, tribe, nation, and world should cooperate and then we can unify all individuals, families, tribes, nations, and our world.

God should fulfill His Providence on this earth. So what does it mean for God to fulfill His providence? When God's providence is fulfilled then He can have sovereignty over all the people of the world. This is the goal of God's providence. If you fail to restore the ideal country on earth within your lifetime then you cannot be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. When you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you should have as your accomplishment having been governed by God's sovereignty. That is the original criteria of creation.

There is nothing on this earth that I envy. From a worldly perspective, I have nothing to envy. I do not have any interest in the mundane world. Money, property, homes. . . I have no interest in these things. Even a tiny room, if it is in my country, is where I want to die. I want to die in the country that God can protect. If I do not live in accordance with this rule, what kind of life would it be? Wouldn't that life be a miserable one? So, don't we have to search for the ideal country before we die? Rev. Moon has had this desire his entire lifetime. Our True Father is marching toward that day with the determination to sacrifice even thousands of days. Even if you take a rest, then I will continue on my way. If you cannot accomplish it, then I have to inspire foreigners to make it happen. If Korea cannot do it, then by an encircling operation through foreign countries, we still have to accomplish this.

The goal of our religion is to become God's people. Unless you become God's people then there can be no way to be loved as children of God. Those who do not have the ideal country are vulnerable to be attacked. They will be in a pitiful situation. They will helplessly encounter disaster. Therefore, it is important to find the country that God desires and the place that can be God's stepping stone.

The reason why we work for this nation is to create the eternal Kingdom of Heaven and to fulfill a Land of Promise that our descendants can admire through eternity. This country will be where the direct descendants, centering on God, will honor the providence and have dominion over the kingdom. There will be no democracy or communism. Once being formed, the country should remain as an eternal national system. When you think of it, don't you think it will be regret table if you cannot belong to this ideal country? You should lament for not being able to live in this country.

You should lament for not being able to own that unchangeable sovereignty. To establish this kind of country and territory, mankind has to set up a sovereignty. You also have to know that during that process, many people died, many were sacrificed. Many countries perished, and many sovereign rights were replaced. All those people who were sacrificed and who were on heaven's side, or those sorrowful spirits who were sacrificed for the providence, will wish to establish this ideal country and world.

3. God's Search For The Ideal Country

We all know that since the fall of mankind to the present, our history has been the history of evil. We also know that this history has not been governed by God but by Satan. The ruler of this world is supposed to be God, but it is not. If the family had consisted of children who were connected to God through love, then with these families as the center, the nation, country, and the world would have been governed by God. Then God would have been able to govern the world, the country, the family and the individual. Due to the fall the whole world became the enemy of God and that has been the history of our world.

God has always been guiding the fallen world towards His original ideal. The world has been full of fallen countries and yet no place has been found for God to reside. The country of God's desire has not been established. Still God continues to influence and guide and move throughout history to establish the ideal country while humanity has remained ignorant of what He has been doing.

God has had one desire and that is to lead the family, society, nation and world through one perfected individual. That is why he created Adam and raised him to reach perfection. Since the fall of Adam, however, God's original history was disrupted. The continuous effort to save and correct that disruption is the history of restoration.

Since Adam was the ancestor of all mankind, then the loss of Adam corresponds to the loss of the whole. We have no choice but to revive or recreate Adam. The one who can be a substitute for Adam should be the one who can sacrifice his race, his nation, working only for the sake of God's providence.

Noah, though he belonged to a certain race did not want to belong to only one. Though he belonged to a country, he rather freely searched for his ideal country. To do this he had to struggle through all kinds of trials and adversities. Noah had his own family and people but he was more concerned about God's providence. God's desire to create a righteous way of life and to save the country. just imagine the painful situations that Noah had to face and overcome through his 120 year course. His family deserted him and he faced so much persecution and blame. Yet he remained faithful to God's providence. He knew the principle that before we eat or drink we must work to save the country.

Later God appointed Abraham and Sarah and had them leave the land of the Chaldeans. They did not know that Haran was the place they would live. They just left with an attitude of pure faith and obedience. Sarah, even when she was taken by Pharaoh, did not reproach Abraham. Their hearts, while headed for the land Of hope, did not alter in the face of all these ordeals.

Jacob as well, had such a strong faith in the promised land, in the promised people, in the blessings God had bestowed upon him, that no one was able to discourage his strong faith.

So as you can see, the providence expanded from the individual level to the family level, to the national and worldwide level.

Jesus, was not trusted by his own people, the Israelites, and so became a wanderer without a country and therefore could also not accomplish the unity between the body and soul. The Messiah is the one who comes with the mission to break down the barriers separating Heaven and Earth and unite them into one.

The ideal country should be reorganized centering upon heavenly laws. This is God's providence. The desire that God had instilled in Adam was not only within Adam, or the individual, but also in the formation of family, race, nation, and country. The country that Jesus had cherished so much and tried to establish was not established due to the distrust of the Israelites. As a result Israel perished. The purpose of the Second Coming of the Messiah is to complete Adam's mission and fulfill the mission of Jesus as well. That is, the completion of the purpose of the race, nation and world.

God, by sending his beloved sons and daughters on earth, has been progressing to establish one absolute country. However, at the present time, there is no foundation to restore one country. Still, after each failure God continued to send people to promote and establish one absolute country.

The history of restoration is a vertical one if viewed from a national standard. Therefore, judging from the present national standard, we can tell that if a country can be the foundation to expand to the worldwide level. Up until now, since our history has been one which has been trying to raise its standard up; when we failed, we had to fall back to the bottom only to re-indemnify our past failures.

God's principle is that we have to appreciate God even if we have to sacrifice ourselves, our families, and our people. Furthermore, we should be ready to sacrifice our nation and our country to appreciate God. The world can only be saved through an ideal country. If the ideal country does not emerge, then the sacrifice of individuals, families and the sacrifice of one's race will continue.

Likewise, God has continued throughout history to search for the ideal country. Therefore, He is looking for the individual who can think about and work for that country. Today, we can ask ourselves, "Why were we born?" The answer is to love the ideal country. The purpose of God's providence is to love the ideal country.

4. Jesus Christ And His Country

A people living in a country without sovereignty are pitiful people. Therefore, Jesus said "Do not worry, saying, what shall we eat? or what shall we drink? or what shall we wear? For the pagans run after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them."

What did Jesus say? To save your son or to save your country? He told you to save the country; God is looking for that. God's providence to find the ideal country can only be accomplished through a human being, and not through breaking off human beings and creation. It will be accomplished through the assimilation of God and creation through truthful human beings. That is why God sent Jesus to the fallen people of this earth as a substitute for God and as a person who could represent the Heavenly lineage. That is, Jesus was the first one who came to this earth to accomplish God's historic purpose.

After four thousand years, it was Jesus who was sent to the earth as a descendant of Joseph's family centering upon Judaism. At that time, Satan's side had already established a country that attacked the heavenly side. Heaven's side had no ideal country. That is why God worked so hard for four thousand years to organize one country. Based on God's hard work and achievement, the Israelite people were supposed to accept Jesus and secure a stepping stone to accomplish the worldwide salvation on this earth where God and Jesus could be the center. However, because of Jesus' death only the spiritual side of this was accomplished.

During Jesus' three years of public ministry, centering upon Judaism, he desperately attempted to restore through indemnity everything that had been lost. But he failed due to his crucifixion. That is why Israel, which had been established as God's stepping stone on this earth, perished. Through Jesus' death Christianity could only keep the spiritual foundation for the ideal country. The Israelites lost their country and were in a miserable situation wandering from place to place. They became the laughing stock of Satan's world. Therefore, today, the Lord of the Second Advent must restore through indemnity all that had been lost due to the distrust of the Israelites who were ignorant of God's four thousand years of preparation for their country.

Jesus came to this earth to search for his country, to establish one country for God. However, he could not establish the country with both his body and soul but was able only to establish a spiritual foundation, That explains why today's Christians do not have an ideal country as an entity. It means that God cannot call any country or any people on this earth His country and His people. It also means that no foundation has yet been established for the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. If Israel had become one centering upon Jesus, then God could have been able to restore the whole world with Israel as its center. However, since the foundation to unite body and soul together on this earth was lost due to the death of Jesus, only spiritual restoration had been possible.

Therefore, till today, Christians have been in a similar position of being a people without country and sovereignty, and have been martyred wherever they went. Christianity grew to its prosperity only through the bloody death of religious martyrs. Why? Because it was the way Christianity was born. Without the bloody sacrifice of the Christians, Christianity would not have prospered. Now the period of persecution and bloody sacrifice has ended, yet, based on the spiritual foundation of Christianity the search for the lost country continued as had the anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ.

Jesus is still waiting in Paradise. You have to know that Jesus could not proceed to the heavenly royal throne. Jesus should have established the country that had the authority to communicate directly from Earth to Heaven. Nevertheless, since Jesus could not establish the country God desired, Jesus could not stand in front of God. That means that Paradise is a waiting room to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, a waiting room! Also, no individual, alone, can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, their family could have gone into the Kingdom of Heaven. Isn't that right? Sons and daughters should come together. Otherwise, we cannot enter Heaven.

To restore through indemnity the past two thousand years until now, Christianity had to fight to establish the groundwork to unite the world. Who is going to succeed in establishing this foundation on the earth where no true country is available? To make this happen, God prepared a new religious movement centering around Christianity and other conscientious people.

5. The Sufferings Of The Second Israel

John the Baptist's position was that of a spiritual adopted son, physical adopted son, and Archangel. However, due to Jesus' crucifixion, Christianity could not unite spirit and body, and was only based on the spirit. In this sense, Christianity ranks lower than Judaism.

You have to know that Judaism was based on the foundation of the unity of body and soul while Christianity had only a spiritual foundation. Therefore, though Christianity accomplished the right of the adopted children, they did not establish the ideal country. Do Christians own their own country? No, they don't. They do not have a country, The Israelites who followed Judaism as their central religion were in the position of a servant but they owned a physical country and had a foundation to establish a spiritual country as well.

Why do we need a country? If we had a country, we could have an embassy to stand on equal terms with the Satanic world and if we had a country nobody could attack us at their own discretion. However, because Christians did not have a country they had to face contemptuous treatment, and encountered miserable deaths. Despite all that, they accomplished a worldwide development. You have to know that it was Jesus' original mission to establish a worldwide foundation and Christianity succeeded in this mission through their sacrifice and bloody martyrdom.

So why did Christians live and work where they could not survive? Because there was no family, society, or country that would cooperate with them. In other words, they were a people without country. If they had owned a country, even if they were in opposition to other people, they could have survived under the protection of that country. Yet, why do you think those religious people suffered persecution and become a bloody sacrifice? It is all because they did not have their country. Only when you have the ideal country and sovereignty, can you boldly say "This is the righteous way." A people without a country cannot say this.

Many Christians therefore went through martyrdom and were massacred because they did not have a strong sovereignty with Christianity as their central religion. If Christianity had had a country to confront opposing countries, Christians would not have experienced this persecution and martyrdom; they would have been protected. If we the followers of the Lord of the Second Advent do not establish sovereignty, we will not be able to repulse persecution. When many Satanic countries start to oppress and persecute us, we should be ready to confront them and counterattack and establish Heaven's country. Otherwise, the followers of the Lord of the Second Advent will be subject to persecution wherever they go.

What should the spiritual Israel, whose center is Christianity do? Christianity today is not in the same position that Israel was in the past. In Christian countries we may find many individuals, families, races, and countries who say with longing "Jesus, please come to our country," yet no one and no country can claim that Jesus will come to their country. No country is in the same situation that Israel was two thousand years ago, when Jesus came. No country can claim "Our country is prepared to greet Jesus. Jesus will surely to come to our people, to our country." No sorrow can be compared to that of a people without a country and yet we find ourselves in that situation.

Today the worldwide Christian culture which completed the course of spiritual restoration is the democratic world. God sent Jesus to the country of the Israelites who were God's chosen people but today we do not have a country such as this. This explains why Christians have always been searching for a country. Christianity was driven to the west when it was expelled from the east. From east to west, from south to north, or from north to south, they wandered, and in life and death situations, it has grown to its worldwide prosperity.

Is there any country on this earth God can use as a stepping stone to give His marching orders? Before Jesus came, whenever the Israelites made mistakes, God punished them, brought them to repentance and then helped them to win over the foreigner whenever they were attacked. But, now do we have a country that can be used by God. After the death of Jesus, which country became the central country and did the same job as Israel had done? None. Why? Because Christianity was established on a spiritual foundation, not a physical foundation, and God could not unfold his providence on this earth.

6. The Sorrow Of A People Without A Country

We should not remain a people without a country. I lived through the time when there was no country. I will not forget the time when I was about to leave for Japan, the enemy country, and how I cried, gazing at Korea. While crossing over the bridge of the Han River, I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen and my nose and lips ached. We cannot live without a country. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have a heavenly country?

Israel emerged to greet the Messiah with Judaism as its center, however, we have already passed this phase. We are people, yet we do not have a sovereignty. We have churches, yet God does not have a sovereignty and we do not have a country.

Without our own country, any other country can come and destroy us. However, if we have our own country with God at its center and we are faced with opposition, it would become an international matter. With the help of the UN we could fight against the opposition. Christianity did not have a country so they had to endure terrible suffering. That is why we must search for and establish our own country.

No matter what kind of happy and faithful families we have. No matter if we have faithful tribes, or we are a faithful race, we can all be sacrificed without our country. Most religious people do not understand this. If communism seizes the sovereignty of the whole world, would they kill all the Christians or not? Christians are ignorant of the fact that they would all lose their heads.

Then, what is God's wish? God's wish is to meet His beloved sons and daughters. God's wish for this fallen world is to have a country where His sons and daughters cannot be falsely accused. Even though God sends out His beloved sons and daughters, He is not just wishing for success on the individual level. What God wants is to have the foundation excel over Satan's world. God's son who does not have this foundation, cannot behave as God's son. You have to know that since Jesus could not have this foundation, he was doomed to die after being driven out of his country.

Our reality is that we, Unification church members, do not have a country. Democracy today is a product of God's efforts over the past 6,000 years. If you had been born in Israel during the time of Jesus you would have been killed. We would have disappeared long ago, without leaving a trace. Satan has his substitute working on the worldwide level; that is Communism. They are fighting their final battle to obliterate religion. "Do we Unification Church members have our own country?" (No, we don't) -- Are we children of scorn or not? Haven't we been treated as children of scorn? We should never forget this indignity.

7. The Lord Of The Second Advent And His Country

When has God gained the victory on the individual level? He sent His son, Jesus and yet He could not even gain a complete victory on the individual level and instead ended up losing the foundation He had wished for. Originally, God's wish was not just to gain an individual victory. He lost the victory on the national level, racial level, family level and individual level. He was victorious only on the spiritual level. You must realize what a miserable situation this is.

Where is the foundation for victory? Not on this earth. That is why God still had to fulfill His desire to have victorious foundations on the individual level, family level, racial level, and national level. That is the reason for the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. Christ must return.

Who is the Lord of the Second Advent? He is the one who can achieve this victory, on the individual level, family level, racial level, and national level. When compared to Satanic world, God's world must excel. It should never be in a lower position.

Then what will happen in last days? In last days, the individual, family, race, people, and nation on God's side must be better than those in the Satanic world. Without a true individual victory, is it possible for the family level to be victorious? No?

Religion must serve the representative of God, the Lord of the Second Advent. Centering on the ideology of the Lord of the Second Advent, the new individual, family, race, people, nation, and the formation of a new world will emerge. That is why the ideology of the Lord of the Second Advent is fundamentally different from all other ideologies. Then, who is going to be that representative person? He should be able to take the decaying corpses from this world of death and use them as fertilizer for new growth. This person has been given a personality having the power to use things as fertilizers from this Satanic world for good. He is one who cannot be conquered by this Satanic world.

The one who came to rescue mankind is the Lord of the Second Advent. Heaven will be able to be on the offensive whenever this standard is set up. We have to take the offensive. Even so, it is not like Stalin, who killed and butchered people. Instead we must bring Satan and our enemies to their knees. We can do this first through the ideology, secondly through people, thirdly through sovereignty, and lastly through territory. People, without exception, long to have money, power, friends, and an ideal centering on God.

Since God created Adam and Eve and nominated them as the first parents, He suffered one failure after another. However, this will be indemnified on the horizontal level after the culmination of 6,000 years of human history. Therefore, God has to restore Adam and Eve, and Adam and Eve have to restore mankind. What the Lord of the Second Advent, who are the True Parents must do is to restore mankind. They must recreate mankind.

However, if we succeed on the national level, everything can be taken care of by the law. Do you think we can make this possible? Can the Lord of the Second Advent make this happen? Even God could not accomplish this despite His 6,000 years of efforts? However, what does the Lord of the Second Advent bring with Him? He comes with the law and he comes with justice. He comes with the authority to judge. Therefore, he is going to cut off the villains with heavenly law, justice, and authority. What kind of standard do we need? Unless the country centering on God is established which is superior to the country that Satan has been proud of, Heavenly law cannot be established.

8. The Ideal Country And Unification Church Members

What kind of country do Unification Church members wish to have? The Unification Church does not want to have a world where the materialistic view of Communism and the idealistic view of Democracy fight against each other. Transcending this world, we are going forth to have the country where God's heart and love can govern.

Where is your country? It is God's country. When Pilate asked Jesus, "Where is your country," he said, it is God's country. Now, where is your country? In Jesus age, it was to be the Kingdom of God; in our own age, it is the Kingdom of God on Earth. (Applause). Do you know what it means? It is not the Kingdom of God in your mind, it means the real Kingdom of God, substantially. That is why it should be the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The Unification Church does not have the ideal country yet. Neither do you. All the members of the Unification Church throughout the world are in the position of orphans. Since we have not established our own separate tribal society, if a country decided to oppose us, we would be unable to do anything.

Do we have a country? (No.) Yet, we do have churches. Now, the churches should exist for the country. Again, if the country were established, the country should exist for the sake of the world, not for the country itself. If America became God's country, America should exist for the sake of the world. If America exists only for itself then America will be ruined. If not, God does not exist.

When we are sure of God's existence, we cannot but follow God's providence. What is God's providence? The ideal is to make mankind into the people God can love, the earth into the territory God can love, and to make one sovereignty by combining the people and the territory. Do you understand what this means?

Who is coming to handle the sovereignty of that ideal world? The Lord of the Second Advent and God will jointly establish one ideal sovereignty. If you enter into that place, since you are in the realm of direct dominion, if that time comes, it will be a time when everybody can feel God through the spiritual world.

So far, God, though He exists, has not had even one chance to show His ability. Up until now, God always had to play the role of the one who was driven out, sacrificed, and chased away. Therefore, He could not become the God who could govern and judge the world of Satan. Why? Because God had no country that was superior to Satan's, then God could not play the role of God.

The reason God sent Jesus was to establish one sovereignty which was superior to all the Archangel's countries in the Satanic world. This was to be done by centering on the worldwide level nation which was superior to any country in the Satanic world. And then, Adam, who was created as an owner, can govern and preserve his dignity God can then govern it and save His honor. Otherwise, if God has to come to the family, race, or country, which are inferior to those in the Satanic world, He would lose His dignity and prestige.

Therefore, what is the purpose of sending the Messiah? Religious people do not know the fact that Jesus came to the earth to establish a national sovereignty. If both Judaism and Israel had become one with Jesus as their center, and had formed an absolute sovereignty, they could have absorbed the Roman Empire.

Since it failed, God caused it to reappear and come all the way up here. Therefore, what he has accomplished is the present Christian culture, which is rather a national form of soul, not a combination of soul and body. There are many countries whose state religion is Christianity, yet those countries cannot be called the ones God established.

Therefore, until we restore the standard to the one before Jesus' failure by establishing the foundation for new a nation on this earth, on the basis of the Christian culture which did not establish a foundation for a nation on this earth, we could not own one country God could manage, and the ideal heaven will not be manifested. This is the mission of our Unification Church.

The Unification Church is in a hurry because we have our goal to accomplish. Imagine how complicated our life would have been, being obliged to indemnify the historical course of life within tens of years. Without tears of blood, we cannot proceed on this course, and this course is to search for the true Heavenly nature of the ideal world. That is why the Bible said, "Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it." To have left those words in the Bible, you can imagine how tough it might have been. Therefore, they say your family is the enemy. Who sided with you when you decided to go this course? Maybe your mother was against it, maybe your sons and daughters were against it, maybe the country was against it too.

Therefore, we all know that going in the opposite direction is the right direction to lead us to Heaven. (Yes). Therefore, God wants us to save the world and establish one country for him. This is the wish God has for human beings. (Yes).

Then, who is going to solve God's wish towards human beings? What can accomplish this? It is not a country, but a religion. However, Christianity could not do it; the Unification Church, the new sect growing out of Christianity, which stands for God's love, must accomplish this. That is why the Unification Church gathers individuals, families and races together. Therefore, the Unification Church is to establish one country under the national ideology of the equality of love for all the world's people. You have to know that the purpose of God's restoration providence is to make a model country which God can govern with the sovereignty of good.

What kind of church is our Unification Church? This church emerges to make a new determination for that country. Do you understand? Even so, I am telling you, please do not boast about our strength. If the Unification Church were boastful about bodily strength, then it would be ruined. You should be proud not because you have brains, but because you have love. Love this country among all the others, more than any other historic loyalties, and love the people in the world more than any other saint. Love more than anybody in the world.

Love more from the individual level than anybody else. This standard of love should be worldwide. Love most from the highest position, the kind of love no saints ever had. This is the starting point of the Unification ideology.

9. Restoration Of Sovereignty Centering God

If the sovereignty with God as a center were restored, we could set up embassies in all the countries of the world. Then, in the future, the Unification Church and the Christian Church can become one.

Because God is going to cooperate with Abel, naturally, Cain is supposed to be cared for. God, unlike the Satanic world, carries out His providence with a worldwide religion as its center. The whole world can attack and elaborate a plan of operations together against Cain for the sake of one purpose. How fast can it be? If we proceed based on the ground paved with highest authority in the field of ideology and religion, the world can turn around in a brief instant.

Though the communists played the game of criticizing the bourgeois class and put them in place forcefully, when the time comes, the game that will be displayed would be the one whereby God will gather special people in one place and form an ideal nation. Then, the game will move to another nation and then to every nation. In other words, in the communist world, the communists transferred the bourgeois forcefully; in Gods world, any volunteers from one country or from the whole world are welcomed to come to the nation, and they will cooperate to establish an ideal world.

Therefore, the important thing is to have a country. Now, can the Unification Church send out ambassadors? At present, the missionaries are at the bottom while the embassy is at the top. That is why if the prime minister or president becomes one with the ambassador, the nation will turn around completely. One nation can be turned around completely. By simply fixing the educational policies and by the instillation of a good ideology, we can turn the nation around at once. (laughter). I want you to remember that the day will come soon.

The restored nation is representative of the world. Applying this as a formula, when the day comes to search for the new country centering on this restored nation, the world will be restored. When can the Kingdom of Heaven be accomplished? When that day comes, the ambassador can convert the president, then the king. When you come to the royal family and preach the ideology to the king face to face, and if the king would be charmed with it and said "Ah!, that ideology should be our national ideology," then the people will be restored at once. The people will be restored quickly. That is why the country is important.

If the omniscient and omnipotent God can find this good country, and if the country were attacked by an evil country, God could strike back. When we regain the country, then we can govern it with good laws. This is the way to do it.

Until now, do you know why Christians suffered such miserable deaths? Because they did not have their own country. If they had had a country, they would not have done any missionary work. Even if they proselytized, they would have done it through an embassy converting the king. Then they are supposed convert the royal family of the kingdom. The reason we have a royal family is because they were successful in keeping a good historical tradition. Once the king is converted and restored then the whole nation will be restored automatically. Then the whole world will be restored to God's world of at once. We have not understood this.

We are a group without a country and a race without territory and without people. If we can find the sovereignty God has searched for, we can start to preach the gospel. We can convert not just individuals but the embassy and through the embassy, we can convert the king and the president of that country. Once the king or the president are restored, that country can be restored at once. That time is now.

If that country were found, the restoration of the world could be accomplished at once. If three more countries were restored, then it would become four countries. Then, since the worldwide four position foundation would be established, it would play as a defense fortress to safeguard against Satan's invasion. Only then, the world of peace and the land of heaven can be formed. We have to remember very clearly that place, the world of peace, the land of Heaven, is the original hometown our Unification Church has been working towards. We also have to remember that we, the Unification Church members, are the group who gathered together to devote our passion and to invest our youthful lives for this providence. It should also be remembered that we, the Unification Church members, are the group who have to firmly pledge to analyze, dissect, pull out, and punish the evil power, no matter how strong the evil power which stands in our way may be.

To search for the country, you must indemnify from the individual level to the family, race, people, and national level. You have to go forward from the individual indemnity course, to the family indemnity course, and to the race and world indemnity courses. Otherwise, there cannot be found a path to the world. Likewise, since the country should be the center, unless each country follows the central country, no country can follow this path. You have to remember this.

If you die before the restoration of the country is accomplished, you have to spiritually reincarnate on this earth but you will only be able to support the individual and family. You will not have the power to influence them. In other words, you would not be qualified to fight against Satan and conquer the Satanic world. Therefore, we have to establish our own country in order to register. Have you registered? You have probably registered as a Unification Church member but you have not registered as a citizen of God's unified country. Can you be a people when you have not a country?

That is why the wish of all the spirits in the spiritual world is to know how to cooperate with the people of the earth. If we can own the country, the spiritual reincarnation phenomenon will happen horizontally. Because it will happen horizontally, your hard work will remain as its evidence. Yet, until we establish that country, no matter how much indemnity we have accomplished, once collapsed, our hard work will be gone. This will happen again and again, yet, once it starts happening horizontally, then our accomplishments will remain horizontally forever. Once again, the course of restoration is the age when our hard work will be as a condition of indemnity, however, once we establish our country, then our hard work will no longer be as a condition of indemnity, rather it will remain as our accomplishment.

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