Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Blessed Wives Mobilization And North-South Unification (Part 2)

2. Woman's Position In The Course Of Restoration

7) Women Who Defeat the People's Amy

According to the principle of restoration, woman is responsible for the final victory because woman was seduced by Satan. Even though men also fight by their side, women are responsible for the final victory. Do you understand what I'm talking about? It is women who are responsible for it. Therefore, when we think about what women have to do women in the Unification Church have to be responsible for the final front line. Isn't it surprising?

Among many nations, the superior nations are gone somewhere.

The superior churches are gone somewhere, the superior people in charge of the church are gone, and very simple people stand up to be responsible for the world. Is it a good thing? Is it such a surprising thing? (Surprising.) Is it a good thing as well as a surprising thing? (Laughter.) If you accomplish it with a great victory, it is a truly surprising thing. Do you understand? If we persevere and accomplish this, the world will be caught by its tail. When you look at hawks flying, each one makes sure to have its own place, centered on a first commander, crying out loud. They fly, thinking, "Everyone on earth follows our example," don't they? So as humans, everyone is talking, saying that he is a commander. Such a time has come. (55:220)

Unless women in the Unification Church can bring victory over the People's Army of North Korea, we can't build the Heavenly Kingdom. It has to be so, logically. Therefore, women in the Unification Church have to be so reckless and tough that they can swallow up the People's Army. If you are afraid, you shouldn't even have believed in the Unification Church. I am speaking frankly, but what I'm talking about is true.

The reason women have to be so tough is understood when we think about by whom men initially fell. Who let the Archangel in? Eve did. Who stands as a worldwide archangel. (Communism.) it is Communism. Since it is the greatest monster of what initially came in through woman, the woman has had to swallow the strongest monster, man. It is all right if the fallen woman stands on the good side. Therefore, in the Unification Church we create the strongest women and arm them with a theory that can swallow satanic Communism. Now is the training period. Do you understand? (38:279)

First only Communist countries trained women to fight a battle. The nation of Israel and Korea were next. In Korea, women have fought. Have women fought in any other country? Historically there are no examples like that. Ladies, could you go out and fight? (Yes.) With what can you fight? With the soft part of your bottom? With your breast? (Laughter.) With what do you fight? You have an enemy of love; you have to fight with it. (98:25)

From now on, I will mobilize women to train themselves to win the fight against Satan. Women in the Unification Church will lead the battle. In a battle against an enemy, you have to crush Communism more than the Hakuba unit, Moko, unit, or Seiru unit. At that time, should men watch from the sidelines and cheer them? (Laughter.) Should we do it? We have to triumph over Satan, the archangel who has dominated the whole world until now. You don't belong to Satan anymore. Because women made the foundation of resentment by disobeying God's order, you have to destroy the foundation of resentment by woman's hands, woman's sincerity, and woman's power. In order to do it, you have to start. Because it is a strict principle for women to do this, the revelation of true women can't be done fundamentally until we destroy the foundation of resentment. (27:82)

You have to know that women have to go out to fight when people on the heavenly side fight against the Communist, satanic side. Originally, women pulled Satan in, so women have to go out to kick him out. In our course of God's Will, women have to overcome Communism in order to restore the nation and the world. Men have the mission to carry the shells. You have to know it. Unless women destroy Communism, we can't build Heaven. (54:230)

Now, the power of the People's Army is so strong that in the history of restoration Eve on the heavenly side has to conquer them. Eve on the heavenly side has to take care of the People's Army and cook them completely. What are we going to do in the Unification Church? You have to have such power as to defeat them. Therefore, the day when I use women will come. According to the Divine Principle, do we have to do it or not? Eve in the Garden of Eden had resentment that she was dominated by Satan. Didn't she? (She did.) Then you have to go out to restore it. The day will come when you cross the 38th parallel to go to North Korea. (23:298)

Women in the Unification Church have to know that unless you can fight against the People's Army to win, you can't resolve resentment that Eve on the heavenly side was sold to man in the satanic world, who is the same as the archangel. Once you stand up, armed with faith and the theory that women in the Unification family will completely dismiss the People's Army of men, if an evil enemy perishes, men on the heavenly side will dance with joy. This is a result of Unification Thought. Do you understand? (Yes.) We have to organize a new, historical crusade to march forward to an enemy's camp. You have to know that the group with the courage and power to pull a declining world in darkness up to bright daylight and morning are the women with Unification Thought. (50:177)

When we are going out to fight, we have to send women out first. Do you welcome this? (Yes.) What are we going to do by this? We are going to fight against Satan, the worst Communist. What do you mean you aren't going to? You won't run away? (Yes.) Can I trust you? (Yes!) Because they are fallen archangels originally, Eve has to dominate them. Eve has to digest everything, even Satan. You have to be ready for it. (81:38)

Women who live in the peninsula will have a day when they have to go a way of indemnity as a sacrifice, for the fate of the tribe and the nation. Do you understand? The People's Army is an army of the archangel, isn't it? It is Satan's army, isn't it? Whose fault is it that they started making an army in the satanic world? It is because Eve made a mistake. Therefore, women in South Korea have to unite together as a nation. They have to destroy the entire satanic men's army and the People's Army. Otherwise the revelation of Korea can't be realized. Why did those in the satanic world make that situation? It happened because the nation of South Korea made a mistake and the traditional churches made a mistake. However, from now on our future will be successful.

In order to go that way, you housewives have to establish a new traditional standard. To do it, you have to go into battle armed with Unification Thought. You have to be a woman's army. Even though men went out to battle, have you ever heard that women did? Women destroyed a nation and the world, but have they even gone to war to liberate a nation? Men fought in the satanic world, but women never stood up on a front line for a nation. However, now women can receive the benefit of special privilege, to be front-line soldiers for a nation, because of my Blessing you. You have to be grateful for it. There is only one chance to do it. Therefore, I'll tell you not to think about anything else. (39:08)

Men lead an external world, but women have to lead the internal, heartistic world. By making a foundation by which men can surrender, an external, economical revival will be pulled into the fortune of the spiritual revival. Then, the ideal of the unity of Korea will be realized. God will make a new strategy and prepare our way. Because I know everything about it, I'm asking you to do this. Therefore, we need the helping hands of women to unite North and South Korea. (Yes.) (43:77)

8) The History of the Second Mobilization

It is the second course of pioneering. Therefore, you have to march forward centered on the family. It is a very important time. The second position is always an important matter. Now you will be tested on which you love most, the nation or the family. You will be tested on which you love most: your children, your husband, or God's will. Men fell because they loved the position closer to them. Men fell because they tried to respect themselves. Men won't fall if they stand in a position to respect the nation and God's will. Therefore, you have to stand in a position to deny all your family circumstances. By doing this, you can liquidate the fallen lineage that originated with Adam and Eve and make a foundation to be reborn into a position of a new level. You will think about your husband and children day and night. As soon as you close your eyes, you'll see your baby's image whom you nursed and left behind. You will hear what your husband used to tell you morning and night. He'll come to you in a dream, saying, "Why have you abandoned me to go so far? I'm lonely."

Even if you are faced with such circumstances and are pressed by them, you have to overcome everything with strong determination for the nation and God's will. Because woman destroyed the heavenly sovereignty by not obeying God's will in the Garden of Eden, you have to establish the heavenly sovereignty by respecting God's will. While we try to establish the Heavenly Kingdom, we can determine the dignity of women who are supposed to accomplish their responsibility on the front line. You should know that the period of mobilization is that very time. What is the reason Blessed wives are being mobilized in 1970? In Jesus' 3-year course, he lost the tribe and the nation because he couldn't accomplish God's will, because of women. Through fulfilling a 3-year course, you women have to prepare the foundation to restore the tribe, the nation, and even the world which he lost, in order to liberate the resentment of the 3 years.

By doing so, you can stand in the position to establish the foundation of the new bride, whom Jesus desired and yearned for, for the first time. Then you can enjoy liberation fully and start a new family centered on the Heavenly Kingdom. This is the reason you have to go on a 3-year pioneering course until 1972. This is the same as the period I lived in a North Korean prison-3 years. I lived in a prison, but you don't have to live in a prison. You go the same way in South Korea, in freedom, as I went living in prison in North Korea for two years and ten months. Christianity and Christian women, to whom God wanted to give the blessing, couldn't respect me. Therefore, this is an important time to liberate the entire cause of my suffering. If you understand this, you have to give your utmost sincerity for the nation, centered on God's will. (36:53)

We have to liberate Jesus' resentment that he was prevented from embracing Judaism and uniting the family and tribe during his 3-year ministry. Now, whose fault was it that Jesus could not dissolve this resentment? It was woman's fault. Jesus could not have a bride. Isn't it so? There had to be Jesus' bride on the levels of individual, family, and tribe. To restore such a thing and liberate this resentment, the Unification Church has to fulfill woman's mission to liberate individual, family, and tribal resentment. This is why I mobilized 1,200 people for 3 years. Do you understand what I'm talking about? (Yes.) (41:58)

You have to understand that the mobilization of the Blessed families in 1971 had a very important meaning. When you look at a mobilization, it looks like the destruction of the family and the denial of the reality that everything will break down. However, what is the reason and motivation to deny it? It is not a denial of the past, but it is for the benefit of the future. Whatever is left at the present can cast an anchor into the reality of the future, from beginning to end. This reality stands as the foundation of the future. Therefore, even if South Korea perishes, in reality the Unification group, which has an anchor for the future, is standing on the foundation for the future that won't perish. (42:95)

Once a typhoon of sand blows into the land where 30 million people are sleeping, the peninsula of 7,000 miles, it is like a desert without a master; a land of good soil will be changed into a mountain of sand at once. We know that this nation faces extreme danger. We are ready to sacrifice the whole Unification Church for this nation. Is that good or bad? (Good.) I'm asking you to sacrifice your life. I'm asking you to offer your loyalty until your death. What is the most important thing for people? It is life and love. Therefore, I tell you to love your nation more than your life and more than your children. There is no heavenly law that will cut off such a nation. If there is such a person or such a family, no matter how much the Communists threaten South Korea, God will block the way for them to overtake it.

When we look at the extremely dangerous situation in Korea and Asia, we should become a sacrifice to prevent a miserable history which the nation is about to face. Even if we shed our blood and tears at the front line, let's become a sacrifice for this nation. This is the reason I mobilized blessed wives in the Unification Church. What kind of enemy am I? Since I gave the Blessing, you have been wishing for a good life, but now you live such a humble life. Then I push you out from such a life and tell you to go out. (38-267)

When I mobilize the family someone may say, "Why, Father is not going to do that! He didn't say anything during 40 days of witnessing; he will be the same this time, too." So, 40 days have passed while some of you were hesitating; yet you have to go out this time. If you stay behind to do your own business while others are going out, you will suffer. If you go out later, then you have to think you should give up all the daily income and monthly income that you earned before you return. You have to do it.

This is the way you will eventually have to go. Without going this way you have nothing to do with me. What is the reason I make you go out? Because to do God's Will is our destiny. If you do this for God's Will, then you will have a good relationship with your spouse, a good family, and good ancestors whom you can be proud of eternally. When you follow the law of Heaven, you should go out for righteousness and the sake of the nation. You should not go out dreaming of your personal desire and personal happiness.

From the providential view, in order for the mother-son cooperation to be accomplished, first the father-daughter cooperation and then the husband-wife cooperation should be accomplished. This is the Principle. Do you understand? But God reversed this order. We witness the mother-son relationship without first seeing the father-mother relationship. Without the husband-wife cooperation, is the mother-son cooperation possible? In the Bible, we have seen only the mother-son cooperation, which is not a normal pattern. The providence does not advance without the husband-wife cooperation. Without the father, is the mother-son cooperation possible? Where can you find husband-wife cooperation before the mother-son cooperation? We cannot find this pattern in the Bible. Is there any father-daughter cooperation centering on God before husband-wife cooperation? The correct order should be: father-daughter, then husband-wife, and then mother-son cooperation. This is the necessary order for God's providence to be successful. But in God's providence we witness only the cooperation between mother and son.

By mobilizing the Blessed wives, I want to accomplish the father-daughter cooperation and husband-wife cooperation. Why do I have to make you Blessed wives go through this valley of death? To indemnify the standard of mother-son cooperation, Blessed wives have to go this course. In this way, mother-son cooperation, husband-wife cooperation, and father-daughter cooperation can be accomplished. (37:265)

Women also have to have a higher standard than soldiers. You have to know that this is the standard that God asks of women. To establish this tradition, Blessed couples have to go first and set the standard. How good I feel that I can now ask Blessed couples to accomplish this task. Before, I felt sick when I looked at all of you, and I felt upset to think that I always had to treat members to a restaurant. "Those poor members," I thought. "What did I give to them? If I had more, I would give more." I am supposed to feel like this, but there is no result. Because Blessed couples did not fulfill their responsibilities, outside spiritualists often warned me that if the Unification Church continues this way, then everything will be lost. But I had a strategy. When the time comes, I will take care of these problems by cutting out that which is rotten. But then was not the time to operate. The appropriate time is the period between 1970 and 1972.

That three-year period is very important, and to prepare for that time, I am mobilizing Blessed wives. If some among you feel bad about this mobilization, you have to repent with deep tears and sorrow, banging the ground with your fist. What did I state when I sent these 1,200 wives out witnessing? I said, "You are not going to witness to non-believers. You are going to witness to Christian churches in order to find the lost Israel. Invest all your heart and mind into these ministers and make them follow you. If they say they do not understand the Second Coming but they accept the rest of the Principle, then we can bring unification from top to bottom. This is the exact time we are living in now. Do you understand? (Yes.) The position of the Christian church is the same as the position of Judaism was in the nation of Israel. Accordingly, the Republic of Korea must follow this direction in God's providence. Then the democratic world and Christianity will automatically connect, and the Communist world will collapse. (58:142)

The reason for mobilizing the 1,200 Blessed wives is not for the nation but for Christianity. You were treated very badly at the door, but you were treated better than a beggar. Among the people's ancestors, if there were any beggars and they made some good condition in their lives, then we have the responsibility to take care of them. That is why you will be treated better than a beggar. If the people treat you badly more than three times, then they will give up and leave. (56:110)

3. The Attitude Toward Activities

In order to save the 30 million people of Korea, I have to be ruthless in sending Unification Church members into the lions' den without hesitation. This is not just an idea but something that is already happening. If you say this is too difficult) it has no meaning before God's Will. If you are given the order to do battle and you allow your personal circumstances to get in the way, then it means that you have the heart of retreat. We need to get rid of such people immediately. Even in the secular world, this standard holds true. If in the course of taking responsibility for God's Will you cannot accomplish it, that is so fearful and miserable. If you cannot accomplish the mission, then your descendants will have to -- and that is more fearful. Win or lose, now is the turning point. (51:351)

You slender and weak women have an opportunity to love the nation more than General Lee. Remember, you are in the position to love your parents more than anybody, and you can make a connection to love the world and accomplish the whole purpose responsibility, which comes only once in history. Try your best wholeheartedly and do not lose this chance to reap the fruits of your hard work. You should feel that even if you wake up early and go to bed late, you want to do more to convey God's words. We should have this kind of heart. When you meet people, you should love them deeply and yearn for them in the same way you would treat a long-lost friend that you met-even forgetting the passage of time. (43:338)

You have to make the tradition to liberate the women of the nation. Do you understand? You can do this by indemnifying the failure of women. Can the individual make the tradition? He cannot. The nation was created based on the family, so you have to make the tradition on the family level. Then, who makes the tradition of the family and the tradition of the wife? In the Unification Church, Blessed families have to be the first to do this. Blessed families have to make the new tradition for the nation, so it is inevitable that Blessed wives be sent to the front line. This is God's situation. This means that you have to do your best. Ask God to give you the heart to love 30 million people. At night you should go to the Holy Ground and pray until dawn for this nation. When you want to see your children, your heart has tears. When you have this kind of tearful longing for your children, you have to ask God to let you have this kind of heart for your 30 million children. Do this instead of crying for your own children and husband. You can create this kind of standard. This will be the tradition of the wife in the new nation and family. (39:109)

You have to become the person that I can be proud Of, and about whom God can proudly say to others: "Follow Unification Church women." Not only that: instead of receiving accusation, you have to gain the approval of the families and women in the satanic world, and even from Satan. Now is the time for you to do this. Your course is not a game; it will decide the life or death of your family. In order to do your mission, do not pray for your husband or your son during this time; pray only for the nation. In the Bible is said, "So do not worry, saying, what shall we eat? or what shall we drink? or what shall we wear? For the pagans run after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them. But think first of His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Mt 6:31-33) You have to seek only God's kingdom.

Then what is God's righteousness? It is to create the national-level four-position foundation and to make the foundation for the heavenly principle to be accomplished. You have to really remember that this is your responsibility. Therefore, the more you worry about your husband and children, the worse it is for them, because Satan can invade them. This means that you should first seek God's kingdom and righteousness and love God wholeheartedly by uniting with Him. On that foundation, you can create a heartistic relationship with God, and centering on that relationship you can convey your love to your son and daughter. As for your husband, God sympathizes with him, and He will pour out His love on him. This is the way it should be. (36:151)

What should women do? They have to indemnify the crucifixion of Jesus in the position of Jesus' bride. How can they do this? They have to be loyal to Heaven more than any other women in the world. Jesus died because he could not find a bride. Therefore, women should not pray, "God help me do Your Will," even though they are in the valley of death. Do not utter these words. Even though women are alive, they are already dead. So from now on, women should never complain about God's Will. Do you feel bad? As the Bible states, "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it." (Matthew 10:39) You have to obey this direction with greater determination than the direction given on December 1, 1970. Of course there will be some problems and resistance, centering on your family situation, that will affect the church community, but this is not really a problem. When I mobilize you thinking about God's Will, I have more heart and thought than you. If you always remember the heart you had when you went out obediently, then your course will advance infinitely. Otherwise, you will not advance. This is exactly heavenly law. What is the Principle? An absolute subject creates an absolute object, and when there is complete give and take, then God's power of creation can manifest and bear fruit, and the dead can be resurrected. Isn't this the viewpoint of the Principle? (43:262)

4. The Value Of The Mobilization

Christian churches and institutions have continuously appeared until today not because of famous pastors. Rather, it was because of the blood shed for Heaven by noble prophets who died without recognition. Through the body of weak women who totally committed themselves, and through many women who determined to do their best, Christianity has advanced until today. These women's tears have graced the miserable course of Christianity. More than men, women have desired to indemnify, and to dissolve Heaven's resentment. Today, in the course centering on the Unification Church, by using women we can prepare the foundation for historical blessing. You have to understand how valuable this time is. (37:323)

At this time, if you do well, the history of a million years will be turned upside down. Not only the spiritual but also the direction of the physical world's history will turn around, and history will be reversed. Finally the realm of the satanic world will be completely destroyed. If you were born a woman, it is honorable to die for this cause. Is that true, or not? (That's true!) (56:332)

The fact that your families are being mobilized to make a condition for indemnity before Heaven is glorious. (44:296)

I have no need for this fallen history. If you live comfortably in the realm of fallen history, you cannot bequeath heavenly tradition to your descendants. What, then, do you have to do in your life? We do not need the tradition of the rotten secular society, which will someday be cut out. Instead, we need to leave a tradition that will transcend to the future. (43:263)

Now is the time that women can succeed in life, too. For whom? (For Father!) Without me, everything will be chaos. In the Unification Church, women are now superior. (39:117).

5. The Mission Of Husbands After The Mobilization Of Wives

The Blessed wives and I have to unite and become one. This is supposed to happen, but if the husband writes a letter asking his wife to come back, this will cause big trouble. Husbands have no right to say to their wives, "You are my wife, so you have to come back." If you do so, you will be violating heavenly law. Isn't this the Principle? The individual cannot interfere at this time. There is no room for discussion or compromise on this point.

This time period under my direction means that you have to completely unite with God's Will. Then, what do you husbands have to do? You have to absolutely obey your wives. Being in the position of the archangel who caused Eve to fall, you have to be willing to die if you are asked to. This is the time to go through this position, so husbands should absolutely not write a letter saying, "I want to see you, etc.," because this will diminish your wife's devotion. You have to serve and help your wife internally and externally. (40:211)

How should the husband think? You have to feel honored that your wife was mobilized to be approved on the worldwide level. If your wife does not accomplish and get approved, then the husband cannot get approved either. When the wife does not get approved, she cannot relate to her husband and children even though she has a husband and child. For this reason, when the wife is out on her mission, the husband should pray day and night for his wife. You have to be able to say, "Your pain is my pain, and your sorrow is my sorrow." (36:240)

For Blessed families to serve God, you should not serve according to your old habits and lifestyle. As a Blessed family, you have to have the heart that your family is representative of the high priest, who made a daily offering for the nation and people. Furthermore, Blessed wives are on the front line. Their front line is not in Korea. Spiritually, they are on the front line to protect against satanic invasion. You under stand this point, so whenever you think about your wife on the front line, you have to fulfill your mission as high priest leading your children. This is the kind of heart you should have. This means that when a cold day comes and difficulties come, you should not take these challenges as your own problem but confront them as a representative of the nation. In order to make a heartistic connection to God as a high priest, you are going the course of indemnity as a representative of the nation. You should have this kind of heart. (40:84)

As the husband of a wife who has been mobilized to the front line, and as a parent leading your children, what should you do now? You have to unite wholeheartedly with the central family while you are leading the nation. Otherwise, you cannot fulfill the mission of high priest. (40:186)

What is the main problem for the wife, who works on the front line? Do you love your husband more, or God's Will? Do you love your husband more, or your central figure? Do you love your children more, or your central figure? The Blessed wives did not go to the front line centering on their husbands. They went out centering on Father. On your own, you would never think to do this. At home, you obey your husband and take care of your children, and your thoughts are divided. Can the husband think to go to the front line? He also cannot. (40:195)

The husband whose wife is mobilized has a desire to see her. I will give you permission to visit, but you have to first visit two outside families. Then you can visit her. Do you understand? You first visit one place and then a second place, and then the third visit can be to her. You should do it like this. Why? Because you must follow the pattern of the formation, growth, and completion stages. One of the two outside families you visit can be near your wife's place.

The husband has to educate his sons and daughters, saying, "Your mother is the only mother in the world. She went out for a holy purpose. I will follow your mother's way, and you have to follow the way your parents go." The husband should educate his children in this way with tears. "Your mother goes a suffering course for the sake of the nation and world. On this cold winter night, your mother might be lying in a cold room. We have to feel sorry that we have a warm. room and bed. She is doing her job in order to give us life and to pioneer the way we should go. I will do my best for your sake. There is no mother like yours in the world." This is the way the husband should educate his children. "Next time, I have to go this way," he should explain, "and when you grow up, you also have to follow your mother's way." Centering on the mother, the father and son, and the father and daughter, have a tearful heartistic connection. Then this family can inherit the mother's tradition. (38:292)

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